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Utilities::Desktop Enhancements
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  • Replace the default Windows shell with your own customized desktop environment.
    wallpaper, hide, shortcut, cursors, personalize, customize, replacement, schedule, menus, desktop, icons, password, explorer, interface, shell
    $44.95 | 3.48 MBytes
  • Bring art to your desktop, set a tone for your emotions!
    color, background, theme, wallpaper, art, desktop, moodbook
    Freeware | 2.44 MBytes
  • The second member of the Ghost Forest family of interactive desktop wallpapers.
    ghost, forest, ghostforest, forest, ghost, desktop, image, wallpaper
    Freeware | 1.16 MBytes
  • Allows changing over 250 system icons by applying themes to them
    themes, start, icon, bee, icons, program, system, type, tool, registered, shell, any, 32, b, support, settings, download, file, create, drives, change, replace, custom, customise, customize, shift, theme, bee, folders, drive, menu, desktop, folder
    $19.95 | 1.76 MBytes
  • Over 190 royalty-free stock icons for sites and applications. All sizes!
    collection, icon, stock, free, royalty
    $124 | 487.00 KBytes
  • Skinnable timezone clock replacing Windows system clock with multiple time zones
    clock, time, international, world, synchronization, timezone, zone, tick, summer, ntp, tray, system, clocks, zones, taskbar
    $19.99 | 332.00 KBytes
  • Transform your Windows desktop and screensaver into a personalized slideshow!
    screen, saver, jpeg, tiff, jpg, bmp, png, gif, randomizer, wallpaper, screensaver, desktop, random, windows, utility
    $10 | 3.08 MBytes
  • Automatically reboot PC at set time - By:
    workstation, service, line, option, options, vsisystems, szamody, command, reboot, force, automattically, shutdown, logoff, lock, auto
    $19.95 | 1.69 MBytes
  • Automatically Push My Buttons 2.1 - Auto Click Message box Buttons
    message, szamody, box, msgbox, button, vsisystems, click, push, my, buttons, auto, automatically
    $19.95 | 1.46 MBytes
  • Generate Barcodes - By:
    code, export, vsisystems, clipboard, szamody, 128, printer, 39, barcode
    $19.95 | 1.55 MBytes
  • TweakWindow: make a window topmost, ghost, chameleon, roll up/down! Try FREE!
    window, change, hide, tray, icon, program, rollup, title, minimize, ghost, to, outlook, it, always, topmost, transparent, tweak, on, top, make, through, click, absoluteway
    $21 | 1.47 MBytes
  • Quick resolution changing, desktop and screen saver enhancements, and more.
    changing, resolution, settings, display, screen, screensaver, mute, buffer, saver, transparent, desktop, quick, icon, layout, quickres, double
    $19.98 | 0.86 MBytes
  • The EleFun Company released Butterflies - a new product in the Animated Desktop Wallpaper series. We have managed to use 3D technology and keep perfect picture quality at the same time.
    animated, animal, 3d, download, internet, screensaver, interactive, nature, shareware, wallpapers, desktop, forest, butterflies, glade, sun, elefun
    $14.95 | 2.57 MBytes
  • Use any PC as an additional screen of your primary PC
    video, videos, multimedia, cad, panorama, graphics, dvd, ripper, emulator, emulation, card, vga, virtual, extension, extend, screen, screens, display, monitors, monitor, multi, multiple, utility, software, switch, kmv, kmc, dual
    $29.95 | 1.76 MBytes
  • automatically enters text and launches applications - By:
    application, url, szamody, vsisystems, hotkeys, hotkey, send, text, hot, keys, auto
    $19.95 | 1.69 MBytes
  • This powerful tool for customizing your folders allows you to set an eye-catching icon, chosen from hundreds of built-in colorful icons or generated automatically by internal IconConverter, background image and description for your folders. More...
    ico, background, tip, info, icl, program, application, software, shareware, share, appearance, change, utility, enhancement, shell, icon, tool, desktop, rebuild, cache, system, lovely
    $19.95 | 3.04 MBytes
  • Real Desktop give your ordinary desktop new life and turns it into a Real Desktop. Enjoy the fascinating dynamics with revolutionary graphic rendition on your desktop.
    desktop, desktop, animated, wallpaper, moving, free, manager, software, backgrounds, 3d, virtual, multi, real, real, beautification, tools, multi
    Freeware | 6.90 MBytes
  • It can be minimized and automatically captures all text or image copied (CTRL+C) and it automatically saves them in TXT (the text) and BMP (the images) files.
    images, graphic, automatic, utility, image, text, capture, copy, cut, paste, clipboard
    Freeware | 188.00 KBytes
  • Displays the day of the week, the date, and the time in the titlebar of the active window. You do not have to set the day, the date, or the time. The program gets this information from your computer
    time, calendar, titlebar
    Freeware | 172.00 KBytes
  • FileFilter is a windows shell extension. FileFilter supplies filtering function when copy, move, delete or compress files and directories. FileFilter can use file types, files' modified time, size and overwriting condition to filter files.
    file, move, delete, compress, filtering, copy, extension, filter, utility, windows, shell
    $9.95 | 386.00 KBytes
  • Quick Launch Menu For Your Task Bar
    list, alphabetical, utility, windows, configuration, application, menu, task, bar, quick, launch
    $5 | 4.21 MBytes
  • Install this Harry Potter clock and bring the magic of Hogwarts School.
    potter, clock, harry, hogwarts, screensaver, cuckoo, wallpaper
    $14.95 | 1.50 MBytes
  • Actual Window Rollup opens new opportunities for efficient window management. It allows you to roll up window's contents in a single click or keystroke, so that you can get quick access to underlying information. It works for all types of windows.
    windows, shell, enhancement, desktop, roll, hotkey, button, automatic, title, manual, manager, rollup, unroll, minimize, up, window
    $19.95 | 5.57 MBytes
  • Will help you to put the start menu in order and make your work comfortable
    categorize, menu, start
    Freeware | 0.95 MBytes
  • Tweak the windows user interface and rename the Recycle Bin.
    interface, tweak, bin, ui, user, recycle, desktop, windows, tools, renamer
    Freeware | 175.00 KBytes
  • IconPackager is a program that lets you change all the icons used by Windows.
    styles, skinning, iconpackager, visual, desktops, icons, skins, themes, stardock
    $14.95 | 2.93 MBytes
  • Atomic alarm clock with digital or round view. Sends emails and plays sounds.
    round, time, manager, reminder, clock, atomic, alarm, digital
    $25 | 600.00 KBytes
  • Allows Windows XP users to edit, change, and apply new logon screens.
    visual, styles, skinning, desktops, themes, logons, skins, stardock
    Freeware | 1.80 MBytes
  • ObjectDock allows you to have an animated launchbar that reacts your mouse over.
    windowblinds, stardock, launcher, dock
    Freeware | 7.85 MBytes
  • Virtual Desktop Manager puts YOU in charge of your pc!
    hide, security, privacy, desktops, multiple, desktop, manager, virtual
    $6 | 102.00 KBytes
  • Quickly browse your folders, files and other shell objects.
    menu, explorer, tree, context, directory, file, folder, browser, shell
    $15 | 186.00 KBytes
  • hide windows program tool,hide applications,hide icons,auto maximize new window
    hide, windows, window, maximize, ie, to, minimize, tray, max, second, top, tool, task, program, key, boss, applications, taskbar, stay, game, icons, on
    $19.95 | 747.00 KBytes
  • Avoid others seeing data in your PC (message programs, bank account numbers, photographs unsuitable for children) hiding windows, applications, the icons in the systray, and mute your sound card
    windows, in, hide, arrange, card, sound, cascade, tile, mute, system, applications, icons, the, hide, tray
    $14.95 | 1.95 MBytes
  • ClipMagic is a powerful Windows Clipboard Extender and Information Manager.
    c, ctrl, information, extender, clipboard
    Freeware | 1.58 MBytes
  • Advanced Transparency Effects for Windows 2000/XP (Windows Enhancement!)
    xp, 2000, opacity, translucency, see, effects, windows, transparency, thru, advanced, winning, award, powerful, desktop, system, taskbar, window, enhancement, cool
    $14.95 | 1.69 MBytes
  • Give yourself more room on your 2K/XP desktop with this handy desktop manager.
    virtual, switcher, desktop
    $14.95 | 552.00 KBytes
  • Blue Jet Button is a reliable tool-bar style application that will allow you to manage and organize your shortcuts. You will be able to keep all the applications and files you need to use at hand, in an organized and time saving manner.
    shortcut, application, launch, manage, short, launcher, manager, create, quick
    $24.95 | 562.00 KBytes
  • Real Desktop give your ordinary desktop new life and turns it into a Real Desktop. Enjoy the fascinating dynamics with revolutionary graphic rendition on your desktop.
    desktop, desktop, animated, wallpaper, moving, free, manager, software, backgrounds, 3d, virtual, multi, real, real, beautification, tools, multi
    $25.95 | 6.90 MBytes
  • Add up to 9 desktops and group windows to them. Crystal Desktop will help you to increase your workspace. If you have too many opened windows or you have too many shortcuts on your desktop, you will like this tool.
    desktop, virtual, crystal, manager, vista, windows, 7
    $24.95 | 3.30 MBytes
  • Manage up to 9 desktops from the taskbar with Crystal Desktop. It has convenient application grouping and clear point-and-click interface. Wallpaper, keystroke are customizable for each desktop.
    desktop, virtual, crystal, manager, vista, windows, 7
    $24.95 | 2.46 MBytes
  • ConFavor - Context Menu Favorites is the fastest way to access your favorite files, programs and folders. ConFavor FREE has no time limitations and is free for private and commercial purpose.
    manager, management, applications, programs, free, access, start, shortcut, shareware, dialogue, save, open, documents, document, menu, folder, context, desktop, favorite, folders, directory, browser, shell, explorer, file, directories, favorites
    $19.9 | 2.19 MBytes
  • Desktop gadget with wide variety of animated pictures: Perpetuum Mobiles, Hearts, Special Effects and etc. Are you bored with plain computer desktop and looking for the something special? Try Desktop Perpetuum Mobile, the unique computer gadget.
    desktop, gadget, toy, mobile, animation, windows, perpetuum
    Freeware | 871.86 MBytes
  • The unique desktop gadget - Rotating Pink Chair on your computer desktop
    desktop, gadget, chair, toy, animation, windows, rotating
    Freeware | 196.93 MBytes
  • Sinaps Comfort provides a nifty way to quickly access the shortcuts and files stored on your desktop.
    utility, manager, desktop, comfort, sinaps
    $25.85 | 583.00 KBytes
  • Draw a symbol or a letter shape to control the active window.mgWindow allows you to close, minimize, maximize and restore the active window by using a mouse gesture (Drawing a simple symbol or a letter shape anywhere on your screen).
    restore, active, window, minimize, maximize, gesture, close, mouse
    $9.95 | 5.72 MBytes
  • This video player plays the videos in the desktop background behind all programs. Make your desktop background to the video screen. Activate the Active Desktop first!
    desktop, avi, mpeg, wmv, movie, active, background, player, video
    Freeware | 384.00 KBytes
  • Professional Windows Clipboard Viewer and Manager. Now you don't have to worry that copying one thing will erase something else! It keeps the clipboard history that you can use to paste any selected fragment again. It supports all known data formats.
    copy, formats, insert, paste, clipboard, manager, comfort
    $19.95 | 2.53 MBytes
  • TrayAccess is an utility that allows you to put in the system notification area ("system tray") icons for any programs, documents, folders, or system objects (for example, printers).
    bar, desktop, customization, utility, shortcut, area, taskbar, notification, icon, tray
    $14.95 | 1.14 MBytes
  • This program allows Windows users to have access to the context menu they see when they use the right mouse button in Windows Explorer. From a very easy-to-use interface they get all these connections to Windows features and external programs.
    activate, fast, quick, access, entries, notepad, customized, entry, easy, use, feature, function, new, tuning, interface, tune, paint, drives, add, remove, de, edit, configure, click, configuration, windows, explorer, folders, right, files, context, menu, popup, select
    $9.99 | 270.00 KBytes
  • Aston completely replaces the standard Windows Desktop. It contains all main Windows Desktop elements (Desktop, TaskBar, Tray, Main Menu, DDE, Drag&Drop) but is much more functional and includes additional features, animated icons, etc
    skins, winxp, themes, wallpapers, gladiators, nice, astonshell, for, fox, aston, desktop, plugins
    $29.95 | 3.92 MBytes

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