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  • Tcp Port Scanner is the software that helps to find TCP opened ports. It can scan up to 10,000 ports per second.
    port, tcp, scanner, ip
    $29.95 | 2.02 MBytes
  • A Must Have Tool For Targeted E-mail List Building!Watch Your Targeted E-mail List Grow Right In Front Of Your Eyes!
    email, extractor, mail, marketing, bulk, crawling, hunting, e, crawl, hunt, finder, spider, spidering, search, hunter, crawler
    $68 | 781.00 KBytes
  • Message Parse is a Windows application designed to automatically extract text-data from your email messages that you can use in your other applications such as spreadsheets and databases. Supports POP3, Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora.
    email, e, mail, programs, import, extraction, utility, database, parse
    $149.95 | 8.24 MBytes
  • Save multiple Yahoo! Answers question and answer results. Save results as a text file.
    web, to, scrapping, scrap, phone, bookmark, scrapeing, scraping, files, file, contents, blog, txt, pages, answer, yahoo, various, many, how, local, page, drive, hard, pc, saving
    $19.99 | 756.00 KBytes
  • Zip and email many local files to your Gmail inbox.
    back, up, emails, local, computer, messages, network, account, using, storing, backing, backups, inbox, files, saving, save, my, online, gmails, system, store
    $19.99 | 0.80 MBytes
  • Verify email addresses. Save valid and invalid results as a text file.
    e, inbox, outlook, send, checker, sending, websites, list, various, differenthtt, several, big, many, multiple, validator, verification, addresses, address, emails, check, checking, verifier, validity, mails, mailing, mass, bulk, marketing, validate
    $19.99 | 797.00 KBytes
  • AgileEra Outlook Attachment Security Administrator is a simple and effective tool to manage attachment security settings for Microsoft Outlook e-mail messaging software. Supports Microsoft Outlook versions: 2000, XP (2002), 2003, 2007.
    attachments, outlook, open, unblock, access, restricted, to
    $19.95 | 3.35 MBytes
  • Increase Website Traffic with Banner Ads - drive tons of traffic to your website. Learn about one of the most cost effective ways to drive customers to your website.
    profits, promotion, affiliates, affiliate, products, web, marketing, ads, banners, make, money, banner
    Freeware | 184.00 KBytes
  • WireStack is a p2p client that combines all the great features in top file sharing apps using the latest p2p technology available. This program makes the file sharing of music, movies, images, games, and documents as simple as it gets.
    sharing, p2p, file, application, peer, client, software, freeware, to, download, limewire, program, wirestack, fast, downloads
    Freeware | 13.07 MBytes
  • OST file that has become unusable due to Exchange server crash, mailbox deletion or AD account deletion can be easily converted to PST using OST file tool.
    ost, file, pst, to, compact, convert, tool, conversion
    $199 | 2.89 MBytes
  • New file sharing program Download, that includes all new p2p optimizations,enabling users to search and download over some several networks (including eD2K and Kad) around the internet.
    music, file, sharing, starmule, torrents, free, gnutella, ares, songs, p2p, movies, video, mp3
    Freeware | 9.14 MBytes
  • DirectUpdate is a dynamic DNS updater that runs as a NT service with remote (web) administration. It integrates with many of the free or pay DNS services and you can automaytically update multiple DNS accounts as soon as your IP changes.
    ftp, proxy, ip, address, notification, email, dns, client, updater, service, dynamic
    $25 | 6.38 MBytes
  • Access to 4000 live TV stations from your pc. No need of a TV tuner or decoder. 100% legal - no subscription needed. Watch television channels online anywhere. All you need is our software, your pc, and Internet connection.
    television, tv, watch, stations, online, internet, live, channel
    $49 | 1.78 MBytes
  • Email Search Crawler Automatically search web sites for emails. Simply provide a starting web site or starting keywords and let Email Search Crawler do the rest.
    internet, address, email
    $35 | 1.78 MBytes
  • Mail Commander Pro is a full-featured super-fast email program with business contact information manager that does it all - from the everyday sending and receiving of e-mails to managing mailing lists and processing email requests
    email, management, contact, manager, merge, customer, software, mail, support, marketing, mailing, list, business
    $119.95 | 2.64 MBytes
  • Print many Windows Live Hotmail email messages without having to open each one. Search feature allows you the option to find certain emails containing certain words to be printed.
    com, button, view, hotmail, changes, legit, interface, printable, with, mailing, emailing, messanger, network, msn, microsoft, antispam, since, ink, hotmails, message, hp, printer, printing, send, in, a, mail, service, e, incoming, an, outgoing, msgs
    $19.99 | 756.00 KBytes
  • TrafficCompressor compresses data received and sent over the Internet, for example web pages, e-mail, Usenet, ICQ, Windows Messenger messages and so on.
    gprs, edge, save, compress, compression, traffic
    $3.4 | 1.43 MBytes
  • Website checker tool monitors network connectivity and website status in real time. Utility can send alert notification to user by sending email at specified address, beep sound or run a program when your website is inaccessible or loads improperly.
    smtp, pop3, http, ftp, internet, tracker, program, record, unavailability, tool, connectivity, network, accessibility, check, performance, application, watch, software, monitoring, inform, ping, downtime, utility, uptime, measure, status, website
    $69 | 1.25 MBytes
  • Since 1997, SpamEater Pro has been a leader in the spam fighting tools category. With the NEW SpamEater Pro 4.0, it even more powerful and easier to use with it's XP style interface. With SpamEater Pro you can fight spam easily and effectively. SpamE
    spyware, antivirus, virus, antispyware, ware, spameater, antispam, spamware, spam
    $34.95 | 4.47 MBytes
  • Network Time System allows creation of network time server in corporate network environment establishing interconnected server time synchronization system for each and every machine on the enterprise network. Supports NTP, SNTP, NTS protocols.
    sync, client, correct, ntp, sntp, vpn, wan, server, time, atomic, workstation, lan, network
    $190 | 2.95 MBytes
  • The program for email mass sending with socks proxy support. The program supports plain text letters and letters in format HTML including attachments. In one account of the program it is possible to use to serially varying 100 email boxes.
    sender, mass, email
    Freeware | 1.36 MBytes
  • CruX is a peer-to-peer client for Windows that allows you to download any file-type found on several popular P2Pnetworks. CruX is FREE. Simply download it and use it, no strings attached.
    download, speed, shareaza, acceleration, tool, search, file, sharing, mp3, internet
    Freeware | 14.47 MBytes
  • Anubis P2P (peer-to-peer) is a new file sharing program that includes all the recent p2p optimizations, helping users to search and download over some several networks around the internet.
    sharing, file, music, ares, anubis, songs, movies, p2p, mp3, video
    Freeware | 10.67 MBytes
  • GnutellaWire is an advanced p2p client that employs the latest technology available in this field for faster and safer downloads. It's easy to use, has a stylish design and supports the Gnutella file-sharing protocol.
    sharing, file, software, client, p2p, download, application, gnutella, app, program, gnutellawire, free, downloads, bittorrent
    Freeware | 12.72 MBytes
  • Vigleo is a video sharing software, useful to send video on the web or by email. You can send video on Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Viddler, Blip.TV and any dotnetnuke web site with the right modules install on it.
    video, recorder, uploader, email, cam, web, screen
    $14.95 | 10.72 MBytes
  • Auto Mail Sender File Edition is a powerful and flexible automatic emailer, it can use your files to send emails automatically at anytime and any frequency. You can use your favorite text editor to write emails and various sending schedules.
    file, auto, email, scheduler, mailer, mail, automail, automailer
    $150 | 1.61 MBytes
  • With Picture Dude Image Uploader you can optimize your images for upload to facebook. Add JPEG, GIF, Bitmap and even RAW images without converting.
    images, pictures, image, rotate, crop, resize, remover, eye, red, editor, photos, upload, uploader, to, facebook, edit, photo
    Freeware | 4.03 MBytes
  • Myspace Plays Increaser is the software that can increase your MySpace Music and MySpace Video plays count and give you more visitors and more popularity. Basic multithreading support, new MySpace MP3 player support, automated proxy checker.
    plays, myspace, mp3, increaser, song, increase
    $6.14 | 420.00 KBytes
  • Save Yahoo! News search results and the first page of each search result. Save results as a text file or an HTML file.
    news, yahoo, photos, op, popular, weather, ed, most, local, reuters, npr, press, associated, articles, health, entertainment, searching, result, saving, downloading, yahoonews, get, aggregator, national, business, us, stories, top, science
    $19.99 | 753.00 KBytes
  • Save Wikipedia search results. Save results as a text or HTML file.
    downloading, offline, download, wikipedia, languages, in, saving, saves, all, pictures, pages, analyze, dump, analysis, multiple, across, searching, finding, is, know, wha, i, free, encyclopedia, similar, sentences, finding, retriever, retrieve, retrieving, wiki
    $19.99 | 752.00 KBytes
  • Aerize Alerts previews each Email with the senders picture and name, the subject of the Email, and a brief preview. A simple and clean popup notification allows Email alerts in any application without interruption.
    notifier, contact, picture, preview, popup, email, alert, alerts, blackberry, aerize
    $10 | 314.00 KBytes
  • GPS Express provides a feature rich interface to serial NMEA-0183 protocol data and works with most NMEA-0183 devices, including GPS Receivers. GPS Express is available in three versions (Standard, Professional, Graphical)...
    protocol, gps, nmea, receivers, serial, data, nmea0183, express, 0183, software
    $30 | 2.10 MBytes
  • Rent DVDs Online toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find all the latest blockbuster movies and game releases.
    toolbar, ie, explorer, add, ons, internet, dvds, browser, rent, online
    Freeware | 1.10 MBytes
  • Displays the details of cookies and list of all URLs that you have visited.
    network, port, scanner, security, intrusion, detection, log, event, utils, scan, net, software, tools, monitoring, tool, explorer
    Freeware | 458.00 KBytes
  • MP3 Torpedo is a fork of the very popular LimeWire Gnutella client. The purpose of MP3 Torpedo is to keep andmaintain the freedoms that LimeWire may be forced to withdraw.
    sharing, file, ares, mp3, torpedo, music, video, p2p, movies, mp3, songs
    Freeware | 11.92 MBytes
  • Rapid Email Sender is an intelligent software that can send personalized newsletter to any number of recipient. It is very easy to use. For sending flyers, brochures, newsletter and others this is a perfect tool.
    mailer, mail, sender, direct, rapid, email, directly, send, email, send, unlimited, bulk
    $40 | 4.84 MBytes
  • Find and remove specified Gmail emails with attachments.
    within, public, folder, control, under, imap, size, batch, clearing, delting, mail, attachments, without, filter, big, giant, to, how, your, gmail, account, up, clean, removing, killing, clear, space, box, inside, feature, make, making, taking, room, deleting
    $19.99 | 760.00 KBytes
  • TSplus is the costless Citrix/TS product available on XP, VISTA, Windows 7, 2003/2008 SBS. TSplus turns your Windows System into a full blown Terminal Server/Citrix, without any limit. Multiple, unlimited number of concurrent sessions if you want.
    rdp, windows, sbs, remote, xp, site, multi, printer, universal, home, working, access, web, secure, access, rds, 2003, 64, 2008, server, tse, app, vista, citrix, 7
    $75 | 86.00 MBytes
  • You have the same e-mails on notebook and PC? Easy2Sync for Outlook is the safe and easy way to make sure your Microsoft Outlook Profiles are in sync. Contacts, e-mails, tasks, everything can be synchronized.
    outlook, synchronize, pst, sync, lan, microsoft, notebook, laptop, netzwerktools, netzwerk
    Freeware | 3.69 MBytes
  • EZ Affiliate Website Builder Harnesses Power of the Internet to Earn Money
    ebay, affiliate, niche, build, website, store, partner, software, script, network
    Freeware | 1.95 MBytes
  • Web site monitoring tool easily detect uptime downtime ping status real time performance including HTTPS POP3 FTP SMTP server protocol. URL traffic checker keeps constant watch and sends alert notification email when Page Not Found message displayed
    protocol, watcher, pop3, smtp, https, ftp, analyze, absent, email, hosting, alert, server, network, services, traffic, downtime, ping, uptime, checks, monitoring, utility, status, real, application, software, performance, availability, time, website
    $69 | 1.25 MBytes
  • Emsa Web Monitor - Web monitoring program for Windows
    monitor, web, monitoring, utility, freeware, website, site, internet
    Freeware | 344.00 KBytes
  • Effective employee monitoring solution. Up to 250 PCs simultaneously.
    computers, monitors, real, time, recording, spy, monitoring, observation, network, hide, employee
    $15 | 1.29 MBytes
  • RA Proxy Verifier is a free fast desktop proxy checker tool lets you to check the status of given proxies against the URL given.
    proxy, validator, verifier, checker
    Freeware | 531.00 KBytes
  • ASP.Net Email Address Validator Control finds invalid email addresses without actually sending an email, in your mailing list or in your website form! ASP.Net Email Address Validator Control is highly scalable email validator solution
    email, email, address, validator, component, verification, validation, net, checker, id, verifier, asp, asp, for, validator
    $29 | 258.00 KBytes
  • Find Subtitles 1.0 can find for you the PERFECT MATCH subtitle for your video in your language. It's very easy and fast. Just right click on any video file, select "Find Subtitles" and search in the biggest subtitle database in the world.
    subtitles, movie, divx, software, automatic, download, search
    Freeware | 1.58 MBytes
  • SharedMinds Desktop is an easy to use Twitter Client with features like flexible views, sorting and filtering, twitter search, conversations, twitter lists, multiple accounts, themes, image sharing, a single inbox & it has a small memory footprint.
    twitter, desktop, windows, app, client
    Freeware | 3.69 MBytes
  • Aerize Alerts previews each Email with the senders picture and name, the subject of the Email, and a brief preview. A simple and clean popup notification allows Email alerts in any application without interruption.
    notifier, contact, picture, preview, popup, email, alert, alerts, blackberry, aerize
    $10 | 314.00 KBytes
  • Aerize Alerts previews each Email with the senders picture and name, the subject of the Email, and a brief preview. A simple and clean popup notification allows Email alerts in any application without interruption.
    notifier, contact, picture, preview, popup, email, alert, alerts, blackberry, aerize
    $10 | 314.00 KBytes
  • CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003 adds signatures and disclaimers to outgoing/internal email sent via Exchange Server. Features: global company disclaimer, personalized signatures for all users, AD-integrated, built-in editor, diagnostic tool, archiving.
    email, signatures, disclaimers, exchange, automatic, built, footer, in, editor, banners, legal, disclaimer, company, personal, signature, notes, outlook
    $355 | 9.37 MBytes

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