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  • Invoice Organizer Deluxe is a flexible invoicing and billing software for all kinds of professionals such as lawyers, artists, constructors, developers, consultants, field experts, designers, architects, accountants, programmers, landscapers, doctors, gardeners, ... the software is for anyone who bills for labor and/or material.
    software, invoice, business, database, manager, small, order, management, windows, purchase
    $75 | 6.84 MBytes
  • EFM: plan / actual analysis is a simple tool designed for financial planning and business management of an enterprise on the basis of approved budgets which will help user to analyze causes of deviations occurred
    analysis, plan, actual, deviations, budgets, planning, business, management, financial
    $100 | 5.81 MBytes
  • A simple tool designed for execution of financial estimates, fitted with elements of a training program and allowing increasing the level of user knowledge in economics significantly. The software is accompanied with a great number of examples with comments and recommendations and allows producing desired result
    business, plan, software, flow, cash, budget, a, value, small, planning, marketing, financial, sales, starting
    $300 | 18.50 MBytes
  • FAQ Organizer Deluxe is a database management system for recording, organizing, and managing frequently asked questions. FAQ Organizer software is easy to use and very intuitive. Print FAQ reports. Generate FAQ web catalogs. Quickly find information using flexible search and filter options. View data in tables, regular forms, or browser. Send emails with FAQ records or reports from the program. Create customized FAQ database solutions.
    faq, management, customer, support, faqs, questions, software, frequently, asked
    $75 | 6.84 MBytes
  • Employee Expense Organizer is a flexible employee expense management software for Windows users. Expense software solution gives you an easy way to gather and organize information about all expenses: travel expenses, accommodation expenses, meal expenses, entertainment expenses, etc. Software comes with several templates: Employee Expenses Simple and Detailed, Auto Expense. You can choose the one that best suits your business needs.
    expense, expenses, manager, business, software, travel, employee
    $75 | 6.84 MBytes
  • Document Organizer Deluxe is a flexible document management management software for Windows users. Our document management database solution gives you an easy way to gather and organize information about all your documents: document title, document title, category, type, author, institution, keywords, subject, storage place, notes, and more.
    management, software, document, manager, management, document
    $75 | 6.84 MBytes
  • Software de presupuestos, produccion y gestion para imprenta y artes graficas en castellano. Artes graficas, copisterias, imprenta digital, encuadernacion, etc. Copia del software Logic Print GRATIS. Software para calculo de presupuestos en 1 minuto, croquis de impresion, ordenes de trabajo, escalados por cantidad automaticos, recalculo de trabajos inmediato, calculo de desviaciones en costes, facturas, almacen, etc. Version de evaluacion gratis.
    imprenta, presupuesto, programa, presupuestos, imprentas, grafico, programas, sector, croquis, impresores, para, shareware, impresor, serigrafia, gratis, graficas, artes, gestion, copisterias, digital, maquinaria, indesign, encuadernacion, flexografia, software
    $995 | 2.12 MBytes
  • SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor is a great computer controlling software which can help you to monitor and record employees' internet activities including visited websites, incoming and outgoing emails, MSN messages, uploaded and downloaded files. This employee activity monitoring software can be also used as parental control tool and web protection software to control emails, block social networking websites,etc.
    monitor, websites, activity, employee, software, filter, and, email, chat, im, block, online, computer, monitoring, controlling, control, record, internet, visited
    $29.95 | 18.54 MBytes
  • NumXL is a Microsoft Excel Add-in for econometrics and financial time series analytics, designed to make finance modeling and time series easier to manage. You can perform all of your analysis right from Excel. NumXL allows you to apply advanced econometric analysis quickly and easily, track and make changes instantly; share your analysis, modeling, and results with just one file.
    excel, analysis, in, time, series, plugins, data, financial, finance, add, excell, numxl, plug
    $300 | 4.84 MBytes
  • Print estimating software, production and management for printing and graphic arts. Graphic arts, photocopying, digital printing, binding, etc. Logic Print software copy FREE. Software for calculation of quotes in 1 minute, printing drawings, work orders, scaled by number automatic, instant recalculation of work, calculation of cost variances, invoices, warehouse, etc. Free evaluation version. Optional optimum print format and machine proposal.
    arts, graphic, shop, machines, management, machine, quote, digital, estimating, printing, estimate, mis, software, erp, print
    $995 | 2.17 MBytes
  • Track your employee training records with our employee training tracker software. Employee Training Manager is an employee training register that delivers powerful functionality with an easy-to-use user interface that helps you meet the needs of any training requirements. Simplify your employee training management by taking advantage of the sophistication of Employee Training Manager for managing your employee training records.
    training, employee, records, register, software, database, tracking, tracker, manager
    $299 | 28.51 MBytes
  • This software is good for the management, logistic and accounting of your fleet. It has history of costs, maintenance monitor with audio visual alarms, expiry date control with audio visual alarms for important dates like insurances and others, fuel efficiency control, control and history of tires, history of accidents, module for inventory of cars, staff (multi user version), owners, drivers, driver accounts, vehicle inspections and much more.
    fleet, software, vehicle, management, maintenance, accounting
    $50 | 2.35 MBytes
  • Visitor, Host, Visit Manager for Windows: simple database management software that helps you to organize, track, and manage: visitor data, hosts data, activity transactions, visit transactions. Create custom reports, print id cards, badge labels, display summaries. Easy to use database solution for hospitals, corporate properties, schools, government buildings, tenant properties.
    visitor, management, visit, database, host, manager, tracking
    $149.95 | 8.96 MBytes
  • Lookup USA and Canada towns by ZIP, postal code or name and show them on a North American map. This helps you to check customer information, verify postal addresses, and reduce credit card fraud. Using the program is simple. Just enter a ZIP Code, and the program gives you the matching city, state, latitude, and longitude.
    map, locate, city, geo
    $29.95 | 1.42 MBytes
  • CATCount is useful CAT tool. CATCount eases accounting of Computer Assisted Translation Jobs by translating complex CAT Scheme into one easy number. Additionally, it provides great features for printing and export of used CAT Scheme together with original wordcounts, and resulting CATCount. Wordcount analysis logs of Trados are processed automatically. Trados 2.5, Trados 3.0, Trados 5.0, Trados 5.5, Trados 6, Trados 6.5 and Trados 7 supported.
    trados, 5, translation, 6, computer, wordfast, transit, workbench, download, star, 7, 1, assisted, wordcount, aided, cat, catcount, tools, sdlx
    Freeware | 3.41 MBytes
  • Mystro Accounting is a foundation and starting point for reliable, secure and scalable enterprise accounting solutions. Use it out-of-the-box to suit even your most challenging business needs. Mystro Accounting in place, you can get started right away and then grow your operations as your business grows. It has General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Inventory, and Fixed Assets. It is bi-lingual (English/Arabic)
    accounts, inventory, fixed, assets, payroll, payable, general, ledger, accounting, receivable
    $149 | 22.05 MBytes
  • Uconvert is a light and easy to use tool that can quickly convert between a wide range of units and measurements. Convert angles, area, bits and bytes, density, electric current, energy, force, fuel consumption, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time and volume units, right from your desktop. 100% FREEWARE
    converter, conversion, calculator, chart, measurements, unit, temperature, metric, mass, super, weight, freeway, free, conversions, units, download, software, angle, convert, uconvert
    Freeware | 0.93 MBytes
  • Quest Price alert is a expert, alerts you by SMS when the price reaches certain levels or meet the trend line that are set by the trader.Easy to know having a price alert sent to you when a currency pair hits your price! Easy to know having a price alert sent to you when a currency pair hits your price!
    alert, forex, price, text, message, mt5, metatrader4, trading, mt4, metatrader5
    $29.95 | 0.83 MBytes
  • Quest MT4/MT5 order alert is a expert, can notify you by SMS when your new order placed or closed on your metatrader account. Easy to know having a price alert sent to you when a currency pair hits your price!
    alert, forex, mt5, text, metatrader5, message, metatrader4, trade, trading, mt4
    $29.95 | 0.83 MBytes
  • This application can be used by all people which are looking for a job, by recruitment companies which are interested by the new jobs on the job market, by human resources departments which are monitoring the job marketing from Romania.
    jobs, finder, ejobs, myjob, bestjobs, job, jobsfinder
    Freeware | 3.25 MBytes
  • algorithmic trading, quantitative trading, algo trading, quant trading, algorithmic trading strategies, quantitative trading strategies, back testing system, backtesting system, quantitative trader, algorithmic trader, high frequency trading, automated trading, program trading, pair trading, basket trading
    trading, algorithmic, quantitative, strategies, trader, system, high, frequency, backtesting, back, algo, quant, testing
    $1000 | 57.64 MBytes
  • Simply Orders Starter Edition - Microsoft Access Based Work Order Management Software Developed for the needs of small businesses, to manage orders; keep track of what orders/products you need to send; print or email professional looking invoices; and keep track of when they are paid. Can shared on a network with no additional cost per user. Links with Word, Excel and Outlook, as well as built-in facility to email invoices and reports as pdf attachments. Start Today, Minimal Setup and Learning Curve - Clear visual layout - easily and quickly see what orders and products you need to despatch today, this week, this month, etc - Takes seconds to install - packaged with professional installation software - Attach copies of saved emails, files or scanned documents to orders Manage Your Business - Print or email professional looking order confirmations, despatch/shipping notes, returns labels invoices / credit notes and customer statements (email requires MS Outlook) - Track Customer Payments and C ...
    order, management, software, tracking, system, sales, work
    $55 | 3.87 MBytes
  • Management tools optimized for software projects. Contains tools for project management, HRM, CRM, Scrum, CMMI level 5, timesheets and time tracking, CV handling, standards, issue tracking, skills, social networks, professional services automation and quality. Download and execute the Microsoft Windows installer. For other operating systems download free versions from our shop.
    sheet, hrm, time, automation, services, cv, social, best, practices, scorecard, balanced, networks, professional, crm, iso, 9001, 5, level, cmmi, agile, methods, gantt, wbs, management, project, scrum
    $72 | 20.67 MBytes
  • TimeClock Pearl is a tool to help you manage one of your most important assets and one of your greatest expenses of doing business - labor. TimeClock Pearl accurately adds time clock entries of every employee automatically. Accounting errors are avoided and time doing payroll is greatly reduced. Business owners and Supervisors have access to real time labor records. Supervisors can review timecards as part of the payroll process.
    time, clock, sheet, software, timesheet, punch, timeclock, punchclock
    $199.95 | 2.28 MBytes
  • Projetex 8.5 is leading translation management software for Translation Agencies. The new version enables project managers to manage files and documents with version control and lock system, not available to the translation industry before. It introduces innovative file and document management solutions for productive team work. The new features are brought from the software industry's best practices.
    translation, project, management, industry, agency, agencies, version, control, freelancer, for, projectex, manager, software, workflow, projetex, file, pm, management
    $1432 | 65.11 MBytes
  • Timeline Studio's software creates the perfect template for simple or complex multi-layered timelines for business, education or leisure. As you compile your timeline, our software will create the perfect framework to illustrate and explain your topic with maximum impact. Time isn?t one-dimensional and neither is our unique multi-layering technology, which enables multiple detailed time frames with images. Once created, your personal and powerful, content-rich timelines, can be viewed on your PC, or for a wider audience, uploaded on-line and added to your website. There is even a full museum mode for a public display. Timeline Studios software operates in many time units; days, months, decades, centuries and even millennia, to give an easy to read, visual display of current and future events as well as those from way back in history whether ancient or prehistoric. The software incorporates major advantages over a static style timelines: * An ?intelligent? date axis, which sets automatically acco ...
    time, logging, planning, chart, history, timeline, gnatt
    $44 | 3.00 KBytes
  • TechnoRiverStudio is an industry-leading label design, barcode software that is dedicated to modern barcode printing requirements. The software supports multi-language labels, allowing characters from different languages to be printed on a single label layout, thus enabling users to create labels targeted for the international market. TechnoRiverStudio features advanced barcode wizards that help users with data input and offers a versatile engine that is capable to handle various printing tasks. If you need to automate barcodes printing tasks within your organization, TechnoRiverStudio exposes an advanced commandline interface that can be invoked programmatically. TechnoRiverStudio offers many powerful features like WYSIWYG label design, image acquisition, image/vector graphics support, rich text formatting, advanced print options, circular text, clipart library, MICR, E13B, CMC7, white on black text, flexible barcode settings, database integration, records filtering, print process management, ...
    barcode, label, printing, databar, ocr, thermal, printers, generator, gs1, ucc, bar, software, code, maker, technoriverstudio, ean
    $289.99 | 38.74 MBytes
  • BestDayTrading System provides a clear trading singal with full easy-to-follow trading plan to help you make profit in stock market. BDT is suitable for all account size from $10,000 to 1M. BDT's total solution provides all you need to use the signal, including 1) Simple to Follow Trading Plan 2) Clear Trading Signal Delivery 30 mins before market open everyday 3)Paper Trade Client with real-time market data 4) 24x5 Trading Support!
    trading, stock, signal, system
    $250 | 6.15 MBytes
  • Fargo Home Mortgage calculator a powerful tool to help anyone find the best mortgage rates and therefore interest rate. Fargo Home Mortgage calculator helps the user seeking a low interest rate do a simple calculation enabling them to find Fargo Home Mortgage between banks. Finding the Fargo Home Mortgage can save a home buyer a lot of money.
    rate, mortgage, best, refinance, rates, interest
    Freeware | 0.79 MBytes
  • Home loans mortgage calculator is home loan software designed to help you get the best home loan deal. Home loans are so important that this is a great tool to help you get the best home loan rate. Open the software and you can do an easy calculation for an easy home loan. Home loans are much easier to understand when you have some basic information. Home loans will be simple when using this easy home loan calculator
    rate, mortgage, best, refinance, rates, interest
    Freeware | 0.79 MBytes

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