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  • Search for domains by unlimited number of keywords. Input unlimited number of words that relate to your business interests and these exact terms will be used as "root words" in an extensive search for available domain names.
    domain, name, find, deleted, software, expired, verify, best, search
    $149.95 | 424.00 KBytes
  • EmailArchitect Email Server is a fast and secure email server supporting SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, SSL and WEBMAIL, web admin, domainkeys/DKIM, anti-spam/virus modules, global & private address books, multiple languages, SDK, mailing list service & more.
    server, anti, mail, virus, sdk, spam, reliable, filter, pop3, smtp, imap4, solutions, internet, emailarchitect, web, webmail, email, ssl, secure
    $239.95 | 3.18 MBytes
  • WhiteNet Home Edition is the ultimate solution for Internet parental control. It is easy to use, and detects inappropriate sites by searching for certain keywords in 8 different languages. The software can also block access to certain applications.
    internet, children, on, control, parental, analysis, the, whitenet, context, safety, protect, filter, software, block, pornography, line
    $19.03 | 8.42 MBytes
  • Use Total Outlook Express Converter to easily convert Outlook Express emails to other formats in batch. You may convert emails to DOC, PDF, HTML, RTF, TIFF, JPEG. Attachments can be extracted or inserted into the final document.
    outlook, utility, software, converting, convert, express, pst
    $39.9 | 7.11 MBytes
  • Bring the beauty of space to your Firefox browser!
    pluto, mars, uranus, jupiter, theme, toolbar, browser, venus, moon, stars, space, nasa, astronomy, hubble, rocket, shuttle, firefox
    Freeware | 1.17 MBytes
  • Cheer on you favorite hockey team, the Flyers
    puck, toolbar, stanley, cup, hockey, browser, theme, flyers, nhl, philly, philadelphia, skin, firefox
    Freeware | 407.00 KBytes
  • Use Search Meta4 for free photo search, music video search, and save them. Access photos and videos on the Web by CloudOsys Search to save them. After returning your results will be saved for a personal experience and browse through them.
    search, video, photo, photos, site, for, online, music, free, engines
    Freeware | 0 bytes
  • This program intended for extracting owner's names and e-mail addresses from the Windows Mail, MS Outlook, MS Exchange and other email clients databases.
    windows, mail, exchange, outlook, email, addresses, extract
    $49.95 | 6.46 MBytes
  • Reciprocal link tracker software finds weblink status of multiple websites on publisher?s sites. Backlinks checker program is useful for webmasters to evaluate their website popularity and improve page rank on search engines like Yahoo, Google etc.
    generate, txt, software, tracking, rank, seo, html, report, popularity, webpage, evaluate, utility, search, engine, page, watch, java, script, direct, monitor, checker, program, reciprocal, backlinks, link, analyzer, inbound, website, status, weblink
    $69 | 0.94 MBytes
  • Free network management and device configuration tools. CatTools is a utility for managing network devices (routers, switches and firewalls). Automated config backups, password changes and scripted configuration commands. Cisco, 3Com, Foundry etc
    cisco, tftp, schedules, automated, server, telnet, script, expect, commands, ssh, scripted, tools, cattools, kiwi, config, backup, management, network, solarwinds
    Freeware | 10.71 MBytes
  • Freeware reciprocal link checker software monitors multiple reciprocal links of your website at various publisher website to improve website popularity and page rank. Tool makes report on status of reciprocal links in format of TXT, CSV and HTML.
    https, websites, http, inbound, rank, status, internet, program, web, pages, report, csv, html, txt, page, improve, javascript, software, direct, analyze, monitor, utility, sends, text, link, application, reciprocal, check, file, format, backlinks
    $69 | 0.94 MBytes
  • All your needs are combined in this toolbar. Search on Wikipedia, MySpace, Google, Popular torrent sites, etc...
    search, financial, torrent, subtitles, google, nbc, youtube, extended, toolbar, cnn
    Freeware | 458.00 KBytes
  • GoScorpio Dupe Check will instantly compare two articles for duplicate content. You also get to scan articles for keyword density to help with search engine results.
    search, engine, traffic, seo, marketing, content, article, duplicate
    Freeware | 1.19 MBytes
  • MailBase is an email archiving program that runs in the background and keeps a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails without interfering with your normal email client.
    email, emails, backup, archive, storage, copy, store, archiving
    Freeware | 262.00 KBytes
  • ScreenViewer is used for remote computer screen monitoring. It captures a remote screenshot whenever you want to view remote screen. It can also save the screenshot as a JPEG file.It consist of two parts: server and client.
    screen, remote, monitoring, viewer, screenshot, watch, capture, view, monitor
    $29.95 | 1.43 MBytes
  • RemoteServiceMonitor controls the status of your network services.
    computer, system, programs, run, network, remote, scheduler, service, control, local, task
    Freeware | 434.00 KBytes
  • Sync files between all your PCs without a server. MP3, Videos, movies, docs, pdfs, images and all other files always in Sync... Its easy...
    sync, file, folders, data, share, files, sharing, folder, software, cloud, synchronize, synch
    Freeware | 8.29 MBytes
  • Free software to easily download sets of images from web pages. No need to right-click individual images and choose Save As. Simply drag the page URL to Image Downloader and your download will begin
    software, image, capture, downloader, free
    Freeware | 3.17 MBytes
  • Free toolbar for a fast search on eBay, Amazon & Using the multilingual price comparison portal QuickStores you can compare the prices of the most important online shopping platforms fast and easily.
    category, browser, buy, sell, compare, search, ebay, amazon, shopping, toolbar, free
    Freeware | 0.83 MBytes
  • This is for the fan of NBA's Phoenix Suns or just someone that loves a great looking basketball theme! Includes links to the Sun's site, up-to-date videos in the sidebar! This is the ONLY official theme from the Suns!
    suns, phoenix, personas, court, dribble, browser, dunk, theme, basketball, firefox, nba, skin
    Freeware | 657.00 KBytes
  • Kernel for PST Split is a diligent tool to make PST splitting process simple, reliable and quick.
    pst, split, tool, file, outlook
    $49 | 2.99 MBytes
  • Colasoft Packet Builder is useful tool used for creating custom network packets, you can use this tool to check your network protection against attacks and intruders. Users can edit the common HEX raw data and the specific protocol field value.
    95, windows, ethernet, 98, nt, xp, 2000, intranet, internet, packet, monitor, sniffer, capture, security, telnet, network, builder
    Freeware | 4.29 MBytes
  • Myspace Plays Increaser is the software that can increase your MySpace Music and MySpace Video plays count and give you more visitors and more popularity. Basic multithreading support, new MySpace MP3 player support, automated proxy checker.
    myspace, plays, increaser, increase, song, mp3, play, free, script, adder, download, perl
    $4.5 | 459.00 KBytes
  • Display IP Address software download to show IP Address as visible to world in a small popup Window. Launch Desktop Shortcut to Display IP Address in a small window or launch shortcut to copy computer's IP Address to clipboard.
    ip, address, clipboard, internet, i, show, display, software, utility, get
    $5 | 620.00 KBytes
  • Bells & Whistles for Outlook is an all-in-one Addin package for Outlook that adds +25 neat features for Microsoft Outlook users at an unbeatable price. Using Bells & Whistles, Outlook users can easily increase their daily email handling productivity.
    outlook, add, email, counter, tracking, file, extension, replies, attachment, template, on, in, automate, greetings, productivity, text, alerts
    $29.95 | 3.83 MBytes
  • GestrEmail The easiest way to export your Outlook email to HDD!
    outlook, email, export
    $20 | 0.80 MBytes
  • Database migration software converts all tables records from MS Access database to MySQL formats without any data loss or change. Database converter utility converts password protected MDB, ACCDB files from MS Access db to MySQL server.
    constraint, attribute, key, primary, value, transfer, character, migration, unicode, integrity, data, synchronize, tool, default, null, mysql, converter, database, microsoft, access, conversion, convert, table, records, file, mdb, software, ms
    $45 | 1.38 MBytes
  • Back link analyzer software can be helpful for website owners to find out who is linking to their site. Back link monitoring tool is capable to evaluate and monitor the links of advertiser website on other mentioned websites.
    link, watch, search, track, links, reciprocal, web, tracker, csv, monitor, site, tool, reports, direct, html, text, java, find, domain, analyze, software, management, checker, url, website, check, back, utility, https, webpage, http, script
    $69 | 0.94 MBytes
  • EZMailSend is a simple to use command line console application for Windows that allows you to easily send email via your SMTP server. You can integrate EZMailSend with batch files, scheduled tasks and many other uses. Send text, HTML, files and more!
    mail, command, carbon, copy, cli, send, automations, server, sendmail, quickmail, line, prompt, easy, quick, encoding, multipart, webmail, list, mailing, gui, register, windows, console, priority, shareware, cc, smtp, newsletter, embed, blind, bcc, attach
    $14.95 | 360.00 KBytes
  • FREE MP3 Music Downloads, Music Videos, Movies, Games, TV Shows, Software & More! - Unlimited FREE MP3 Downloads. - Unlimited FREE Music Video Downloads. - Unlimited FREE Movie Downloads. - Instant Access. - No Download Fees Ever.
    download, mp3, peer, sharing, file, video, cd, audio, to, limewire, gnutella, adware, spyware, p2p, dvd, audiobook, pro, unlimited, lite, k, rocket, center, shareaza, software, games, movies, music, share, speech
    Freeware | 3.38 MBytes
  • Tafri is a little desktop tool that helps aggregate travel deals across the web and provides you the best deals that are personalized to your needs leveraging Web 2.0 User Experience
    travel, tool, deals, free, software, minute, last, desktop, best, online, deal, widget
    Freeware | 1.98 MBytes
  • A simple Richmond Home Mortgage Search Tool to help you find information fast
    home, finance, house, money, mortgage, search
    Freeware | 407.00 KBytes
  • Message synchronizer for Outlook Express is a powerful tool for synchronization E-mail messages database among computers. Message Synchronizer for Outlook Express helps you have one message database on several computers.
    synchronization, synchronizer, express, outlook
    $29.95 | 1.12 MBytes
  • Torrent Monster has easily entered the top of the most stylish, solid and least cluttered p2p clients around as a reliable file sharing app that allows you to download images, music, movies, applications, documents, etc. fast and accurate.
    p2p, sharing, application, peer, file, client, software, downloads, gnutella, torrents, monster, torrent, program, to
    Freeware | 23.83 MBytes
  • AppointmentStyler is a helpful Outlook Add-In. It adds custom designed invitation emails to your Outlook appointments and meeting requests! Make sure your partners and clients can read your Outlook messages everywhere and every time!
    appointments, appointment, invitation, meetings, tasks, request, schedule, office, microsoft, outlook, mail, plug, in, tool, help, e
    $11.78 | 1.53 MBytes
  • Chrysanth WebStory is a desktop blog management software that helps you manage and back up multiple blogs, Twitter and web albums easily. Supported blog servers include,,, WordPress, MovableType, Drupal etc.
    blog, software, blogger, blogging, editing, publishing, publish, synchronization, backup, client, management, manager, import
    Freeware | 14.86 MBytes
  • GateWall Antispam is a mail gateway solution with integrated spam filtering and antivirus tools. GateWall Antispam supports all the leading spam filtering technologies and features Cloud Antispam and Bayesian statistical spam filtering.
    antispam, backscatter, rhsbl, dnsbl, client, mx, surbl, spamassassin, filter, bayes, web, spf, commtouch, e, server, entensys, antispam, mail, letters, gatewall, kaspersky, panda, antivirus, cloud
    $89 | 25.07 MBytes
  • This is the only official browser experience designed especially for Georgia Tech athletics fans. You'll enjoy a stunning Yellow Jackets theme, quick links to the best of and a multimedia sidebar for the latest action.
    georgia, toolbar, theme, browser, ie, explorer, internet, skin, college, yellow, ncaa, jackets, tech, ramblinwreck, football
    Freeware | 674.00 KBytes
  • Database management software that helps you to manage your email lists.
    email, list, campaign, correction, verification, database, manager, management
    $75 | 7.16 MBytes
  • TweetGlide is a desktop client for the Twitter microblogging platform, powered by Adobe AIR.
    air, microblogging, desktop, windows, mac, adobe, tweetglide, glide, twitter, client, tweet
    Freeware | 33.00 KBytes
  • Blog Finder Software that Help you Boost Your Link Building & SEO Efforts. Identifies Wordpress blogs with the 'nofollow' tag in the comments field in ANY niche you choose.
    ranking, niche, seo, link, finder, blog
    Freeware | 1.78 MBytes
  • chmod calculator is a simple but powerful desktop application that you could use as a handy file permission software in a matter of minutes!
    affilates, manager, tabs, manage, hemorrhoid, relief
    Freeware | 414.00 KBytes
  • Email Address Collector is an email extractor for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Windows Address Book, Outlook Contacts, DOC, PDF, mail EML files or for other local files.
    address, restore, backup, rules, save, eml, find, book, wab, search, pdf, filter, xls, export, collect, extract, extractor, outlook, express, doc, folders, mail, email
    $29.95 | 460.00 KBytes
  • CL Auto posting tool for ad placement automation makes posting Craigslist ads easy! Post ads to craigslist automatically
    software, craigslist, autopost, autoposting, posting, automatic, ads, classified, auto, poster, marketing, promotion, advertising, cl
    $67 | 45.00 KBytes
  • Real time USB port blocker tool prevent unauthorized access, alert if copying data or retrieves file from any USB device connected on client side computer by beep sound on server side and record detail like PC IP address, USB device manufacturer etc.
    plug, administrative, control, network, lan, activity, permission, server, media, computer, flash, host, ip, address, out, in, unauthorized, access, prevent, blocker, port, client, pc, offline, surveillance, time, real, drive, usb
    $120 | 2.94 MBytes
  • Inout Mailing List Manager Ultimate Edition contains all the features of the standard edition and some other cool features like # unlimited custom data fields # data reading from existing forms # easy multiple list subscription # import/export data..
    manager, mailing, mail, tool, list, mlm, solution
    $69.95 | 278.02 MBytes
  • If you need a tool to capture and view all communications over the HTTP protocol then Free HTTP Sniffer is a program for you. It's a handy tool that allows you to monitor HTTP traffic in real-time to find the URLs for all streams on your LAN.
    sniffer, monitor, web, network, http, packet
    Freeware | 1.40 MBytes
  • Date Stampler is one-button plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. Insert current date and time stamp to Microsoft Outlook E-mails, Contacts, Notes, Calendar item and to any text field in one click. Customize the insert Time and Date appearance and format.
    outlook, stamp, date, insert, add, on, microsoft, time, stamper, stamping
    $14.95 | 2.75 MBytes
  • Specific mortgage information search tool. Download and online version available
    finance, personal, money, search, mortgage
    Freeware | 385.00 KBytes
  • This programm can send email to multiple recipent at a time without browser.
    smtp, pushmail, outlook, pop, eudora, mail, email, internet, send
    Freeware | 264.00 KBytes

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