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  • Find and Remove duplicate files - easily? Then you need automatic duplicate file remover that will automatically find duplicate files, delete duplicate files and remove duplicate files. Get up to 60% more free space - in one click by removing of duplicate music, MP3, photo and video files. Find duplicate files and remove duplicate files - automatically. Remove duplicate files now - Free Duplicate Remover download at
    duplicate, files, remove, find, delete, file, automatically, duplicated, music, photo, locate, mp3, program, and, remover, software, computer, hdd
    $39.95 | 16.47 MBytes
  • USB Stick Watcher is a useful utility for people, who transfer their data (documents, music and more) across different computers. This will display recurring reminder if your pen drive is still plugged in PC. Also, USB Stick Watcher will show warning message every time when you try to turn PC off, or log off without unplugging your pen drive. USB Stick Watcher will ensure that you never leave your USB Stick plugged in to a computer.
    drive, reminder, flash, pen, stick, usb
    Freeware | 311.00 KBytes
  • Duplicate Remover - easily Remove Duplicate Files, find duplicate files and delete duplicate files. Clear up to 60% more free space with duplicate remover. Automatic duplicate remover - is a duplicate file remover that will remove duplicate music and photos. All is possible with Duplicate Remover - automatically find duplicate files, remove duplicate files. Remove Duplicate Files right now - Free duplicate remover download at
    duplicate, files, delete, find, remover, file, remove, photo, sorter, sort, organize, mp3, automatically, duplicated, locate, duplicates, software, program, music
    $39.95 | 20.82 MBytes
  • PicRenameIt 3.1 - The fast and easy way to rename, renumber, and resize files. Rename files, renumber files, and resize files in one easy operation. Integrates with Windows Explorer (Microsoft's file manager). Resize files to preselected resolutions or custom resolutions while maintaining aspect ratios. Renumber files by file time, date picture taken, or alphabetical order. Works with all file types. Easy to use.
    files, pictures, renumber, rename, resize, sort, renaming, camera, renumbering, thumbnail, trial, order, photos, cameras, date, digital, images, and, photographs, utility, picture, explorer, taken
    $19.99 | 5.03 MBytes
  • Remove Duplicate Files - easily with automatic duplicate remover. User-friendly duplicate file remover will remove duplicate files, remove duplicate music and remove duplicate photos. Automatic duplicate file remover will find, locate, delete and remove duplicate music and photos. Even more - duplicate remover will sort and organize duplicate files. Remove duplicate files easily right now - Download Duplicate Remover at
    duplicate, files, remover, delete, remove, program, software, sort, organize, computer, organizer, mp3, sorter, automatically, clear, file, automatic, find, locate, music, removing, photo
    $39.95 | 18.34 MBytes
  • wList is a tool that allows you to create a list of the files and subfolders of a given folder (directory). With one click, you can create a list of the contents of any CD/DVD/USB flash drive, or any hard disk. List all your music files (MP3,WAV), pictures (GIF,JPG,PNG) or video (AVI,MP4,MPEG). Applications: searching, printing, documentation, archiving. wList includes the functionality of the DOS dir and Unix ls commands. It supports Unicode.
    list, directory, files, dir, ls, file, unicode, listing, find, of, folder, printer, search
    $15 | 423.00 KBytes
  • Delete Duplicate Files - easily? Then you need automatic duplicate file deleting software. Find duplicate files, remove duplicate files and delete duplicate files - automatically. Automatic duplicate file remover will find duplicate files, music and photos, remove and delete duplicate files, music, songs, pictures and photos in one mouse click. Delete duplicate files right now - Download automatic duplicate remover at
    duplicate, delete, files, find, how, file, to, remove, and, mp3, locate, duplicates, clear, photos, music
    $39.95 | 20.42 MBytes
  • What to do if you are running out of free space on your hard drive? Primitive Duplicate Finder offers you one of the simplest ways to solve his problem - find and delete file duplicates. Just specify the drive or the folder and Primitive Duplicate Finder will create the list of all file duplicates and copies. The program can search for duplicates by their names, sizes or contents (using the CRC32 checksum).
    remover, deleter, finder, files, file, duplicates, copy, copies, duplicate
    Freeware | 1.14 MBytes
  • Wipe your web surfing and computer use activity permanently! Many programs and web browsers log data of which programs you run, which videos you watch, and which websites you visit. Easily and safely clean this saved data so the next person using your computer will never know your computer activity. Wipe activity history of dozens of programs such as FireFox, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Yahoo, MSN, and Google.
    tracks, cover, cleaner, erase, startup, windows, killer, delete, wipe, clean, history
    $12.95 | 686.00 KBytes
  • Digeus Disk Cleaner is a top powerful disk cleaner program that can be safely used to perform disk cleanup for Vista, XP and any other platform. Digeus Disk Cleaner will optimize, clean and boost the speed of your Windows. Keep your PC clean of junk files with this disk cleaner utility and enjoy your top speed system performance. Every day the programs you run on your computer create temporary and obsolete files and leave them behind on your hard disk. These junk files build up over time, take up valuable hard disk space and slow down your system performance. Digeus Disk Cleaner provides the basic functionality for disk cleaning by quickly identifying the junk files and folders on a hard drive, and displaying the results in a convenient view. Even if you do not know much about computers or files, you cannot make a mistake, as the disk clean up software finds only unused data and safely removes it for you! Digeus Disk Cleaner identify more than 50 types of obsolete files, and you can freely add t ...
    disk, cleaner, download, clean, up, free, vista, xp, temporary, files, for, program, cleanup, disc, utility
    $17.99 | 1.81 MBytes
  • Scan you drives for junk files and remove junk from pc. Junk Files Remover tool can easily remove junk files on Vista and any other Windows platform. Junk Files Remover is a user friendly, fast and easy to use application developed to delete unused and temporary files from your system - allowing it to run faster, more efficiently and giving you more HDD space. You can automatically delete junk files of various types: - Windows Temporary Files - created by system, programs you install, games you play and other applications you run; - Temporary Internet Files - stored on your computer everytime you visit a website. - Invalid start menu, shotcuts and msi files; Obsolete files in Program Files; Invalid and empty files and folders; - Junk files and folders defined by the user and more... This top rated junk file removal software will let you choose which drives to clean, which junk file types to search for and what junk folders to include or exclude, whether to delete them or not. You ca ...
    junk, files, file, remove, vista, scan, removal, remover, clean, cleaner, delete, from, and, pc
    $17.99 | 1.81 MBytes
  • Don't have enough free space on your hard drive? Can't get rid of duplicate files? Run Digeus Duplicate Files Finder to find and remove a true duplicate files from your computer and regain penty of valuable disk space. Duplicate Files Finder is a powerful, fast and easy to use application developed to find and remove unused duplicate files from your system - allowing it to run faster, more efficiently and giving you more space on your hard drive. This top rated duplilcate file finder software will easily scan and remove all dupicate files on windows XP, VISTA and all other operating systems. Duplicate Files Finder will find duplicates of any file type: - duplicate mp3 - duplicate photos - duplicate pictures - duplicate text files - duplicate music files - and many more..., you can extend the range by adding your own file types. Download duplicate files for free and keep your pc clean! Features: - System Speed Up Free up valuable space on your hard drive Optimize ...
    duplicate, file, files, finder, remover, detective, cleaner, image, software, search, searcher, find
    $9.99 | 1.89 MBytes
  • EzMigration is the no-hassle way to move to a new or larger boot drive or data drive. To create a bootable drive that contains working applications, you need to move your drive contents as a single drive image, not file by file, so everything gets transferred, including your boot partition. All it takes is a few mouse clicks. Expanding the drive partition is just as easy.
    drive, copy, migrate, move, larger, image, boot, copier, migration
    $39.99 | 5.46 MBytes
  • Find Duplicate Files - easily? Find duplicate files, find duplicate music and find duplicate photos - in one click with automatic duplicate file finder. Find duplicate files, locate, detect, delete and remove duplicate files, music, photos and docs with Find Duplicate Files Easily. Find duplicated files, locate duplicate files and find duplicates automatically. Find Duplicate Files right Now - Download duplicate finder at
    files, duplicate, duplicated, find, organizer, finder, organize, remove, sorter, delete, finding, identical, clear, sort, remover, images, music, file, duplicates, search, songs, photo, docs, pictures, photos, locate
    $39.95 | 18.26 MBytes
  • Files sanitization tool has ability to permanently wipe private and secret data such as passwords, login id, ATM pin number, credit card number, system files etc from hard disk and other USB storage drive. Windows hard disk sanitation utility provides fast data removal by using advanced disk cleaning algorithms. Data shredder tool works in destructive mode (wipes entire drive or selected disk area) and non-destructive mode (wipes unused disk space). Secure data wiper software facilitates to remove temporary files, memory dump files, log files, recycle bin folders, network file from all type of USB storage media such as zip drive, memory cards, thumb drive etc. Permanent data wiper tool completely wipes multiple files and directories which cannot be recovered by any data recovery software. Hard disk files sanitization utility also wipes deleted history, cookies, URL list, cache internet files and online or offline internet activities. Disk data cleaner software provides complete hard disk wiping solution under ...
    drive, erasure, media, storage, permanently, usb, tool, remove, ntfs, partition, fat, selected, unused, space, folder, secret, wipe, confidential, software, sanitization, disk, files, data, entire, cleaner, deleted, wiper, history, internet, hard
    $45 | 1.71 MBytes
  • Remove Duplicate Files - remove Duplicate Files, remove Duplicate Music and remove Duplicate Photos in one click. Automatically find, delete and remove duplicate files of any type: find and remove duplicate music, duplicate photos, duplicate songs and duplicate MP3 music files. Sort, organize and automatically remove duplicates, duplicate music files and duplicate photos. Clear computer from duplicates - Free download at
    files, duplicate, remove, remover, duplicated, organizer, sorter, removing, mp3, photos, music, organizing, file, sort, clear, delete, find, automatic, organize, free, sorting
    $39.95 | 17.49 MBytes
  • Change filename extensions of many files at once.
    file, searching, ending, search, in, batch, last, characters, without, s, period, dot, after, files, many, show, changing, xp, vista, ext, change, chager, to, renaming, how, windows, renamer, several
    $19.99 | 754.00 KBytes
  • Duplicate File Finder Advanced Edition is a powerful and professional tool that helps people to fast scan and clean a large amount of duplicate Photos, Music, Videos and Outlook Emails. Duplicate File Finder is #1 Powerful Duplicate File Cleaner, Find and Delete any unwanted duplicate files in your computer. Free-up and organize your favour collection, Make duplicate file management easier, Reduce your backup cost and Save your time.
    duplicate, files, outlook, mp3, remove, delete, cleaner, audio, images, file, finder, messages, photos, music
    Freeware | 0.88 MBytes
  • Zilla Datanuker literally destroys files, free space and your Recycle Bin contents instead of only deleting them. That means your data contents once overwritten and destroyed It can't be recovered. The user therefore should be sure of the files, folders .etc. he/she wants to shred.There are many safeguards built into the Zilla Data Nuker program to warn the user
    directory, unerase, utilities, retrieved, reused, replacing, overwrites, quick, through, caching, write, references, prevent, recovery, series, entry, overwritten, recovered, deleting, space, free, shred, disk, unallocated, clusters, stored, data, files, destroys
    Freeware | 124.00 KBytes
  • File Access Helper is a security software to control files access.It can log and deny access to files and registry keys on PC.You can'trunning/copying/opening/modifying/deleting/finding any document if you select the appropriate button.The operation is that when a program is about to deal with a file or registry,File Access Helper is involved in.It will search the rules.And then it approve or deny the reading/writting operation.At last,the operation is logged in a file. e.g.For example,a virus program is going to infect your system files.At the same monment,File Access Helper find the operation.Then the operation is denied.After you set some rules,all the process in your PC will be monitored.Furthermore,it allow you to build own rule to protect files.You can build/edit/delete your own rule of course.Just drag your files/directories onto the corresponding button, then release your mouse.And so on.It is ease to use and conveniently.Indeed,it is a good assistant in proterting files.Why not choose it?Maybe your b ...
    access, file, deny, private, files, keys, control, log, safety, security, registry
    $80 | 1.65 MBytes
  • Remote files synchronization program creates lists of exclusion files and folders to be ignored during the synchronization process. FTP synchronizer application display complete details of problems encountered on running synchronization. Remote file copier can be customized to run in silent mode by suppressing dialogs, reports and error messages. FTP synchronizer software determines modified files by comparing timestamps of files to keep website updated. Network file copying tool make adjustment to target file time if source and target systems are located in different time zones. Network files copying program is capable of synchronizing FTP files without requiring knowledge of FTP protocols. Remote file copier software can archive full information of synchronization run in specified log file. FTP data copy application provides check list of actions to properly analyze before final execution. Remote files synchronization utility enable user to set up scheduled task on operating system to run profile.
    exclusion, create, inclusion, data, connection, prevent, save, profile, compare, timestamp, task, schedule, setup, edit, directory, local, remote, synchronize, software, file, synchronization, folders, ftp, tool, copy, copying, files, server, network
    $15 | 1.07 MBytes
  • CD catalogue utility is powerful disk cataloging tool that can be used to manage collection of CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, hard drives, removable media, USB keys and all other disks recognized by windows system. CD catalogue program provide support to full download of movie or book properties from Internet. DVD organizer tool is all-in-one collections management program that can be easily used to maintain collections of movies, music, games, software, books and stamps. Music cataloging utility enable user to easily search for files or media with basic or advanced settings by specifying name, extension, date and description in multimedia collection. Disk organizer utility is the best tool to manage multimedia collection including videos, audios, game and user-defined collections. Disk management software allows user to locate file by searching in disk catalog to access properties. Digital disc organizer is capable of importing image thumbnails and short description in disks catalog.
    roms, search, files, collection, games, books, stamps, folders, view, graphics, thumbnails, import, archives, compressed, audios, movies, dvd, hard, cd, manage, catalog, software, drives, removable, multimedia, disk, organize, keys, usb, mp3
    $19 | 10.70 MBytes
  • Get the most out of your BlackBerry device by installing limitless applications from removable media cards; the size of your SD Card is all that is left to worry about. This user-friendly app will install and remove applications on your device from any removable media card.
    remove, apps, applications, install, media, card, loader, sd, aerize
    $10 | 97.00 KBytes
  • Get the most out of your BlackBerry device by installing limitless applications from removable media cards; the size of your SD Card is all that is left to worry about. This user-friendly app will install and remove applications on your device from any removable media card.
    remove, apps, applications, install, media, card, loader, sd, aerize
    $10 | 97.00 KBytes
  • Find Duplicate Files - easily? Then you need automatic Duplicate File Finder. Find and remove duplicates in once click. Find duplicate Music files, find duplicate Songs, find duplicate Photos and find duplicate Photo files. All duplicates will be found, deleted and removed. Remove duplicate files, music and photos. Get up to 70% more free space by removing duplicate files. More info and free Duplicate Remover download at Key features: ~ Find Duplicate Files (Automatically) (just start duplicate remover to find duplicate files of any type - find duplicate music files, find duplicate songs, find duplicate photo files, find duplicate photos) ~ Find Duplicate Files - Easily (with user-friendly duplicate file remover start-up wizard duplicate files will be found, removed and deleted in a very easy way) ~ Find Duplicate Files - In one click (with automatic duplicate finding, deleting and removing - all you need is to run duplicated file remover) ~ Find Duplicate Files - In Music ...
    files, duplicates, duplicate, find, delete, remove, soter, sort, rename, mp3, organizer, organize, clone, duplicated, clear, file, music, song, songs
    $39.95 | 19.25 MBytes
  • UltimateReNamerJG is a small and simple software that permit to batch-rename multiple files depending to a set of rules. You can insert an unlimited number of rules that can delete a part of the file name, or replace soma character with another one, change extensions, insert text to a specific position and many more. You can save your current session or file list or rule list separately, as you wish. There's the possibility to restore old file names via backup done every time you rename some files, but note that if the file has been moved or deleted after the rename their old name cannot be restored.
    renamer, file, batch, rename
    Freeware | 464.95 MBytes
  • Speed up general system performance. Free up valuable space on your hard drive. Junk Files Cleaner is an application developed to free up valuable disk space by deleting junk files. Even the least-experienced user can use this with a few mouse clicks. By cleaning your disk with Junk Files Cleaner, your computer will run faster, and you won't have to worry as much about filling your hard drive and replacing it with a newer, bigger one. Junk Files Cleaner can identify more than 50 types of junk files, and you can extend the range by adding your own file types. The program only deletes the files that you tell it to. You can choose to have the files permanently deleted, or first moved to the Recycle Bin. You'll be amazed at how much hard disk space this program can gain for you, so automatically got back plenty of hard disk space. Junk Files Cleaner removes Windows Temporary Files; Invalid start menu; Obsolete files in Program Files; Invalid shortcuts; Invalid msi files; User defined junk f ...
    files, disk, cleaner, junk, bin, hard, internet, recycle, explorer, remover, wipe, clean, clear, vista, xp, ie, removal, cleaning, shred, disc, pc, slow, file, drive, diskcleaner, windows, temp, tool, utility, harddisk, temporary
    $5.99 | 1.81 MBytes
  • Folder Content Maker Pro is a software for Win32 platforms, Win2k WinXP and Vista. It extract the filename and all level subfolder names orderly and save to a file. Main Features -------------------------------------------------- 1. Refined structure for filenames and subfolder names 2. Details of all folders 3. Size and date of files 4. Specifical file type filter 5. Filename filter 6. Exclude empty subfolder
    extract, name, subfolder, content, folder, filename
    $49.95 | 724.00 KBytes
  • Windows Batch Cleaner is a file clean software for Win32 platforms, win2k, winxp or vista. Main Features -------------------------------------------------- 1. Clean unuseful files of Windows 2. Define special folders or files to be cleaned 3. There are logs to review 4. Firefox and IE cache clean
    clean, disk, folder, file, cleaner
    $9.95 | 0.83 MBytes
  • Directory sync tool is the best folder synchronization tool to files between desktop and laptop computers. Directory sync utility featured with folder statistics pane to provide summary information about similarities and differences between two folders and update after copy or delete operation. Advance folder synchronization tool is very easy to use folder comparison and backup utility to compare two folders from local hard drive, removable media, CD, DVD or over network to easily view differences between them. Directory sync utility allows including or excluding specific sub-folders. Folder synchronization software backup important files and folders to specified destination as uncompressed or zip archive file. Files synchronization program provides flexible file and folder display in list, tree and explorer views to suit user requirement.
    filter, sort, icon, color, save, report, file, hide, highlight, differences, statistics, archive, snapshot, lists, folderprints, drive, removable, local, synchronize, compare, software, media, cd, folders, zip, laptop, network, dvd, files
    $24.95 | 2.69 MBytes

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