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  • MB Candle Magick displays the correspondence between different magick rituals and the colors of candles that should be used. Candle magick is very effective when the right candles are used for the right purposes. This needs to be repeated many times before your purpose is solved. Note that you do not harm to anyone.
    candle, candle, magick, magick, free, spells, software, magic, pagan, of, divination, astrology, magic, art
    Freeware | 1.16 MBytes
  • MB Itching Divination is a remarkable and accurate program that deals with the study of itching. It is an advanced yet simple and handy program that helps you to understand the significance of itching or scratching. MB Itching Divination has been designed based on the theory that sudden itching on different parts of our body, if interpreted correctly, can tell you a lot about a person's character and personality.
    divination, itching, free, software, telaesthesia, itches, punka, punkara, fortune, telaesthesia, and, telling, by
    Freeware | 777.00 KBytes
  • MB Mayan Astrology Birth Chart generates your birth chart based on Mayan principles. The different glyphs in the specific positions have their own importance and effects on our lives. The Mayan birth chart is similar to the natal chart generated in Western astrology. It consists of glyphs placed in the four main directions of north, south, east and west and the birth glyph placed in the centre.
    mayan, mayan, chart, astrology, birth, software, chart, free, birth, astrology, natal, birthchart
    Freeware | 1.45 MBytes
  • MB Arabic Astrology is a wonderful and interactive astrological software that tells you about your Arabic personality traits depending on your date of birth. The program also provides insightful hints about the merits and demerits of several signs. It is with the help of this software that you get to know about your abilities and analyze the characteristics of those around you.
    arabic, astrology, astrology, software, arab, free, zodiac, signs, horoscope, arabic, muslim, islamic, persian, astrologers
    Freeware | 1.56 MBytes
  • MB Arithmancy calculates the Character, Social and Heart Number for a person. This will help in knowing your strengths and weaknesses, how to fight in dire circumstances and learn more about your future. Arithmancy is a branch of magic that deals with the study of magical properties of numbers. Numbers have strong vibrations in the different facets of our lives. They tell us a lot about our personality, social behavior and inner turmoil.
    arithmancy, arithmancy, numerology, free, numbers, software, greek, classes, chaldean, calculation, calculator, divination, by, magical, properties, of
    Freeware | 1.16 MBytes
  • MB Free Food Astrology is simple to use and accurate in predicting the food habits of different zodiac signs. This astrological software describes in detail the constitutions of people around you depending on their sun-sign and the preparations best-suited for them. The name of the dishes or ingredients specified here will provide you with guidelines to be followed while cooking.
    food, astrology, personality, free, astrological, diet, soul, culinary, profile, software, for, astro, recipes
    Freeware | 738.00 KBytes
  • MB Free Friendship Compatibility Test is an easy to understand software that describes the compatibility between you and your friends. This software helps you understand your relationship better and work on the areas that are weak. We sometimes don't understand the kind of relationship we share with our friends and may fail to analyze where we are going wrong.
    compatibility, friendship, free, software, friendship, analysis, meter, compatability, compatibility, test, test
    Freeware | 1.21 MBytes
  • MB Free Sibling Compatibility Test is an easy to understand software that describes the compatibility between you and your brothers / sisters. This software helps you understand your relationship better and work on the areas that are weak. We sometimes don't understand the kind of relationship we share with our brothers or sisters. Maybe you would like to understand better how the different sun signs react in different situations.
    sibling, compatibility, siblings, astro, test, astrology, sister, brother, software, compatability, free, parent, child
    Freeware | 1.22 MBytes
  • MB Free Parent Compatibility Test is an easy to understand software that describes the compatibility between you and your parents. This software helps you understand your relationship better and work on the areas that are weak.
    parent, compatibility, child, astrology, free, test, compatibility, baby, and, software, parent, parenting, test, compatability
    Freeware | 1.12 MBytes
  • MB Kabbalah Lost Object Numerology helps you find items that you may have misplaced by using the principles of Kabbalah Numerology. The Kabbalah Numerology interprets only the meaning of the name of an individual and it means 'knowledge' and 'wisdom'. Events are given the prime priority in this form of numerology than the characters. The first and foremost knowledge of the Kabbalah is to understand the numbers, their properties and virtues.
    kabbalah, numerology, numerology, object, lost, lost, object, finding, objects, kaballah, kabbala, software, free, kabbalah, kabala, cabala
    Freeware | 623.00 KBytes
  • MB Midheaven Astrology calculates your midheaven sign based on Western Astrology concepts. The Midheaven represents the life's goal of a person, his standing in society and reputation. Along with the sun sign and moon sign, the Midheaven sign also helps you understand yourself better. This has given rise to a most unconventional kind of astrology. This is a part of angular astrology or the different angles made on your birth chart.
    midheaven, software, astrology, mid, heaven, sign, free, astrological, aspects, signs, medium, zodiac, coeli
    Freeware | 742.00 KBytes
  • MB Egyptian Astrology Compatibility is a freeware that finds your compatibility with your partner on the basis of Egyptian astrology. Egyptian zodiac is based on the Gods / Goddesses of Egypt who are looked upto with great reverence.
    egyptian, free, software, compatibility, astrology, zodiac, egyptian, sign, of, egyptians, horoscope
    Freeware | 1.50 MBytes
  • MB Japanese Animal Personality Test is a fun game and tells you more about what is precious to you. This test hopes to make you understand how you gauge the different values of life. This test is based on the Japanese Animal Archetypes. The test comprises of answering a set of questions based upon a difficult situation in life. One comes across different values / people in the form of animals.
    japanese, test, test, free, personality, animal, personality, animal, archetype, desert
    Freeware | 1.10 MBytes
  • MB Quaoar Astrology describes the placement of the asteroid Quaoar in your birth chart. This sign helps you know more about Indigo children and the intuitive and psychic powers within yourself.
    quaoar, sign, astrology, free, signs, in, interpretation, interpretations, children, zodiac, indigo, software, psychic
    Freeware | 1.10 MBytes
  • Completely FREE to sign up, you do not need to sell anything, you don't need to deal with any customers and you will get a massive 150 pounds for every 100 people you send to our sales page (based on our Yahoo search promotions, likely to be much higher with your business sign ups).
    program, affiliate, betting, clickbank
    Freeware | 510.00 KBytes
  • MB Chakras Astrology is a different and advanced zodiac software which relates the two different worlds of astrology and chakras. This software generates the Chakra that influences you the most based on your date of birth. MB Chakras Astrology is an interesting software that gives you the relation between the two different worlds of astrology and chakras. Based on your date of the birth the software calculates the chakra that influences you.
    chakras, astrology, chakra, astro, software, svadhisthana, sacral, manipura, root, and, free, chakras, chakra, muladhara
    Freeware | 1.10 MBytes
  • MB Learn Dream Interpretation helps you understand your dreams better and know their significance. This will not only help you interpret your dreams but also help you interpret others' dreams. This software is a simple and useful aid in the study of dreams and dream symbols. This can help beginners learn and test their understanding of the subject.
    dream, dream, dreams, dictionary, glossary, interpretation, symbols, analysis, symbol, meaning, software, interpretation, free, learn, dreams, journal
    Freeware | 0.83 MBytes
  • MB Free Life Path Number Software is an interactive and easy to use software, which talks about the life path number, or simply the sum of your birth date. It reveals your personality at birth, and also points out those characteristics, which you are likely to possess in your entire lifetime.
    numerology, free, software, free, download, reading, numerology, life, path, number
    Freeware | 681.00 KBytes
  • Answer these 7 quick questions to see if you are headed towards a panic attack. Compare your results with others who also take this test.
    panic, attack, anxiety, test
    Freeware | 692.00 KBytes
  • MB Free Kabbalah Numerology Software is a divination software which enables a person to calculate his/her Lucky number, Money Number, Lucky Color and the Health Number. The MB Free Kabbalah Numerology software interprets the influence of kabbalah on an individual and it means 'knowledge' and 'wisdom'. The program gives a detailed account of this influence upon your health, personality and finance.
    kabbalah, numerology, software, of, life, spirituality, tree, center, online, free, meditation, madonna
    Freeware | 1.59 MBytes
  • MB Free BirthDay Number Software is a wonderful and user-friendly software, which highlights the day of the month that you were born. Based on this number, you can have an in-depth look at your own personality, and also find out which particular talent manifests itself the most in you. This in turn will help you correct the pitfalls and lead a happy and balanced life.
    numerology, free, software, birthday, number, software, download, numerology, number, birthday, reading, free
    Freeware | 1.16 MBytes
  • MB Free Crystal Healing is an advanced yet handy software that provides information on every aspect of crystal therapy; you get to know about the different kind of crystals, their properties, their benefits and the like. The software points out clearly the different kind of crystals for different ailments and also the crystals which are associated with different body parts.
    healing, crystal, free, crystals, gemstone, software, therapy, wellbeing, with, online, for
    Freeware | 1.37 MBytes
  • MB Free Heart Desire Number Software is a simple and friendly software which reveals your innermost self and its manifestation. As a result, your underlying motivations for all your actions are also revealed through this number. Its influence exists in all vistas of your life, social, personal and professional.
    numerology, free, software, reading, numerology, number, desire, heart
    Freeware | 684.00 KBytes
  • MB Free Tarot Numerology is a new software that shows the association of tarot cards with numerology. This software gives the Tarot card associated with your life path number and destiny number. This program also gives you a detailed interpretation of your positive and negative characteristics, your lucky colors, days and numbers, your best day and also your ruling planet.
    tarot, numerology, software, and, free, numbers, cards, online, reading
    Freeware | 2.09 MBytes
  • MB Free Flower Astrology is an interesting and a user-friendly software which helps you find your lucky flower and plants based on your date of birth. The program generates a detailed reading for a person giving an insight into his personality based on his personal details - name and date of birth.
    astrology, flower, free, flowers, software, plant, and, horoscope, zodiacs, floral, lucky
    Freeware | 1.32 MBytes
  • MB Free Personal Day Number Software is friendly and easy to use software which reveals that particular day, when your powers are heightened, and you have the potential to achieve a lot. The Personal Day Number is calculated by summing up the calendar month, with the day and personal year.
    numerology, free, software, reading, numerology, number, day, personal
    Freeware | 682.00 KBytes
  • Lookup court records, court houses, convictions, bankruptcies, and more using our court record databases.Our court record databases are the same ones used by private investigators, law enforcement, government agencies. Now available to you for your own online court record lookups.
    court, records, database, check, history, search, bankruptcies, houses, convictions, criminal
    $39.95 | 545.00 KBytes
  • Recipe Catalog stores your favorite recipes and gives you detailed nutrition information. You can create your own categories, input your recipes, and immediately see detailed information about calories, fat, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It also allows you to keep a daily food diary to keep track of your nutrition needs. Recipe Catalog comes with a database of 2000 ingredients.
    recipe, nutrition, software, information, collection, catalog, database
    $19.95 | 3.03 MBytes
  • You just enter email address to a one field form hit the button and get all the information you want including real address , phone number , age , real name , financial records , criminal and government records and more. Only the best results.
    email, reverse, search, people, find, by, database, lookup
    $39.95 | 549.00 KBytes
  • Fire meditation. This is what usually happens: Your volunteer sits and waits, for a long time, while you strain for a glimpse of their aura. You are trying to relax and concentrate and master a tricky visual technique, all at the same time. You subconsciously worry about what they are thinking of you. Are they getting bored or impatient? Do they think you foolish, a failure, or both? This kind of pressure causes tension that effectively negates.
    meditation, mandala
    Freeware | 18.00 KBytes

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