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  • Napolean Dynamite Soundboard: A soundboard of Napoleon Dynamite.
    game, fun, free, flash, games, just, dynamite, soundboard, napolean, for
    Freeware | 3.72 MBytes
  • Embassy Sharpshooter: Be a sleek, deadly assassin.
    game, games, fun, flash, shooter, sharpshooter, embassy, free
    Freeware | 3.17 MBytes
  • Death Planet: Dodge and blast your way to the Death Star.
    game, games, fun, flash, action, planet, death, free
    Freeware | 3.86 MBytes
  • BrickShooter Jr. is a new variant of the popular and challenging game for strategists of all levels from children to grand masters. It contains special options that make the game play more enjoyable. Enjoy solving each puzzle and take your own sweet time doing them!
    challenge, skin, skins, junior, original, brick, mindgame, puzzle, shoot, shooter, brickshooter
    $19.95 | 4.15 MBytes
  • Skate Prison: Only nerves of steel will save you.
    game, games, fun, flash, action, prison, skate, free
    Freeware | 3.36 MBytes
  • Rain destruction and death upon the battlefield in Overrun II. Overrun II is exciting, shoot-em up action!
    game, software, flash, free, shooting
    Freeware | 5.26 MBytes
  • Evade the globules,and get enough red hearts to rescure the belle from shadow.
    popo, belle, heart
    $5 | 2.25 MBytes
  • In this game you need to run a sandwich shop and make sandwiches based on customers' orders. Use the mouse the drag the ingredients to make a sandwich. Hams and eggs must be put to the pan to be cooked first before they are ready to be put into the sandwich. Don't overcook the hams and eggs, otherwise they will be burnt and cannot be used. The sandwich you create must have exactly the same ingredients the customers requested, otherwise the sandwi
    sandwich, shop, games, arcade, tycoon, action
    Freeware | 262.00 KBytes
  • City Racing is just one of many great games that you can get from This site is your one-stop resource if you want to download free games. For those who like car racing games, City Racing is a great choice. With adrenaline-pumping action, a huge city to race around in and plenty of great features, this game will keep any racing lovers occupied for hours.
    racing, game, games, free, download
    Freeware | 23.77 MBytes
  • Bullet Time Fighting is a Matrix inspired combat game. Your character has got some pretty fundamental controls with two really cool additional ones. Those are the slowmotion and he Ultra-Slowmotion! They even include Six Special attacks. The Kick, The Dodge, The Wheel, The Kung-Fu Kick, The Deadly Knee and The Special Kick along with special move along with your gun. Special move is running up the walls, which is super cool
    mini, game, arcade, fighting, time, bullet
    Freeware | 2.91 MBytes
  • Free platform action game by Choose any of three popular heroes, Mario, Sonic or Alladin and start the addictive game! Jump, kill the enemies and collect coins to score points. Three fantastic levels with thrilling graphics and sceneries. Controls: arrows to move and Space to jump. Download freeware or play free online!
    arcade, action, score, points, levels, retro, platform, free, online, sonic, mario, alladin, game
    Freeware | 3.49 MBytes
  • Final Fortress, An Exciting Flash Strategy Game! Your hunt for a fun, exciting strategy game comes to an end! Strategy games are probably the oldest and most widespread form of entertainment known to humankind. Proof of that are the myriad ancient game boards and game pieces found by archeologists all over the globe. They are typically board games, video or computer games with the players decision making skills having a high significance in determining the outcome. In the modern day world, dozens of strategy games are published every year, only to be forgotten almost immediately in many cases. But finally a strategy game has arrived which will not only leave you spell bound but completely addicted to it. Final Fortress gives you a chance to feel yourself as a leader of a historical battle. You are in charge of the WTDX 4224 Canon! The enemy is approaching your city and there is little time left. You are all thats in its way. You must stand your ground Final Fortress is a fast thrilling ac ...
    games, flash, fortress, final, action
    Freeware | 2.53 MBytes
  • Battle Boattle 2.6 is one of a kind naval shooter that is absolutely insane. It's Crimsonland gone marine. Crazy boats, mad opponents, wild bonuses and kooky missions. The game is so fast-paced and tough, it's going to drive you nuts. Get ready for seven vessel types, eight bonuses, seventy missions in 6 episodes and three game modes. Play alone or against your friends. No wonder it's the most anticipated naval game of 2003! FREE to try!
    waves, naval, battles, new, water, arcade, fun, game, action
    $7.95 | 1.31 MBytes
  • In this game you will control a tank in a snowball battle against another tank. Your tank and the opponent tank take turns to shoot snowballs. You must choose the angle and power of the snowballs in order to hit the opponent tank. The direction and speed of the wind is constantly changing so you must take account of the wind as well.
    games, duel, snowball, classic, arcade, snow, artillery, tank, action
    Freeware | 339.00 KBytes
  • Midnight Raptor is a secret airforce project. Airforce developed a brand new sort of jetfighter plane that is about to be taken on its first mission by no other than you. You will have a chance to try its maneuverability and reliability in one of the hardest actions ever. Your goal will be to eliminate enemy aircrafts and prevail in on on one air fights with enemy jetfighters.
    action, games, game, free, raptor, midnight
    Freeware | 1.68 MBytes
  • In this game you need to control and spider to catch bees. You catch the bees by moving around them to create a web. When you move the spider and divide the screen into two parts, a web will be formed in the smaller part and the bees in it will be caught. If the line is broken before the web is complete, you loss a life and you need to start over.
    games, web, spider, arcade, action, bee, net, qix
    Freeware | 340.00 KBytes
  • This great action game seems like a suicide firstly, but than it becomes quite clear that the dangers you are about to meet are the ones making it so darn attractive to play. Alien Enemy Lines free action game takes you in the middle of the enemy starship. You only have your skills and your cannons to blast your way out of this threatening and dangerous place infected by millions of high-tech enemies just waiting for a chance to spill your
    action, games, game, free, enemy, lines, alien
    Freeware | 1.70 MBytes
  • You do not hate old people; it is simply your job to take them down! Yes it is true. In this game your objective is to brutally take down old people in the institution for elderly people. Why would you want to do that? The boss ordered you to kill those cheap old residents. They are just too cheap to bring any money. You have to make place for some better situated elderly people.
    action, games, free, eliminator, people, old
    Freeware | 4.66 MBytes
  • Quack is the name of this wacky alien shooter. He came to earth in order to shoot down those few left humans who managed to survive the first wave of alien invasion. Those humans are waiting for you, heavily armed and ready to spill your alien guts. Be fast, think clear and aim straight. Those are your preconditions to make it back to your home planet in one piece.
    games, shooting, free, shooter, wacky
    Freeware | 6.08 MBytes
  • A One-Button platformer where you control the square in its quest to reach the right side of the screen while avoiding hazards.
    key, one, platformer
    Freeware | 2.24 MBytes
  • Now who doesn?t know Reno the cop from the legendary comedy show? Guess what! You just stole Reno?s cop bicycle while Reno was in the shop buying some donuts. Your goal is to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. Reno will be sending his friends to help him retrieve that bike. Be cautious, Reno does not care for you, he wants his bike back and if that means driving his police car directly over your head.
    action, games, free, cop, the, reno
    Freeware | 3.00 MBytes
  • Monkey diving - when a monkey pops up , click on the little chappy to make him dive, time it right with the waves and wind. Monkey jump - this forest is ruled by the evil Primaton , who hates monkeys and deprives them of their food .
    monkey, games, target, free, mayhem, jump, diving, lander
    Freeware | 2.92 MBytes
  • Pokemon game. Shdowgroudon wrote days ago according to beckett pokemon, the giratina version will be dubbed platinum version and released in spring. According to beckett pokemon, the giratina version will be dubbed platinum version and released in spring. it is nconfirmed by any other sources, ..
    version, will, giratina, be, dubbed, released, and, platinum, pokemon, the, to, beckett, game, in, according, shdowgroudon, spring, days, according, ago, pokemon, wrote
    Freeware | 459.00 KBytes
  • "Alien Zap" is a new free downloadable shooter game where you fight a band of green monsters. You get into a scary mystic parallel world inhabited with monstrous green creatures. The enemies are entraping you! The aim of the game is to clear out the gaming field from the green monsters and stay alive.
    game, action, free, shooter, zap, downloadable, alien
    Freeware | 5.41 MBytes
  • The Dark Queen has kidnapped two of the Battletoads, Rash and Pimple. You take the role of Zitz, the third Battletoad, and it's up to you to save your friends from the Queen. In order to rescue your buddies you will have to travel to the Planet Armagedda, where you will have to fight through swamps, caverns, and the belly of the evil Wurm.
    game, classic, fighting, battletoads, genesis, sega, freeware, download, arcade
    Freeware | 0.89 MBytes
  • Experience huge 3d tank battles involving scores of units! Bombard the enemy from a distance or close the gap and dodge shells point blank - all in an immersive first person perspective! Twenty levels of intense combat, easy to pick up controls, hard to put down play!
    battle, fps, tank, 3d
    $15.95 | 93.05 MBytes
  • Journey back to the fantasy realm of Newerth to continue the epic battle of humans versus beast. Traditional RTS play is combined with fast action combat in a multiplayer environment. It is all waiting for you in Savage 2, download today and enjoy the entire game for 5 hours of free play time.
    2, savage, rts, fps
    $29.99 | 672.41 MBytes
  • Unleash the fury of a high-tech arsenal on hordes of alien squadrons that are set on conquering humankind! Become a space pilot and take off on 20 challenging missions in your quest to destroy the onslaught of aliens that seem to be everywhere! The battles will be hot and your weapons, hotter, as you blaze through five different landscapes and a myriad of aliens! Don't let your planet down! It's all waiting for you in Space Strike!
    space, strike, play, download
    $19.95 | 14.79 MBytes
  • Lord of the Stars: Explore this cartoony Middle-Earth.
    game, flash, games, fun, free, action, the, stars, lord, of
    Freeware | 3.64 MBytes
  • Protect your island and treasures from evil pirates! You are a young pirate and just got your first treasure. The secret is out and you are being chased by another gang of pirates trying to take it all away from you. All you have is a good old canon, tons of gun powder and this cliff is your last chance. Blast away tons of pirates coming from the water and sky. The pressure is so high, you can smell it in the air!
    game, free, download, pirates, pirate, pc, full, version, games, shooter, cliff, of, the, arcade, action
    Freeware | 11.75 MBytes

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