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  • IQ Content Proxy is a robust and secure content/transparent proxy server solution for Windows. It is a filtering and caching content and transparent proxy server with kernel-mode NAT/PAT, protected by DDoS, SYN and country firewalls.
    proxy, server, forward, filter, windows, flood, syn, accelerator, protection, http, lb, wan, transparent, gzip, web, firewall, ddos, pat, program, software, nat, p2p, content, cache
    $79 | 9.99 MBytes
  • For Serious Notre Dame Fans Only
    irish, theme, browser, toolbar, personas, firefox, skin, fightin, notre, ncaa, dame, fighting, football, college
    Freeware | 229.00 KBytes
  • Extract email addresses, phone and fax numbers, URLs, meta tag (title, description, keywords) from websites, html pages, search engines.
    email, extractor, phone, fax, bulk, tag, marketing, filter, meta, extraction, retriever, harvester, spider, data, website, crawler, collector, online, url
    $149.95 | 1.15 MBytes
  • View free TV stations, radio stations and videos from hundreds of countries, in many different languages. Television over the internet is getting more advanced every day.
    television, radio, tv
    $29.95 | 3.93 MBytes
  • Express yourself with tons of cool and funky smileys using This cool SmileysToolbar will add a toolbar to your browser (Internet Explorer and FireFox) and allows you to insert smileys into your messages (Email,Socials,forum posts)
    yahoo, free, instant, download, aol, icons, clone, hotmail, hacking, aim, msn, emoticons, smileystoolbar, toolbar, winks, nudges, smileys, im, messenger, gmail
    Freeware | 2.04 MBytes
  • OfficeIntercom lets you use your computer to speak to others over the internet or your local office computer network. It works like a virtual intercom.
    intercom, network, voice, internet, lan, application, communications, local, area, communication, software, download, intercom, phone, chat, intercoms, audio, sound, office, speak, business
    $28.2 | 322.00 KBytes
  • Professional bulk mobile text messaging application sends individual or group text SMS, job alerts, promotional campaign, business as well as world news, seasonal greetings and events notifications in just a single click from your PC to cell phone.
    pc, pda, pocket, transfer, event, notification, sms, network, world, news, forward, software, globally, greeting, seasonal, application, send, broadcasting, message, bulk, text, computer, mobile, campaign, business, promotional, alert, phone, group
    $45 | 0.91 MBytes
  • EVCSoft is a full featured Internet Voice-Video-Chat- SMS client for Windows. Can be used to communicate with others on EVCSoft network (but not only) around the world, either in multi-user group conferences or in one-to-one private discussions.
    voip, telephony, voice, call, video, service, phone, mail, forwarding, sms, message, conference, phones, recognition, ip, over, internet, softphone, evcsoft, freephone, sip, technology
    Freeware | 219.29 MBytes
  • Tidy up your favorite bookmarks! Organize your favorite links as live thumbnails instead of trying to work through plain-text links. Open, delete, move, resize and update bookmarks in a single click.
    bookmarks, favorites
    Freeware | 3.94 MBytes
  • Internet Access Monitor for MS Proxy Server is a software for monitoring the efficiency of your company Internet bandwidth usage. Using this product you can easily find out who, when, where to, where from and what accessed the Internet.
    log, proxy, files, server, ms, inspector, analysis, proxyinspector, proxy, analyzer, eserv, isa, winroute, winproxy, squid, novel, wingate, bordermanager
    Freeware | 5.18 MBytes
  • Email Data Extractor Pro can automatically get lists of e-mail, web page links, or any kind of informations. Software can scan and extract data in Windows clipboard, single file or in gigantic quantum of text, htm, xml on your drives.
    email, extractor, data, finder, util, e, mail, tool
    $32.95 | 1.83 MBytes
  • Free codec plugin that allows you to browse a daily updated database from within your mozilla firefox internet browser.
    firefox, plugin, dltube, download, codec, free
    Freeware | 110.00 KBytes
  • Yahoo Answers Auto Poster - Download For Free - No Name or Email Required
    website, yahoo, traffic, marketing, advertising, answers
    $97 | 638.00 KBytes
  • SendLater is a convenient e-mail scheduler allowing you to handle your e-mail correspondence in a timely manner even if you are away from your computer. As long as your computer is online, your e-mail will be sent automatically at the scheduled time.
    add, outlook, recurrence, messaging, in, on, plugin, automatically, greetings, scheduler, email, e, mail, correspondence, time, schedule
    $24.95 | 5.04 MBytes
  • High-performance bulk email program used to send personalized email messages to a large customer base from a single Mac. Use Import and Export features to share your customer database and handle multiple website mailing list subscriptions.
    email, apple, customer, list, mailer, mass, mac, mailing, messages
    $69 | 3.82 MBytes
  • PC to mobile phone text messaging software can broadcast thousands of SMS to unlimited mobile phones in real time. Massive SMS marketing program can send multilingual sentence to national or international networks from your computer to cell phone.
    device, mobile, synchronization, center, activesync, internet, national, vista, windows, gui, network, international, microsoft, program, pc, pda, utility, broadcasting, sms, phone, send, commercial, message, massive, unicode, bulk
    $45 | 0.91 MBytes
  • Remote Computer Access allows the user to control any computer from another computer. Usually this is a common task for a network administrator, but nowadays many people have more than one computer and switching between them takes a lot of time.
    remote, computer, software, pc, access, control
    $25 | 1.32 MBytes
  • Mobile phone inspector software displays details of SIM and cell phone. Mobile forensic tool is available with source code based on VC++ and MFC. Utility provides detailed information of Cell Phone such as phonebook, battery status, memory capacity.
    phone, code, pc, smart, pocket, pda, vc, phone, embedded, tool, dll, byte, mfc, utility, activesync, forensic, configuration, device, manager, cell, source, software, inspector, nokia, hardware, mobile, detect, samsung, motorola, wm5
    $4869 | 689.00 KBytes
  • Restart your network devices and change MAC and IP address simultaneously.
    spoof, windows, new, isp, card, nic, security, internet, address, ip, gentle, network, computer, change, mac
    $19.85 | 1.60 MBytes
  • Embedded Lonworks Development Kit
    devices, echelon, lonworks, through, internet, lantronix, engenuity, hvac, lontalk, controls, toys, home, networking, industrial, control, logic, programmable, electronics, device
    $2999 | 4.75 MBytes
  • Microsoft has annoyed the world with RDP 6 issues, bugs, difficulty to install it, requierements... RDP 6 portable is the very simple, easy to use program to blow-up all of these issues. It is a fully functionnal RDP 6 client standalone program.
    usb, client, small, 2003, server, footprint, drive, nomade, mobility, key, gateway, 2008, remote, portable, 6, desktop, terminal, rdp, windows, services, ts
    Freeware | 2.46 MBytes
  • Save Craigslist search results and the first homepage of each search result. Save results as a text file or an HTML file.
    catalog, script, desktop, catelog, looking, engine, saved, local, hard, once, part, at, of, drive, all, global, download, searching, posts, entries, s, craig, craigs, list, searches, reader, webscraping, scraping, webscraper, scraper, tool, crawler, savings
    $19.99 | 0.79 MBytes
  • Templates Toolbar
    resume, templates, sample, template, toolbar, samples
    Freeware | 1.26 MBytes
  • Templates Toolbar
    resume, templates, sample, template, toolbar, samples
    Freeware | 1.26 MBytes
  • free WAP upload service allowing users to upload their own pictures, videos, ringtones, java games, music and more to their mobile phone for free via WAP
    wap, hosting, sharing, site, download, exchange, mobile, upload, wap
    Freeware | 2.30 MBytes
  • The most powerful message sender - Skype Messages Sender. We just build this highly marketing tool for webmasters, marketing companies and even you want to chat with the online Skype users worldwide.
    message, tool, marketing, skype, sender, promote, sales, software, martketing, promotion, site, webmaster, plugin, send, bulk, broadcast, news
    $79 | 2.00 KBytes
  • Helpful PGA champions tour toolbar
    golf, pga, tour, tour, pro, seniors, mens, nationwide, champions, national, lessons, com, leader, open, ladies, womens
    Freeware | 1.12 MBytes
  • Pocket pc text messaging software allows you to group and filter your cell phone contacts and facilitates you to send text SMS directly from your PDA by just one instruction. Software has user friendly GUI facility so no need of technical knowledge.
    messages, broadcasting, instant, compose, promotional, utility, software, business, phonebook, contacts, smartphone, greetings, alerts, invitation, pc, pocket, send, group, create, tool, text, messaging, sms, gsm, users, global, phone, cell, cdma, pda
    $45 | 71.00 KBytes
  • E-List Distributor is intended for distributing email to large mailing lists. It is an excellent tool for anyone, who needs to send information/notifications to a large number of recipients. Create, manage, manipulate any number of recepient groups.
    sending, track, bouncebacks, scheduled, quickly, mail, distribute, messages, mass
    $69 | 2.06 MBytes
  • Robust and secure SMTP/POP3 server. Easy to set up and very intuitive to use. Lots of security and anti spam features. Multiple SMTP gateways for messages that cannot be delivered directly. Mass mailing with sophisticated macro substitution.
    server, smtp, simple, email, laptop, travel, deliver, corporate, desktop, pop3
    $69 | 7.08 MBytes
  • offers a unique $20-$40 rebate on the top ten Voice Over Internet Phone providers.
    phone, voice, deal, voip, over, internet, rebates, service, rebate, viatalk, vonage, packet8, lingo, reviews
    Freeware | 1.13 MBytes
  • PC to cell phone bulk SMS software to send a number of messages to any GSM or CDMA technology based mobile phone. Bulk SMS messenger utility can send a number of messages in a single click and operate without requirement of any internet connection.
    support, gsm, numbers, contact, pda, unlimited, cdma, windows, computer, pc, handsets, phones, based, mobile, utility, tool, software, create, messaging, text, sms, bulk, generate, send, personalized, messages, multiple, limitless, free, group
    $45 | 0.86 MBytes
  • Smart Blogger allows centralized management of your all diaries and blogs regardless its location in the Internet. The software has a single universal interface for reading and sending messages to all blogs; it allows text formatting.
    software, blogging, free
    Freeware | 1.47 MBytes
  • Update MS Outlook Contacts Automatically without manual typing,and in 3 steps.This Outlook plugin can Extract emails from Internet Explorer(IE) pages & Outlook Messages,Handle bounced emails,Check Duplicate Contacts,Import Mass emails,Backup Contacts
    outlook, address, organizer, contacts, book, plaxo, in, add, office, pim, info, ins, plug, plugin, addin, contactsclinic, personal, utility, email, manager
    $49 | 3.59 MBytes
  • Process Them is a unique email processor that allows you automatically process all emails you have in your POP3 or in Thunderbird, Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook e-mail client so you don't have to do it manually any more.
    parse, parsing, processing, outlook, process, autoresponder, email
    $99.95 | 1.63 MBytes
  • The Robo Riches Calculator was designed specifically as a tool to help you understand how Compound Interest works, how to easily shave years off your Mortgage, how to simply whittle away all your Credit Card debt over a bit of time.
    mortgage, calculator, finance, investment, calculator, credit, compound, interest, card
    Freeware | 416.00 KBytes
  • Kernel for PST Compress and Compact is a professional, efficient, and robust compress Outlook PST file tool that is completely capable of compressing PST files in an easy and smart manner.
    pst, file, compact, compress, outlook
    $99 | 2.63 MBytes
  • For Serious Bayloe Bears Fans Only
    baylor, toolbar, browser, ie, theme, internet, explorer, skin, ncaa, bears, bears, college, football
    Freeware | 674.00 KBytes
  • Turn your Firefox browser into a fish tank! Includes beautiful fish in the theme area and even some interactive tools built-in!
    stream, blue, starfish, nemo, lake, ocean, theme, personas, firefox, aquarium, fish
    Freeware | 3.32 MBytes
  • Get book information based on ISBN number. Get book title, author, publisher, details, etc. Save results as a text file or Excel file.
    biblio, by, isbndb, details, information, data, library, libraries, nos, numbers, no, texts, amazon, textbook, copyright, authors, dbs, number, database, db, isbn10, isbn13, searcher, convert, citation, titles, code, barcode, finder, isbn
    $19.99 | 754.00 KBytes
  • Unipeek MSN Monitor (MSN sniffer) is a free MSN monitoring tool designed for MSN chat monitoring and MSN message archiving. Only install Unipeek MSN Monitor once, you can monitor all MSN chats over the entire network. Designed for both home and SMBs.
    msn, monitor, chat, sniffer, conversation, monitor, watch, monitoring, spy, chat
    Freeware | 7.07 MBytes
  • Stay connected to the Financial Crisis. With this toolbar you will be always up to date with the newest stock, wallstreet, Dow Jones, Financial, Economic News.
    financial, news, columns, economics, podcasts, radio, fox, google, toolbar, crisis, bbc, cnn
    Freeware | 1.26 MBytes
  • Quick weight loss toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find quick weight loss tips.
    toolbar, loss, weight, browser, ie, ons, explorer, add, software, diet, fitness, quick, internet
    Freeware | 1.07 MBytes
  • Attachment Finder for Windows Mail helps you to find and save files from attachments. If Windows Mail has many e-mail messages then Arises problem - how to find file in messages. Utility save all attachments to files by several seconds.
    mail, message, e, attachment, mail, windows
    Freeware | 1.07 MBytes
  • SpamWeed Pre-trained refined Bayesian learning filter, sole Whitelist Mode, stops spam and viruses before being delivered to your inbox. Works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, Incredimail and all POP3 Email Clients.
    spam, filter, outlook, email, killer, assassin, fight, kill, stop, express, block, blocker
    $9.95 | 97.00 KBytes
  • A simple Reverse Mortgage background and provider information search for Canada
    canadian, mortgage, reverse, search, canada
    Freeware | 299.00 KBytes
  • Sysax Multi Server is a Secure FTP Server and SSH2 Secure Shell Server combined. It simultaneously supports remote access and file transfer using FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Telnet, and Secure Shell. It also supports web based file transfer using HTTP and HTTPS
    server, ssh, telnet, secure, ftps, https, http, sftp, file, ssh2, ftp, shell, transfer
    $97 | 9.92 MBytes
  • This tool is Professional high performance email marketing software for targeted bulk email marketing campaigns and email lists building at your desktop
    email, email, collect, assault, hun, hun, sunsoft, verifier, crawler, sender, robot, spider
    $49.98 | 3.06 MBytes
  • Free browser toolbar, fully user customizable, speeds finding learning materials on business, conflict, management, leadership, HR, and more. Search our specialized sites, and listen to fascinating free audio programs. Free pro publications. More.
    podcasts, chat, trainers, audio, firefox, list, todo, business, training, search, learning
    Freeware | 548.00 KBytes
  • Love spells toolbar for Internet Explorer. Get information about spells and love spells. Also lots of useful esoteric resources in the fortune telling world.
    toolbar, explorer, add, ons, internet, ie, spells, browser, love
    Freeware | 135.03 MBytes

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