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  • VeriFinger Linux SDK is intended for most biometric system developers. It allows rapid development of the biometric application using functions from library, which ensure high reliability of the fingerprint identification, 1:1 and 1:N matching modes, comparison speed up to 30000 fingerprints per second,. VeriFinger can be easily integrated into the customer's security system. This SDK contains interfaces for some of the major fingerprint scanners, which allow the developer to obtain data from the scanners without any additional software. Supports BiometriKa FX 2000 scanner, AuthenTec AES4000 EntrePad and AF-S2 FingerLoc sensors. VeriFinger Linux SDK distribution package contains: * VeriFinger shared lib (one license); * Interfaces for image input from file, FX 2000 scanner; Entre'Pad and FingerLoc sensors; * Source codes of lib usage sample application. Source codes in C/C++ are included; * Documentation.
    recognition, authentication, sdk, access, pattern, criminalistics, ridge, control, scan, matching, identification, verification, biometric, fingerprint, security, crime
    $449 | 198.00 KBytes
  • ZylNMEAGenerator is a Delphi component that transforms position data in NMEA format. You can generate complex NMEA sentences from simple data inputs. The sentences are recognized by any NMEA compatible mapping software. In this way with this component you can simulate a gps receiver also. You just write the generated NMEA sentences on a virtual serial port or an internet socket connected to a mapping software. New: now you can use this component as a gsp simulator using a null-modem cable. Supported Operating Systems: WinAll Available for: Delphi 8, Delphi 7, Delphi 6, CBuilder 6 (if you need, you can ask for other versions)
    c, builder, component, simulator, cbuilder, delphi, soft, nmea, gps, zyl
    $24.99 | 267.00 KBytes
  • VS Law Workstation is a powerful coding standards enforcement add-in for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET source code. Integrating tightly with the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET IDE (2002/2003), it allows the detection and correction of coding standards and other rule violations. It comes supplied with more than 150 professional quality rules that can be easily customised using the separate flexible rule editor VS Law Administrator.
    quality, code, standards, coding, net, software, reviews, assurance, enforcement, automated, vb, review, visual, basic, vs, law
    $140 | 1.96 MBytes
  • VB Law Workstation is a powerful coding standards enforcement add-in for Microsoft Visual Basic 6 source code. Integrating tightly with the Microsoft Visual Basic 6 IDE, it allows the detection and correction of coding standards and other rule violations. It comes supplied with more than 200 professional standard rules that can be easily customised using the separate flexible rule editor VB Law Administrator.
    code, standards, coding, quality, software, reviews, assurance, enforcement, automated, vb, review, visual, basic, vb6, law
    $96 | 2.66 MBytes
  • EaseSoft DataMatrix .Net Windows Forms Control is 100% managed C# code product which can add professional quality 2D barcode image to your windows application .You can save the barcode as different image format files (BMP,EMF,GIF,JPEG,PNG,TIFF,WMF). It is easy to print barcode using the PrintDocument Control provided by the .Net Framework. Easily to input special character using tilde codes.
    upc, code, net, ean, e, a, 8, msi, 11, internet, pdf417, postnet, 93, 13, manual, barcode, windows, linear, dotnet, c, server, control, tutorial, asp, information, introduction, specification, codabar
    $129 | 348.00 KBytes
  • Alvas.Suite is a bundle (6 in 1) of components libraries for C# and VB.Net Developers which includes: Alvas.FileControls + Alvas.Audio + Alvas.Controls + Alvas.Scriptor + Alvas.ShapeForms + Alvas.Labels. Requirements: .Net Framework v1.0 or later Recommended: .Net Framework with Visual Studio .Net 7.0 or later
    bundle, libraries, controls, developers, framework, net, vb, net, components, c
    $79 | 1.08 MBytes
  • Create spectacular charts in your .NET applications with this high-quality yet cost-effective 2D/3D chart component. Features extensive VS.NET design-time support, built in toolbar and grid, built-in formulas, 3D view control and scene lighting, flexible legends and axes, and much more. Simply put, it provides all the chart types and capabilities you need at a down-to-earth price.
    net, server, streaming, asp, chart, graphics, graph
    $429.95 | 31.80 MBytes
  • 3-in-1: .NET, COM and XML Web service implementation of Markowitz Theory and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to analyze and construct the optimal portfolio with/without asset weight constraints. Also includes Performance Evaluation, interpolation procedures, analysis of Efficient Frontier, Market Portfolio and CML.
    frontier, efficient, indifference, curves, measures, performance, return, risk, markowitz, theory, capm, delphi, c, net, portfolio
    $179 | 4.39 MBytes
  • 3-in-1: .NET, COM and XML Web service implementation of Markowitz Theory and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to analyze and construct the optimal portfolio with/without asset weight constraints. Also includes Performance Evaluation, interpolation procedures, analysis of Efficient Frontier, Market Portfolio and CML.
    net, c, interpolation, performance, portfolio, efficient, frontier, cml, portfolio, market, optimal, model, vb, com, component, markowitz, theory, pricing, asset, capital, capm
    $179 | 4.58 MBytes
  • 3-in-1: COM, .NET and XML Web service Interest derivatives pricing framework: set contract, set vol/price/interest models and run MC. We also cover: Treasury's, Price/Yield, Zero Curve, Fixed-Interest bonds, Forward rates/FRAs, Duration and Convexity. This product also has the following technology aspects: Extensive Client Examples (Delphi for .NET, C#, VB.NET) ADO Mediator Compatible Containers (Delphi 3-8 & 2005, C++Builder, Office)
    net, delphi, c, dephi, vb, libraries, market, markets, capital, service, rate, interest, com, xml, bonds, web, class
    $179 | 4.86 MBytes
  • Teroid Data Form is an easy to use .NET control which dramatically reduces development times by providing an instant user interface to an ADO .NET DataTable object. Drop one onto a form and set the DataTable property either at design time or at run time and the control will automatically configure itself with a label and text box for each column in the table, and has full insert, update and delete functionality.
    control, net, form, windows, component, venn
    Freeware | 115.00 KBytes
  • Teroid Color Browser is a .NET control presenting users with a selection of color palettes (16 colors, system colors or web colors) in a list box, a dropdown list box, or buttons in a box or a horizontal or vertical strip. An event is raised when the user selects a color.
    net, color, control, component
    $28 | 117.00 KBytes
  • The KineticaRT Bar Graph Instrumentation .NET Component is fast, easy to configure and supports live update (state changes are transferred automatically to/from the connected channel). It is a member of the KineticaRT family of components, which can be used separately or in unison to build applications for instrumentation, hmi, control, monitoring and test automation.
    graph, bargraph, sensor, arrays, bar, controls, components, hmi, user, interface, instrumentation
    $84 | 500.00 KBytes
  • This royalty-free stock icon set is design for use in Windows application ribbons and toolbars. The style is dynamic and professional, making them suitable for a large variety of applications. Provided sizes are compatible with application ribbons and toolbars but can also be used in websites. Icons are available in sizes 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and normal, hot & disabled states. Provided file formats are PNG, ICO and BMP. Colors are coded in RGB with alpha channel transparency in PNG and ICO icons. BMP icons are coded in RGB with magenta areas to define transparency. The pixel density has been set to 96 PPI making the icons compatible with latest Microsoft .NET development platforms such as Windows Presentation Foundation or Silverlight. They are also compatible with C++ User Interface libraries such as MFC or Codejock Xtreme ToolkitPro. This free version is a limited set of 45 icons extracted from the Axialis Ribbon & Toolbar Stock Icons collection. It is composed of several sets such as Basic, Busine ...
    icons, office, windows, application, developer, ribbon, free, toolbar, stock
    Freeware | 2.64 MBytes
  • Video Processing Filter is a powerful transform filter that allows rotate the video in 90, 180, and 270 degrees ,keep aspect ratio when rotated the video in 90 and 270 degrees , flip the video, convert a RGB video stream to Grayscale and invert color. Support rotate the video in 90, 180, and 270 degrees in any Directshow base application. Support keep aspect ratio when rotated the video in 90 and 270 degrees. It can be used during capture for real-time processing, during conversion or during playback to enhance existing media files. Support vertical or Horizontal flip the video Support convert a RGB video stream to Grayscale and invert color. Compatible with any programming language that supports Directshow, e.g. c#, vc++, delphi, vb. System Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista Microsoft DirectX Runtime Video display card installed
    video, sdk, flip, grayscale, rotate, filter, processing, directshow
    $400 | 1.11 MBytes
  • Supports virtually all TIFF compressions, including ZIP,LZW,CCITT G4/G3, JPEG, Packbits. Outstanding compression. Can combine multiple directories and tiff into one PDF file. Does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software . Supports Multi-page tiff file to PDF conversion . set automatic despeckling (of B/W images; removes noise; clear spot) and skew-correction . When batch converting, several image files can be merged to create a single PDF file, or each image file may be converted into individual PDF files. Makes use of effective compression processing to minimize space occupied by the created PDF files. Password protection for PDF files with 40 or 128 bit encryption. Set file permissions to restrict printing, copying, and future modifications to the document. Specify any resolution in the generated PDF file. Optimized to increase speed. Set the document title, subject, author and keywords . Append to existing PDFs. Specify page size. Use Base 13 fonts and system fonts. Convert Text to ...
    pdf, to, tiff, converter, convert, tif, pdf, to, files, append, image, create, image2pdf, multi, tifftopdf, tiff2pdf, download, file, tif2pdf, page, tiftopdf
    $159 | 1.19 MBytes
  • LabDevTools WinForm Suite is a set of Windows Forms controls, for development environments based on .NET Framework and allow to extend the possibilities for design and creation of interfaces in many fields of applications such as: player multimedia, interfaces software/hardware, programs technical or scientific, control panels, simulation programs, dashboard, etc.. that is , this set of controls in 3D graphics, managed with double buffer to eliminate the flickering,†very similar to real objects that simulate, they allow to acquire, set, manage and display in more easy way, more intuitive and natural the data, the situations and the interaction man-machine in general. The controls of the suite are equipped with an exclusive architecture, intuitive interface and the same for all, editor custom of the properties and tools for to begin the properties in group for the controls most complex for to speed up their setting. This product integrates seamlessly with MS Visual Studio but it may also be used with different ...
    c, simulation, analogic, digit, graph, display, digital, instruments, toggle, elettronic, plotter, shape, switch, controls, control, delphi, vb, led, knob, slider, tank, meter, net
    $390 | 5.29 MBytes
  • TVideoGrabber is a video capture,media player and video editor SDK that captures video sources like HD webcams, HD camcorders, USB webcams, IP cameras, composite cards, PointGrey cameras, BlackMagic Decklink, Logitech C920... It includes frame capture, AVI/WMV/MKV//WAV/MP4/MP3/WebM recording, audio/video compression, video streaming, motion detection, graphic/text overlays, video PIP from a 2nd component, rotation, videos from bitmaps, playlist.
    delphi, video, sdk, video, capture, streaming, audio, ip, camera, processing, overlay, streaming, capture, media, player, player
    $695 | 46.42 MBytes
  • Time Series API is a professional C++ class library for simulating (backtesting) and deploying financial trading strategies as well as general purpose time series modelling. The library is a stand-alone time series engine that can be extended via a component object model. Models are defined using an easy to use 'formula syntax and semantics' made possible by a set of lightweight interface classes that supersede the component framework.
    trading, simulation, backtesting, system, forward, black, walk, box, automated, historical, c, series, time, financial, modelling, financial, strategies
    $334 | 3.40 MBytes
  • TBarCode OCX (Barcode ActiveX Control) TBarCode enhances all applications with professional barcode generating and barcode printing capabilities. TBarCode can be used within the complete Microsoft Office product family (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft InfoPath, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Excel ...) as well as in many development environments. Embed TBarCode OCX with a few mouse-clicks into your document, worksheet and database or into your application. Select the required barcode symbology and provide the data to be encoded. That??ôs all that is needed to ensure generation of high-quality barcodes including the correct check-digits. No special barcode related know-how is required. TBarCode OCX supports the generation of linear barcodes (e.g. EAN 13, Code128, EAN 128, 2 of 5) as well as complex 2D or Composite barcodes with high data-density (PDF417, DataMatrix, QR-Code, Aztec, MaxiCode, GS1). Besides printing barcodes on arbitrary printers TBarCode is able to store computed barcodes in var ...
    2d, code, bar, creating, datamatrix, creator, generator, generate, qrcode, create, semacode, aztec, ean, databar, gs1, printing, pdf417, library, barcode, activex, 1d, linear, barcodes, codes, active, x, barcode, software, sdk, net, dll, print
    $109 | 122.88 MBytes
  • Text To PDF ( txt2pdf ) is a program to convert ASCII texts into PDF format with a minimum loss of formatting information. support command line, batch convert, encryption, page orientation,font setting etc. .Searchable text base on the generated PDF files. .Force font size, font name, font color and paper size. .Ability to process reports that do not contain form feeds. .Acrobat compatible encryption and rights protection. .Extracts page alignment information. .Batch convert text files to PDF files. .Password protection for PDF files with 40 or 128 bit encryption. .Set file permissions to restrict printing, copying, and future modifications to the document. .Supports page rotation (angle equal: 0,90,180,270). .Supports page orientation (Portrait and Landscape). .Does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software. .Append to existing PDFs. .Optimized to increase speed.
    pdf, text, to, convert, batch, orientation, create, append, files, alignment, converter, encryption, text2pdf, txt, txt2pdf, command, searchable, line, page
    $399 | 525.00 KBytes
  • Webcam capable multiplatform face identification SDK for PC and Web based applications. Based on reliable face recognition technology that matches 100,000 faces per second and is able to detect face lifeness. SDK can be used with most cameras and webcams on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Includes documentation and programming samples in C, C++, C#, Sun Java 2, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET and Delphi 7. The trial requires constant internet connection.
    demo, trial, multiple, windows, mac, linux, library, kit, recognition, identification, software, dll, development, sdk, face
    $529 | 91.15 MBytes
  • Demo application enrolls and identifies fingerprints from supported fingerprint scanners or image file, and can calculate ROC with custom fingerprint databases. Fingerprint recognition technology and software for PC and Mac. Fast matching (40,000 fingerprints/sec) with reliability proven at FVC2004 and NIST FpVTE 2003. Translation, rotation and deformation tolerant enrollment with image quality determination and features generalization. VeriFinger can use database entries which were pre-sorted using certain global features and includes algorithm modes that help to achieve better results for specific scanner. VeriFinger 6.0 false rejection rate is only 0.3 - 1% at the false acceptance rate of 0.001%. Required fingerprint image resolution should be at least 250 dpi, with 500 dpi recommended. On PC with 3GHz Pentium4 processor each enrolled fingerprint is processed in 0.2-0.4 sec, and fingerprints matching speed is 40,000 fingerprints per second. Size of one record in database is configurable from 150 ...
    security, demo, application, roc, biometric, verification, recognition, identification, matching, fingerprint
    $439 | 60.88 MBytes
  • Elegant Ribbon is a set of Windows Forms controls that allow you quickly and easily provide your application with a new-generation user interface like that introduced in Microsoft Office 2007. It is written in 100% managed C# and is CLS compliant.We are using several innovative approaches to bring you the best possible and complete UI solution available on the market.
    2007, source, code, ribbon, google, office, microsoft, elegant, c, vb, net, ribbon
    $145 | 18.93 MBytes
  • Chart Control .NET is the perfect solution to add the most advanced, feature rich charts to Windows Presentation Foundation applications. Over 40 2D/3D charts are available. Flexible areas filling, scaling, legends, grid, context menus and drill-down. Package includes Chart Control itself, chart configuration controls, and arts to decorate chart area.
    net, control, chart, net, control, chart
    $58.95 | 3.53 MBytes
  • Aquatica engine can be used to simplify the implementation of water surfaces in application with DirectX9 graphics. Key features of the engine:Water surface approximation using heightmaps, Heightmaps can be generated in real-time using FFT or Perlin noise, Generation of normalmaps, Generation of geometry: simple grid, geomipmap grid, radial grid, Water rendering options include: reflections, refractions, CPU/GPU displacement...
    directx9, engine, rendering, water, aquatica
    $49.99 | 14.28 MBytes
  • A complete set of UNICODE classes and controls to turn your VB6 application into an UNICODE machine with very few changes in your code! Features: Win32 API Driven classes and usercontrols, Very fast and lightweight, Compatible with all Windows Platforms (UNICODE on Windows 2000+ systems), Fully compatible with original VB6 controls, Fully customizable, XP, Vista or Glass interface, MouseWheel event catch, Design directly in UNICODE!
    controls, menu, ownerdrawn, unicode, icon, custom, for, and, classes, vb6
    $830 | 3.80 MBytes
  • PowerPoint to Flash SDK for .NET,ASP.NET,COM developer of professional PowerPoint-to-Flash solution, such as Online Collaboration, Online sharing of PowerPoint presentations, Application for presentation of PowerPoint slide shows (converted to Flash), Web Seminar, Desktop applications-say authoring tools, Presentation server platforms, Web-based Authoring Tools, Web Conferencing applications, PowerPoint-to-Flash converting solutions and much more
    flash, to, powerpoint, api, sdk, ppt, converter, swf, ppt2flash, macromedia, convert, ppt2flash, ppt2swf, ppt2swf, ppt2flash, flash, presentations
    $1799 | 39.22 MBytes
  • SDAC is a VCL/VCL.NET/CLX component library for fast direct access to SQL Server from Delphi and C++Builder. SDAC supports all SQL Server data types and functionality, including MARS, bulk copy operations and reliable messaging. Main advantages include direct access to server data, full support of the latest versions of SQL Server, including Express and Compact editions, advanced local data handling, and optimized code base.
    sql, c, access, data, lab, components, bde, turbo, builder, core, replacement, bds, ms, mssql, server, dac, vcl, delphi, net, clx, sdac
    $99.95 | 4.36 MBytes
  • Client/server VB and .NET component library for TCP/IP and UDP/IP sockets communication across a network such as the internet or intranet (LAN). Allows multiple servers and clients to run simultaneously. Create proxy, chat, file transfer, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP and DNS client programs. Secure and private messaging. Multiple examples and many functions to create TCP client server applications. Works with Visual Basic, Visual Studio (.NET) and VBA.
    tcp, client, net, vb, vb, control, server, ip, communication, pop3, dns, api, sockets, device, udp, tcp, win64, ip, component, socket, relay
    $115 | 553.00 KBytes

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