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  • Fox Magic Audio Recorder records sounds as MP3, WAV files. It is able to use various audio devices/audio inputs for recording. You can generate file names automatically or manually, play the recorded files in the internal audio player, start/stop the recording on timer events, adjust audio settings, set the audio volume, etc. Easy to use and easy to learn.
    recorder, wav, mp3, sound, audio
    Freeware | 0.79 MBytes
  • WinGramo for VOIP is an advanced tool that allows you to easily record, play, store and convert voice communications held over the Internet.It works in conjunction with Skype (and with other VoIP applications) for recording calls. Besides,it fully supports many other programs recording,such as Real Player, Media Player, Winamp,etc.Its automatization and simple interface style make it easy and convenient to work with.
    recorder, audio, program, voice, sound, recording, voip, record
    $29.95 | 2.16 MBytes
  • Fox Audio Recorder helps you to transfer tapes, LPs, live performances, Internet radio, TV, DVD player, or any other sound source to your hard drive with no loss of quality. Various effective recording settings make your recording task interesting and attractive. The software helps to protect your valuable recordings--just set the sound source, the recording quality, and volume, then start recording.
    audio, recorder, music, recording, wma, wav, record, mp3
    $19.99 | 7.24 MBytes
  • Record audio streams directly into MP3 or OGG format! No conversion or compression when recording Internet radio streams or podcasts! Pistonsoft MP3 Audio Recorder captures audio from any source, including line-in, microphone, or sounds that are played back on your computer by other applications, and enables you to save the recording into any sound format without the need to compress and re-compress, bypassing the temporary files completely.
    cassette, lp, capture, sound, wma, wav, station, radio, microphone, audio, mp3, ogg, tape, vinyl, record
    Freeware | 3.19 MBytes
  • RecordPad is a sound recording program for Windows PCs. Using RecordPad you can quickly and easily record audio notes, messages, or annoucements in either wav of mp3.RecordPad is designed to be very easy and intuitive to use. Within minutes you will be able to start an audio recording, save it, and replay the file.
    recorder, recording, audio, record, mp3, wav, voice, sound, recorders, digital, to, software, computer, speech
    $28.2 | 362.00 KBytes
  • Atropos-SB is a 16-channels system works in the background mode and nearly does not load the processor (it's used less than 10% AMD K6 300 MHz power). So, your computer can be properly used without hindrances. For 4-channels mode it is necessary to install 2 sound card in your computer. Recording archiving speech is an information Tool The recorded sound and its associated information is kept in the database. Atropos-SB is a 16-channels system for recording and archiving speech information, intended for conservation in the numerical form and reproducing speech information from the telephone, voice modem, microphone, radio stations or other sound sources, using standard sound card. You can use program as automatic dictaphone or voice notebook. The database does not occupy much room: owing to the Voice Activated System (VAS) recording starts only with a signal while the algorithms sound compression, essentially reduce the necessary disk space dimension. The information on the recorded talks is kept in the datab ...
    card, voice, microphone, hard, drive, notebook, database, record, system, speech, sound, information
    $50 | 1.15 MBytes
  • MSRS is a powerful multiple channel voice recorder program designed for recording conferences, court proceedings and similar multi-speaker forums. MSRS has the ability to record up to 32 seperate audio channels, then 'send' the recordings for transcription or archiving using the internet, email or a computer network. Records 1 to 32 channels simultaneously. Digital audio recording with superb signal processing quality. Transmits the recordings for transcription or archiving using FTP, email or computer network. Break recordings at preset time intervals to maintain managable file size. Sends the recordings as it continues to record with overlapped file breaks at preset intervals.
    transcription, record, typists, audio, sound, program, software, typist, recording, conference, courts, conferences, services, court, recorder, typing
    $398.4 | 1.14 MBytes
  • karaoke camstar is the new karaoke software that makes its possible to record mtv video for you,start to promote your songs or share with your karaoke preference. send video greetings . Use your web cam or a video cam with usb
    recorder, karaoke, video, greetings, cam, web
    Freeware | 3.52 MBytes
  • Fast Sound Recorder, the powerful sound recorder and editor, makes a complete recording studio of your computer.
    recorder, mp3, wav, audio, recorde, sound
    $29.95 | 0.95 MBytes
  • ACA Audio Recorder is a real-time audio recording software, it records sound from your favorite video game, Internet broadcasts, or programs like RealPlayer. It can also record conventional audio from CD, microphone, and other input line on a sound card, you can save it to WAV, AVI & MP3 format. It supports for scheduled recording, you can specify a time to auto start/stop the recording task
    recorder, audio, sound, wav, avi, streaming, file, recording, mp3
    $29.95 | 1.27 MBytes
  • Web Dictate is a dictation system that lets you record, edit and manage dictation over the internet. You, and other users, log into a server running Web Dictate to record dictation with any ordinary web browser. You can save or edit your dictations online. When you have finished recording just click send and the recording will be sent to your typist immediately by email. Almost unlimited number of users (10,000) can be setup on the one machine. Web Browser editing includes record, play, insert, overwrite and append. Ability to send recordings directly to a typist immediately by email, over a LAN or via FTP.
    dictate, dictation, voice, remote, net, internet, web, record
    $38.4 | 460.00 KBytes
  • Super Audio Recorder is a powerful real-time sound recorder from any digital resource. Enables you to record sound, played back through your sound card and any other sound sources like microphone , midi, vcr, microphone, Internet audio streaming, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, Games, etc. All these work could be done with Audio Mp3 Sound Record software.
    recorder, capture, audio, mp3, sound, digital
    $49.95 | 563.00 KBytes
  • Sound Recorder Pro, the powerful sound recorder and editor, makes a complete recording studio of your computer. With the recorder you can record voice from microphone, internet streaming audio, or music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, games, etc.
    recorder, mp3, wav, audio, recorde, sound
    $29.95 | 0.92 MBytes
  • MP3 to Flash Creator is a powerful sound recorder,also it can convert your favorite mp3 to a streaming flash for online distribution. Here is a flash sample converted from MP3 audio track Key features of MP3 to Flash Builder: 1.Easy to use 2.Alternative Player skin 3.Fast conversion speed 4.Supports batch conversion 5.Generate spectrumdata for your MP3 file
    mp3, flash, to, soundtrack, recorder, sound, audio
    $24.9 | 1.22 MBytes
  • This is a simple audio recording software. With the help of this freeware utility you may record sound via microphone input and save it on your hard drive as a wave (wav) file. A number of output options is available such as 44100, 22050, 11025 and 8000 Hz output, stereo or mono channels, and various bit resolution. Like in any recorder you may play, pause, record or stop recording. Hardware requirements: presence of a sound card and microphone.
    sound, record, recorder, audio, wav, listen, microphone, mic, stereo, hertz, free, wave, bit, freeware
    Freeware | 318.00 KBytes
  • Express Dictate is voice recorder software that works like a dictaphone and a dock station for a portable recorder. You dictate to your computer via microphone, or hand held recorder and it will send your recordings automactically to your typist or assistant by email, FTP or LAN. Express Dictate features digital audio recording with superb signal processing quality, Automatic non destructive record editing with multiple record modes including record-insert, record-overwrite and record-at-end. Voice activated recording so long silences in dictation are not recorded and more.
    dictation, digital, software, recorder, dictate, buddy, voice, recording, equipment, diktieren, pc, dictaphone, speechmike
    $38.5 | 336.00 KBytes
  • AirCorder is a program used to record (archive) radio station broadcast on the computer hard drive. Archiving can be useful for example in disputes with the advertiser as a fact of advertising being broadcast or be useful for various checks. Recording can be performed 24 hours a day or in specified time intervals. The program uses leading sound compression technologies so the created files have very small size.
    compression, history, encoding, mp3, record, station, broadcast, archive, radio
    $29.95 | 786.00 KBytes
  • AudioTime lets you schedule your Windows computer to record or replay audio at certain dates and times or regular times on certain days of week. It can replay a file while the file is being recorded (to delay the recording) and record or replay multiple files at the same time (if you have more than one sound card installed).Typically, AudioTime is used by Radio Stations to record and replay network programs.
    radio, audio, recorder, schedule, recording, pre, scheduled, station, prescheduled, software, record
    $78 | 253.00 KBytes
  • All Audio Recorder Pro is a powerful real-time sound recorder software.It enables you to record from any resource such as Midi, MP3, WAV, WMA, RM, OGG,VQF, CD, DVD, MPEG, AVI, MOV, GAME, FLASH, Streaming Audio on Internet... , even from all peripheral equipment such as Microphone, Cassette Tape, TV, Radio, Electronic Organ, Video Tape, CD Player, DVD Player ... It also can be used as an audio converter.It can convert rm to mp3,dvd audio to mp3,audio cd to mp3,video tape to mp3,tv audio to mp3,mid to mp3 and much more... The program offers direct support for RealPlayer, Winamp, Windows Media Player ,Power DVD ,Flash, Quick time and many others. You can use it to grab any sound, including music, dialogs from movies, game sounds etc. from your local computer or the internet. Captured sounds can be saved in WAV,MP3,WMA format, using real-time conversion (without creating temporary files).It also can be used to convert record REAL AUDIO (.rm,.ram) to MP3/WAV/WMA.
    mp3, audio, rm, recorder, converter, stream, sound, to
    $29.95 | 5.75 MBytes
  • Skype Recorder is a surprisingly easy-to-use tool for recording Skype audio conversations. Skype Recorder can record Skype calls automatically. The software has a number of additional handy features such as an automatic record encoding into MP3/WMA/OGG/WAV format, all Skype versions support, conversations in either single or dual audio track recording, hidden mode work, a built-in audio player, a built-in FTP-client and an easy-going interface.
    skype, record, voip, conversation, call, recorder, plugin
    $25.95 | 1.83 MBytes
  • StationRipper allows you to Record Internet Radio Stations. Users on broadband connections regularly report 3,000-6,000 new songs can be downloaded every 24 hours with the registered version. Record Shoutcast,,, AOL,, and Podcasts. Choose from over 12,000 radio stations, thousands of stations. Record up to 600 stations at once, listen to what you are recording, and search for music.
    record, com, mp3, radio, ipod, radio, itunes, audito, internet, streaming, video, slacker, shoutcast, internet, last, fm, aol, pandora, podcast
    $19.99 | 1.54 MBytes
  • Powerful sound recorder, editor and player.
    recorder, software, recording, sound, mp3, wav
    $29.95 | 2.48 MBytes
  • AIPL Singulator software is a song, voice and LP recorder for your Windows PC. It will rip vinyl, a 45 single or 78 RPM album, cassette tape, DAT, Internet streaming audio or voice, or any analog audio source to your computer as WAV audio files.
    or, audio, voice, your, a, internet, streaming, tape, album, cassette, any, dat, analog, wav, files, , as, computer, source, to, rpm, single, and, lp, recorder, song, is, singulator, software, for, windows, vinyl, 45, aipl, rip, will, pc, it, 78
    $24.99 | 3.64 MBytes
  • 3D MP3 Sound recorder (Audio Playback Recorder) is a sound recorder software.
    recorder, sound, a, software, , is, playback, mp3, sound, audio, 3d, recorder
    $44.9 | 3.64 MBytes
  • Audio Playback Recorder is a sound recorder software. It enables you to record sound, played back through your sound card,microphone,line in and any other sound sources
    recorder, software, , sound, a, playback, recorder, is, audio
    $29.95 | 3.64 MBytes
  • 3D MP3 Sound Recorder is a sound recorder software. It enables you to record sound, played back through your sound card,microphone,line in and any other sound sources.
    sound, card, microphone, your, through, back, line, in, other, sources, any, and, played, , record, is, a, recorder, sound, mp3, recorder, software, to, you, enables, it, 3d
    $39.95 | 3.64 MBytes
  • Super Mp3 Recorder Pro has a Voice Activation System with which you can choose to skip silent passages, or stop the recording after a certain amount of silence. This option is especially useful when you're recording streaming audio and net congestion temporarily stops the stream. Instead of having a big blank spot in your recording, Super Mp3 Recorder Pro will just pause and wait for the signal to reappear. 
    recorder, software, recording, sound, mp3, wav
    $29.95 | 2.54 MBytes
  • MP3 Recorder Studio is a compact and elegant tool intended for sound recording from your microphone or other sources into MP3 and WAV formats. The program offers a number of recording automation options, supports multiple sound sources and several types of sound output, skips silence during recording and writes the necessary audio data into separate files for your convenience. Save your time and let MP3 Recorder Studio do what it does so well!
    recorder, audio, recording, record, wav, wma, microphone, sound, voice, mp3, protected
    $24.95 | 3.01 MBytes
  • All Sound Recorder XP is a All-in-one Audio Recorder and Sound editor software. You can record real-time sound from any source like microphone, line-in device (such as Tape/LP) and any other sound playing program (Winamp/Realone player/Windows media player/Quicktime) to mp3/wav/wma/ogg formats on the fly. - Record from all sound sources (Microphone, Cassette Tape, RealAudio, Game, cds, dvds); - Direct to disk ability allows you to record without stopping if there is enough disk space left; - Auto Track Split Mode;Time Split Mode;Schedule Recording Mode; - Integrate the intelligent silent detector to skip silent passages; - Visually edit an audio file (Cut,Copy,Delete Silence,Paste From File,Mix From File); - Apply different filters (Ban Pass,High Pass,High Shelf,Low Pass,Low Shelf,Notch); - Insert noise or silence in an audio file; - Support Hotkeys work in any application;
    all, recorder, sound, editor, audio, xp, in, one
    $29.95 | 517.00 KBytes
  • AAA Sound Recorder is a professional sound recorder software. With the software you can directly digitize recordings of music cassette tapes, streaming Internet audio, vinyl LPs, videos, and meetings directly to your computer?s hard disk, creating popular mp3 or wave sound files on the fly. AAA Sound Recorder can record from any sound card input line, from microphone, line-in, cassettes, LPs, to CD, DVD, your home stereo or an MD player. What's more, it can record sound played by other programs (e.g. RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, WinAmp) including live Internet broadcasts. can record on the fly for as long as your like without interrupt. It can record and save to an mp3 file in one operation instead of having to save it to a way and then spend time converting.
    sound, record, copy
    $29.95 | 0.95 MBytes

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