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  • Piano and chords. Write a melody. then play it. Play the piano using your mouse or your computer's keyboard. Piano/Keyboard. Piano/Keyboard. Here's a list of what your child or student will receive from free flash lessons: Your child will gain confidence in playing as they easily learn to recognize all the music notes. Music notes become easy with clear colorful diagrams!
    , chords, and, piano
    Freeware | 25.00 KBytes
  • The time has come; alien forces are getting strong on the outskirts of the Galtuch belt of asteroids. Your mission is clear: build your stronghold on the inner side of the Galtuch belt and prepare for the invasion! You just may stand a chance if you manage your resources wisely and attack your enemies before they even notice your activities in the Galtuch area. Battle of Galtuch is excitement pure waiting for you do discover it!
    kids, games, free, galtuch, of, battle
    Freeware | 2.35 MBytes
  • The cool paint online place to download full versions games for dos, windows, palm pilot. free game demos, shareware games, movies and patches. Australia jigsaw puzzle. drag the pieces to their correct place in the map of australia. system requirements. this game requires the macromedia flash. This content resource connects students with many activities on myths, folktales and fairy tales. students read myths, publish their work online and. I
    paint, children, kids, picture, online
    Freeware | 10.00 KBytes
  • Mystery of Zelda continues! The free kid?s game called Adventures of Zelda is back. Zelda game comes with additional levels and a variety of exciting features. It is simply amazing the amount of adrenalin released by a small game like this. It is your turn to lead the fallen princess Zelda through the dangers of this evil empire. Be careful, you do not have many friends!
    kids, games, free, zelda, of, adventures
    Freeware | 1.59 MBytes
  • This game challenges your reaction speed and judgement. You will be presented with a simple equation and you need to fill in the missing mathematical symbol to complete as quickly as possible. The faster you answer, the higher your score.
    math, games, mathematical, symbols, mathematics, quick, educational, equation
    Freeware | 340.00 KBytes
  • Crazy Star Cruiser is for kids with advanced gaming taste. This game is anything but boring. It is fun, exciting and it simply glues you to your computer. Navigate your Star Cruiser through the pitfalls of alien planets, use crazy features like rocket launch and others. Each level brings a whole new experience with bunch of extra assignments to accomplish. Crazy Star Cruiser is one of the finest products from Arcade Town Games.
    kids, games, free, cruiser, star, crazy
    Freeware | 1.62 MBytes
  • This little koala loves to pilot his brand new hot air balloon. The journey takes him along the shores of Australia on a search for fresh tasty shrimps. Yes indeed, this koala is crazy about shrimps. But those pesky shrimps always seem to be hiding in places that are hard to approach with your balloon. Don?t worry. If you are a good arcade game player, you shouldn?t have too many problems getting to those yummy shrimps.
    kids, games, free, adventure, balloon, koala
    Freeware | 1.51 MBytes
  • Study German Talking Picture Dictionary with Native Speaking Pronounciation for Kids.
    german, grammar, exercises, idioms, lesson, , game, language, exercise, business, course, efl, activities, basic
    $14.95 | 3.17 MBytes
  • Study Italian Talking Picture Dictionary with Native Speaking Pronounciation for Kids.
    english, exercises, game, gramm, exercise, grammar, activities, business, course, efl, basic
    $14.95 | 3.17 MBytes
  • Study American English Talking Picture Dictionary with Native Speaking Pronounciation for Kids.
    english, exercises, game, , exercise, efl, business, course, basic, activities
    $19.95 | 3.17 MBytes
  • Piggy The Plumber free kids game is just what you need right now. A pinch of humor, lots of fun, excitement on the double and a Piggy The Plumber running cross your screen. Get ready! Piggy The Plumber needs your assistance. He needs you to help him catch as many falling toolboxes as possible. Missing one may hit you in the head Ė ouch, that hurts! Beware, only the tools in the toolbox are ones you need to get.
    kids, games, free, plumber, the, piggy
    Freeware | 1.36 MBytes
  • A small bubble is in trouble and he needs your help. He needs to find his way out of a deep black hole where a single touch of a wall can make him explode. This soap bubble is in deep trouble and has no chance of making it on his own. If you have good gaming nerves, lots of patience and a steady hand, than your soap bubble actually stands a chance to survive this dangerous quest.
    kids, games, free, trouble, bubble, in, soap
    Freeware | 1.60 MBytes
  • In this game you need to complete a equation by picking filling in numbers from a grid of numbers. The equation becomes longer and harder as the game advances. The faster you complete the equation, the higher the score you get.
    games, mathematics, educational, calculation, arithmetic, equation
    Freeware | 343.00 KBytes
  • Welcome to the best BMX course on the world. This course will help you make most unbelievable BMX tricks. It has several platforms offering some incredible options to make world?s most difficult tricks on a bicycle. The Extreme BMX Park is here for kids of all ages that urge for real extreme BMX adventure. And guess what! It is absolutely free. Go ahead, stop wasting your time, get on that BMX bike and show the world what are you made of!
    kids, games, free, park, bmx, extreme
    Freeware | 2.69 MBytes
  • Here is your chance to take on hundreds of alien spaceship and blow them up one by one. They stand no chance against your immense firepower and self-confidence. Besides that, your spaceship is far more maneuverable and faster than all the alien spaceships together. Alien Ambush free kids game is your chance to have some fun shooting down aliens like they were sitting ducks.
    games, kids, free, ambush, alien
    Freeware | 1.42 MBytes
  • Milo loves to count stars. He always seems to guess the exact number of stars currently shining in the sky. Star Counter Milo is the game that will teach you how to memorize the current number of stars in the sky. This extremely exciting game will bring your memory to its limits and beyond. It will help you develop photographic memory while having hours of fun. Play Star Counter Milo free kids game now and be smarter than majority of people
    kids, games, free, milo, counter, star
    Freeware | 1.46 MBytes
  • What would you do if bugs suddenly invaded your home? You would probably run away as quickly as possible. Don?t wait for that to happen. Play The Bug Invasion free kids game now! You will instantly know if you are fit to survive the ultimate invasion of bugs. First couple of minutes this game may seem pretty boring, but after 2 minutes of playing, you will be screaming of excitement.
    kids, games, free, invasion, bug, the
    Freeware | 1.40 MBytes
  • Skateboarding Extreme is for all kids that love to play games full of adrenaline and action. Stuart, the mouse, is a skateboarding pro. But you have to help him to do some dangerous tricks. While on skateboard, Stuart has to jump over big rocks, piles of garbage and some funny looking cans of soda. He may be small, but this mouse can jump like nuts. All he needs is your help to guide him on the skateboarding adventure of his life.
    games, kids, free, extreme, skateboarding
    Freeware | 1.48 MBytes
  • Space Dude Warrior free kids game is finally here! Load your space-gun, dress up for the hostile alien environment and release your true gaming powers. Move fast, watch out for those fire spitting aliens, sneak behind their frontline and surprise them from behind. Learn how to jump-fire and donít let your eyes from those sneaky red monsters.
    kids, games, free, warrior, dude, space
    Freeware | 1.69 MBytes
  • Qiqu is a free kids game where you have to feed three little hungry chicks high up on the tree. Those small helpless chicks need your help; their mother left somewhere leaving them hungry and scared. Luckily enough you are here! You can be their hero. Feed those hungry little chicks and make sure they will survive the upcoming winter.
    kids, games, free, qiqu, feeder, bird
    Freeware | 2.82 MBytes
  • The final Space Adventure is challenging all the kids worldwide! This exciting free kids game will beam you into the world of far away galaxy, a world of aliens and planets yet to be discovered. Deep in space, far away from your home planet, you have accidentally entered a thick belt of asteroids and crashed on a strange planet you have never seen before. You have to find your way out of there unless you want to starve from hunger and die.
    kids, games, free, adventure, in, space, lost
    Freeware | 2.30 MBytes
  • They are coming, they are taking over your home, and they are Big, smelly and ugly! Rats are attacking you! You will need all the courage you have, and some pretty fast fingers to keep them away from your home. Big Rats Attack is a free downloadable kids game, for all the kids out there who can't stand rats and spiders. Now it's your turn to claim revenge for those creepy moments, when rats pass your way or spiders hide in your shoes.
    kids, games, free, attack, rats, big
    Freeware | 1.56 MBytes
  • Hey kids, are you ready for your first gold digging adventure? Here is your chance to get involved into an exciting game full of Wild West charm and gold digging fever. Your goal is to use your gold digging machine and start exploring the underground secrets of the Goldwell Mountain. You have a chance to become one of the wealthiest gold diggers in the US.
    kids, games, free, fever, well, gold
    Freeware | 1.41 MBytes
  • Painter Bob needs your help. He needs a fresh bucket of paint to do his job. The problem is, that this bucket of paint is on the top of the building and Bob is doing his work on the ground. Luckily there is Sam. Sam is Bob's friend working on the top of the building. Painter Madness II free kids game is waiting for young players and it is absolutely free.
    games, kids, bob, paint, for
    Freeware | 1.72 MBytes
  • Every kid wants to have a skateboard. Skateboarding is simply too cool not to be admired by kids all over the world. And that is exactly why Skating Stan gets Kid's total attention. It is a free little game, where you have to help Stan to jump over stacks of truck tires and other obstacles. It is all about the right timing! A bit too early will end up in fall and a bit too fast won't do any good either.
    kids, games, cool, free, stan, skateboard, skating
    Freeware | 1.53 MBytes
  • Find the moment read the text. Adjust reading speed for maximum enjoyment. By using speed reading software, you can improve your facilities of speed reading. You don't need to do any special exercises; it is enough to read and to practice periodically. Take a Look at these free online speed reading techniques. Ability to concentrate on the problem is one of the constituent parts of the successful mental work.
    reading, speed, flash, readi, letter
    Freeware | 15.00 KBytes
  • High-quality student guitars for children. They have have small necks and soft nylon strings for easy playing and a beautiful high-gloss finish. Kids Guitar - 46 results like the Yamaha JR1 Mini Folk Guitar, Kid Guitar with Case, Kid Wood Guitar and Case, Kid Designs Karaoke Guitar,. First Act Electric Guitar for Kids. Sized just right for children, the First Act Kids Wooden Guitar. Made of high quality wood Comes with nylon strings,. We have ele
    music, game, , notes, ability, you, for, type, use, this, training
    Freeware | 152.00 KBytes
  • North Pole Direct, write and receive free santa email messages. Parents and children can share pre-christmas special moments with this program. Children write to santa and the next day children can check if they have new mail messages from santa and much more. No internet connection required. Tested on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Minimal restrictions enforced in demo with no expiry. Full version only $19.99 US per household (up to 4 children).
    santa, pole, free, shareware, games, north, letter, xmas, christmas, write, to, email
    $19.99 | 1.27 MBytes
  • Paint online game. Party games for children kids and teens for birthday parties or to just have fun. celebrate with our unique childrens party games. Household paint top lead threat for del. kids. about older houses in wilmington area are highrisk. by jeff montgomery, the news journal. Crafty dab kids paint bottles are.little hand. friendly and the applicators wont leak or drip. when the applicator tip is applied to paper the vibrant, ..
    flash, painting, child, kids, online, game, paint
    Freeware | 152.00 KBytes
  • Free new jigsaw puzzles daily with increasing ifficulty and optional rotation. Treasuressea is a literature based unit about the ocean. it contains web based lesson plans, interactive games, puzzles and quizzes, print activities, . From pesach to shavuot jigsaw puzzle. javaenabled browser is required to play this puzzle. to return to the menu, click on the menu button and move the.
    jig, saw, online, free, game, flash
    Freeware | 12.00 KBytes

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