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  • Looking for top-grade home and small-business accounting software? Try OrgFinances For Workgroup by BinaryHouse. This is a more powerful version of OrgFinances, with all of the features of the standard version, but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the network (local area network). Simultaneous management of several budgets is supported, as well as a handy scheduler and a calendar of appointments.
    finances, accounting, money, group, personal, salary, check, orgfinance, managing, family, tracking, bookkeeping, manager, finance, software, home, incomes, spending, expenses, planning
    $69.95 | 49.53 MBytes
  • Create custom sales commission templates in MS Excel. Excel 2000 or higher required.
    slice, cut, earnings, statements, selling, report, templat, busine, forms, tmplate, templte, saleswomen, salesmen, percentage, percent, calculate, comision, comission, calculator, calculatoring, salesperson, saleswoman, salesman, marketing, commision
    $19.99 | 764.00 KBytes
  • All-in-one investment solution for Microsoft Excel: 165 technical analysis functions, historical data downloads, real-time quotes, backtesting, neural network-based prediction and classification. It is possible to download free historical end-of-day stocks, indexes, mutual funds and futures, delayed and real time quotes for stocks, options, indexes and other securities for more than 50 markets worldwide.
    microsoft, excel, solution, investment, in, one, all
    $249.95 | 6.48 MBytes
  • Inventory management software for wholesaler, importer and distributor , handling purchase, receiving, sales, distribution and logistic services. It starts from purchase, receiving, distribution, sales and inventory of merchandises. Trial logon username:demo password:123
    software, inventory, business, managment, system, management, database, small, invnetory, business, stock
    $299 | 1.62 MBytes
  • If you suspect that your employees spend most of their working hours in chatting, visiting social networking sites and playing games, then take immediate action with employee monitoring software. This software lets you monitor all activities that are happening on your employees? desktops and thus, helps to make and implement strategies to stop them. Employee monitoring software is available with exclusive features and functions and the feature of recording online and offline activities is one of them. Using this feature you can record and save desktop activities of your employees as AVI files. To monitor employee desktop activities in your absence, you can schedule offline recording and get all the activities saved as various JPF files. These image file can further converted to an AVI file and kept as evidence. Since offline recording is saved at the specified location on the target computer, the facility to lock the offline recording folder is also available. Using this features offline recording can ...
    monitoring, employee, computer, software, emloyee, desktop
    $199 | 6.35 MBytes
  • CarRentingSolutions has made multiple location operations of a car renting company as simple as is now an inevitable tool to survive the neck and neck competition among the rental car businesses. Every car rental business wants to offer something extra to the customer because customer satisfaction is the prime concern for success in this sector. The quicker the quality services the better for the business as well as the client. It is the auto rental softwarethat can make the difference and make the business have an edge above the competitors.
    software, car, rental, auto, system, lease, leasing, hire, a, rent
    $199 | 5.00 KBytes
  • Commodity Rental Software is the most comprehensive online rental business creator script today. It comes with a full E-Commerce Capacity and is ready to go, out of the box. property rental software can get your online rentals business up and running within a matter of hours. Built on a fully extendibles and customizable platform, Commodity Rentals System makes use of open attribute architecture, allowing you to add your own rental attributes and create your own customized version of your online rental business. Each of the vertical industry integrations is a special extension of Commodity Rentals.Due to its open attribute architecture, it is a unique rental script which can be easily customized for any vertical business industry, for any commodity.
    rental, software, rental, cd, business, vacation, software, system, management, vacation
    $199 | 5.00 KBytes
  • Hotel Management System is an extensive-ranging software suite comprehends of unified modules of various featured hotel management. Hotel hospitality software has all the powerful & accomplished features required to control your hotel, motel, guest house, and property rent business. Hotel management system presents an operational integration of reservations, bookings, checkin, checkout, guest history, reception/ front desk, Sales Ledger, Accounting and Reporting modules. Hotel Reservation software is a system composed to simplify the booking & checkin process and allow you to organize & standardize your hotel business. You can analyze the new & standard trends of booking, reservation, checkin & checkout operations and work towards your forthcoming business requirements. Managing replication of customer records and record their commennts on hospitality and make your customers feel unique and special by recording personal notes. Make food allergy notes, record special events and birth dates. Hotel & motel Res ...
    room, office, hotel, front, plans, pricing, back, billing, marketing, guests, planning, stays, agents, accounts, checkin, checkout, bookings, software, management, reservation, property, ledger, guesthouse, motel, management, reporting
    $79.9 | 1.57 MBytes
  • Easy to use invoice software that lets you quickly raise invoices and either print them or email them to customers helping you get paid more quickly. As well as invoices, our invoicing software supports quotes, credit notes and customer statements and includes a wizard to help you raise your first invoice within minutes of downloading. You can easily track payments and view reports of sales and unpaid invoices.
    software, templates, invoice, billing, invoicing
    $18 | 6.36 MBytes
  • BUSINESS-MIND-MAPPING Software Strategy Framework Model, Strategic Management, MBA models and frameworks, business
    framework, model, business, management, mba, strategy, mind, mapping, software, analysis, business
    Freeware | 11.90 MBytes
  • FiberNet is designed for MRP, warehouse, inventory distribution operation of cotton traders & spinning mill . For cotton, wool or silk fiber whatever spun or filament. In view of the keep inflation of textile fiber around the world, material resources planning become an important issue for all spinner. FiberNet is definitely a solution for this problem Trial logon username:demo password:123
    inventory, software, system, management, filament, spun, polyester, nylon, wool, management, fiber, invoicing, warehouse, textile, cotton
    $299 | 300.00 KBytes
  • SampleNet is used to manage all the sample development activity for your merchandising department. It generates sample orders with YY, trim parts and size spec., sample invoices, customs invoice, sample history report and sample status report in different grouping. Most important, it gather all the sampling invoice record to form a group of sample development cost analysis. Since all the customer is not paying sample charges.
    sample, invoice, software, development, cost, analysis, customs, order, garment, format
    $199 | 0.80 MBytes
  • ProductNet is a database software used to manage all the product of your company. It generates catalogue, leaflet, pamphlet, product detail sheet, booklet into a single file. It may be sent through email or burn to CD Rom. Unlike other catalogue software, the graphical catalogue generate by ProductNet can't be changed or altered by recipients. Sales modules used to issue pro forma, official invoice, monthly sales report and cost analysis
    software, leaflet, booklet, merchandise, pamphlet, brochure, catalog, catalogue
    $99 | 778.00 KBytes
  • QualityNet is a simple database software used to manage all the quality control, quality assurance, sourcing, audit analysis and factory evaluation report for your company.
    inspection, software, 0, 4, standard, qc, 5, report, aql, factory, control, compliance, audit, quality, 2
    $199 | 0.88 MBytes
  • A software to create full set shipping document for merchandising company. It generates full set document including invoice , customs invoice, shipping order, packing list, container tally sheet, form A application, Certificate of Origin, Country declaration,
    beneficiary, lc, co, statment, certificate, receipt, cargo, invoice, customs, cbm, software, documentation, packing, list, system, invoicing, export
    $199 | 2.72 MBytes
  • TradingNet is used to issue Documents for your merchandising operation. It generates Quotation, Performa Invoice, Sales Confirmation, Contract, Purchase Order and Official Invoice. Further more, it provide Cost History comparison, Sales report and group of Sales Analysis report. It keeps all the product details of you company and convert detail to quotation throughout invoice in one modules. Document modules also maintain purchase cost, quote
    software, sales, order, purchase, invoice, sample, format, contract, confirmation, system, document, quotation, proforma, invoicing, trading
    $99 | 1.06 MBytes
  • Inventory management software for manufacturer, factory, distributor handling MRP, raw material logistic and distribution services.It starts from purchase, receiving, distribution and inventory of raw material, accessory, trims and parts. Trial logon username:demo password:123
    software, inventory, business, managment, system, management, database, small, invnetory, business, stock
    $199 | 1.33 MBytes
  • WarehouseNet is a inventory management software for inventory, logistic and distribution operation. Extremely suitable for warehouse operation, distribution center, MRP for manufacturer, logistic services and storage operation. Leftover reports with different grouping, by article no, item, brand name, description, supplier and specification, FIFO, storage breakdown, storage charges calculation, low level alert and stock checking by location.
    software, inventory, business, managment, system, management, database, small, invnetory, business, stock
    $129 | 0.90 MBytes
  • TextileNet is designed for MRP, raw material logistic and distribution operation for all kinds of textiles. Raw material like fiber, yarn, filament, wool or grey goods. In view of the keep increasing price of textile material around the world, material resources planning become an important issue for all manufacturer to keep track of their purchasing price, leftover, inventory, Trial logon username:demo password:123
    software, textiles, woven, inventory, fabric, woollen, yarn, worsted, knit, costing, lining, non, inventory, invoicing, library, software, system, textile, business, management, textile
    $299 | 1.95 MBytes
  • ExportNet is designed for trading company. it is used to manage all the products catalogue, issue quotation / PI / SC / PO and full set of shipping document for your trading operation . Also issue Form A, CO, customs invoices, packing list, certificates, beneficiary statment and declarations. Trial logon username:demo password:123
    document, software, export, and, comparasion, analysis, import, management, trading, exporters, cost, trade, set, performa, quotation, costing, software, purchase, order, full, invoice, sales, shipping
    $299 | 330.00 KBytes
  • Employee planner software maintains staffs vacation, tour, training, working shifts and daily work records. Vacation schedule application includes advance features like salary payroll statement, report generation to easily maintain employee record of the company. Employee management program is the best scheduling tool for any organization to reduce expenses and time of company administration. Software is easy to use GUI interface based utility, user does not require any technical training to access this program. Employee vacation scheduler tool keeps detail of all paid and unpaid leaves including casual leaves, sick leave and martial leave. Employee attendance software is developed for organization like call center, IT firms, hotel, hospital, transport and many more to manage every days attendance and also maintains late coming timing of their employee. Employee salary statement making utility generates payment of staff and includes bonus detail, PF detail, Tax deduction, Allowance etc. Staff planner applicat ...
    maintain, training, tour, program, record, profile, information, utility, allowance, deduction, tax, pf, company, shifts, work, software, vacation, planner, resource, employee, application, manages, leave, payroll, salary, staff, enterprise
    $159 | 4.63 MBytes
  • Software License Tracker Pro is a flexible software license management system for Windows users. Software License Tracker Pro database management helps all kinds of companies and organizations to gather and organize information about all your software licenses and users within your company.
    license, software, manager, tracker, licensing
    $245 | 9.35 MBytes
  • MindMapping is the ultimate tool for increasing productivity – for you or your entire team. Use it to visually connect ideas and information to help you save time, solve real business problems, improve business processes, and drive innovation. By visually organizing all your information, you’ll have the big picture clearly before you, while still tracking the smallest details.
    productivity, software, mind, mapping, connect, tool, visually, ideas, information, solution
    $349.95 | 9.34 MBytes
  • Simple Shop - Business software for invoicing via POS and A4 printers. Simple the best, simple decision. Try it out..
    hairdressing, accounts, pos, registers, cash, a4, supply, display, business, cheap, screen, touch, maintenance, gear, services, cosmetics, beauty, program, salon, running, equipment, software, drying, cutting, cheapest
    $165 | 8.14 MBytes
  • Centrolized company-wide employee pc activity monitoring solution, monitor 3000+ network computers within one server. Employee Monitoring Software is an application for real time network computer monitoring and content filting, and for employees, work time tracking. Invisibly monitor all employees pc internet activities from one contralized position, such as email, instant message, keystrokes, documents printed, FTP file transfered, websites.
    employee, monitoring, software, monitoring, computer, monitor, employees
    $199.95 | 10.00 KBytes
  • Turn any surface into an interactive whiteboard. Luidia's eBeam interactive white board is a portable solution. Visit our web site in order to learn more about our education and business solutions.
    board, whiteboard, white, interactive, interactive
    Freeware | 9.81 MBytes
  • InTask designed to help team leaders, developers and QA persons to share their efforts and deliver the products on time. The product includes fast task management, interactive gantt, document management and integral MS Outlook integration
    management, outlook, add, source, control, scheduling, document, in, task, project, on, integration
    Freeware | 12.71 MBytes
  • Design and Print your own professional looking business cards using a simple but powerful design screen. The New Card Wizard steps you easily through the process. Tons of new artwork and backgrounds included. Now with more templates and improved graphic handling. See an instant print preview of your business card design at any time. Insert clip art, use the drawing tools for unique text and graphical effects.
    business, card, print, software, program
    $19.95 | 9.91 MBytes
  • MIE Dashboard is a revolutionary business management and collaboration tool. MIE Dashboard is intended for businesses whose employees want to share information, collaborate, chat, manage tasks, manage documents and files and other business related tasks. MIE Dashboard can be used in organizations with 1000s of users who want to easily manage their daily business activities.
    software, management, document, dms, file, computers, task, calendar, groupware, collaboration, erp, journal
    Freeware | 23.21 MBytes
  • Employee time scheduling program is an effective tool to manage your company employee schedule in systematic manner thus save your valuable time and efforts spend in making paper pen entries. Staff management software has an intuitive interface that addresses employee management tasks and processes including tracking attendance and time, employee tours/travels, events, enterprise resources, salary information, trainings, leaves, business, in/out timing, projects, shift timings, vacations, meetings and daily work performance and other activities in proper manner. Employees payroll tracking tool provides facility to print various reports like employee report, company report and employees list on paper and facilitates data connectivity feature to view and access other company records. Employee scheduling tool share data across the network to multiple users and prevents data from unauthorized users. Employee planner application facilitates multiple users to open same file through network accessibility that can be ...
    payroll, attendance, calendar, shifts, trips, leave, project, details, system, tool, enterprise, utility, management, business, task, office, scheduling, program, software, planner, records, report, travel, staff, meeting, vacation, manage, employee
    $159 | 4.63 MBytes

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