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  • eePDF PDF to Word OCR Converter is a pdf conversion tool that allows for the batch processing of Adobe PDF documents to Word files, it is support all version of Windows systems. eePDF PDF to Word OCR Converter convert PDF to Word without requiring any Adobe product. The extracted content is saved to Word files where it can be easily searched, and managed. eePDF PDF to Word OCR converter keeps original page layout in the generated Word file.
    to, pdf, convert, pdf, acrobat, rtf, doc, doc, word, to, converter, word, textfrompdf, text, ocr, extraction, adobe
    $59.95 | 14.81 MBytes
  • eePDF PDF to Excel Converter is a pdf conversion tool that allows for the batch processing of Adobe PDF documents to Excel files, it is support all version of Windows systems. eePDF PDF to Excel Converter convert PDF to Excel without requiring any Adobe product. eePDF PDF to Excel converter keeps original page layout in the generated Word file.
    to, excel, pdf, pdf, convert, acrobat, to, rtf, xlsx, from, adobe, converter, xls, text
    $39.95 | 2.66 MBytes
  • Flip PDF Professional for Mac is useful and amazing utility to convert PDF to Flash based eBooks with real life-like page flipping effect on Mac. The Professional version provides many powerful tools for you to build the eBooks. You are enabled to edit imported PDF pages with embedding native Flash or YouTube Video, adding web links, page links and even email links, inserting background music, image album, Javascript actions and so on.
    flipping, page, book, ebook, digital, with, pages, for, to, mac, pdf, flippingook, , epub, flash, flippingbook
    $299 | 10.19 MBytes
  • Batch convert AFP documents IBM MO:DCA (AFP, IOCA and PTOCA) to RTF (Rich Text Format), a format fully compatible with Microsoft Word document (.DOC), via input and output folder. Unlike other software simply rasterizing the AFP document to full-page images, AFP2RTF Transform Server maintains all document objects such as graphics, searchable text, tables and live forms, uniquely within the generated RTF files for easy access by Microsoft Word.
    afp, to, doc, rtf, word, batch, windows, hotfolder, folder, hot, afp2rtf, conversion, converter, transform, convert, afp2word, afp2doc
    $400 | 2.35 MBytes
  • aXmag Flip Maker converts PDF to 3D flipping books, digital magazines, brochures and interactive catalogs for both online and offline use. It can preserve your files as high-quality vector SWF files. You can take fully control over the conversion process and output setting, whether change the flipping style, or insert user information.
    pdf, flip, to, converter, flip, flash, page, magazine, book, digital, software
    $380 | 11.53 MBytes
  • Outsourcing Tracker is a simple, easy to use tool to track work assignments. Out of the box, it tracks task assignment date, complete date, etc. It also has provision to add more parameters for tracking. IT Outsourcing is now mainstay and it's easier than ever to find organizations/people to perform fully defined tasks. It's easy to lose track of the task assigned, charges or expected delivery dates.
    tracking, cost, outsourcing, technology, outsourcing, information, it
    Freeware | 2.27 MBytes
  • PDF merge tools allow users to combine two or more PDF files into a single PDF file and thus reduce mismanagement. By merging multiple PDF files of small size, users are able to better manage their work and improve data organization. Since PDF files are widely used in corporate houses, organizations and government offices, it is natural that the number of files keeps on mounting. Although data compression feature available with PDF files enable users to keep the size of PDF files under control, large volume of PDF files prove to be unmanageable. Also, the chances of PDF files containing duplicate data increase with large number of small sized PDF files. PDF merge tools like Kernel for PDF Split and Merge help users to curb these issues by combining small sized PDF files to one large sized file. Using such tools, ?n? number of PDF files can be combined for better manageability. Where on one hand less number of PDF files brings down the required storage space, on the other hand the CPU access time also gets red ...
    pdf, files, combine, merge, to, how, merging, pdfs, merger, software
    $29 | 2.58 MBytes
  • Virto Resource Utilization Gantt is the light-weight interactive Silverlight-based web part that provide SharePoint users with a variety of tools for resource management and online utilization tracking. With this new component you can easily check the workload of your employees and utilization of material resources and, if needed, immediately make the necessary changes. The web part is fully compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and 2010.
    resource, gantt, view, utilization, sharepoint, part, web
    $795 | 2.17 MBytes
  • PDF to Snapshot software File are most unique utility convert PDF file into BMP pages. PDF2GIF Conversion is only software converting PDF files into JPEG formats. PDF into Image utility are adding PDF documents pages into TIFF formats. Converting PDF file to TIFF File software application merges all selected PDF files into pictures, graphics, scans, photos, and images. Image from PDF converting is utility converts PDF pages into JPEG file formats. Convert PDF into JPEG Conversion is single utility converting PDF files into JPEG formats. PDF into BMP Converting is simple software directly convert PDF document into pictures, images, and graphics files. PDF to Image Conversion makes document pages into screenshots snapshots files. PDF to JPEG Converter is wonderful tool for converting PDF file to JPEG format through single click with the help of user-friendly interface. sPDF to GIF images Conversion quick tool make multiform page into JPG BMP GIF TIF TIFF JPEG format. PDF to Image File convert supports different ...
    pdf, jpg, bmp, converting, conversion, acrobat, tiff, files, gif, create, pdfs, utility, creator, to, images, picture, photos, insert, convert, combine, join, converter, tool, pdf2images, import, scans, faxes, graphics, merge, turn, add, software
    $19.99 | 1.80 MBytes
  • PDF Combining Software tool also has features for split PDF, smash PDF, join PDF, fuse PDF, and merge PDF file documents. PDF Combining merging creator acrobat document file. Combining PDF Pages tool also has features for split PDF pages, break PDF files, join PDF documents, fuse PDF pages, and merge PDF documents pages. PDF Merging an advance creator document tool. PDF Combining have a function for PDF pages such as cut, break, split, merge, change, combine, Join, delete and remove to Multiple PDF document files. PDF Combiner Software makes split PDF files into multiple small parts, delete specific pages from PDF documents, merge multiple PDFs, and compare two PDF files. PDF splitter merger also supports batch PDF files for splitting and merging. Combiner merger software works with all Windows platform like Windows ME, NT, 2000, 2003, NT 3.x, NT 4.x, XP, Vista, Longhorn and Windows 7 Complete PDF Tool maker utility has the facility of arranging, adding, joining, merging, combining and appending PDF pages. ...
    pdf, generate, concatenate, make, program, acrobat, combiner, arrange, tool, utility, files, create, join, sorting, pdfs, joining, add, page, cut, divide, splitter, remove, multiple, merging, editor, joiner, merge, documents, software, combining
    $29.85 | 1.80 MBytes
  • PDF Page Combiner software is a useful and user-friendly PDF tool makes merge PDF. Combine PDF Files utility working with password protected PDF pages and can apply diverse features to the split heavy PDF files. PDF Merger application easily provides a method to create lighter PDF documents any PDF file. Merging Splitting PDFs application software single Merger tool is many document files and pages combine add Watermarking, bookmarking PDFs. PDF Split tool can perfect safe and easy to use merge PDF files. . PDF Combining Software documents compare similar files in one platform and convert breaking PDF files into single or many PDF document pages. Combine PDF Files application breaks cut split PDF Files into single document. PDF split & merges utility for splitting, merging, combining, extracting, and removing, cutting and delete PDF document. Combine PDF Software supports with all Windows platform like Win2000, Win7 x32 and Win7 x 64, Win98, Win Vista, Win Vista x64 and Win XP. PDF Page Combiner Features: ...
    pdf, generate, concatenate, make, program, acrobat, combiner, arrange, tool, utility, files, create, join, sorting, pdfs, joining, add, page, cut, divide, splitter, remove, multiple, merging, editor, joiner, merge, documents, software, combining
    $14.85 | 1.80 MBytes
  • Snapshot to PDF Converter is single software converting Images files into PDF pages. Images to PDF utility are converting several JPEG, JFIF, and TIFF into PDF files. Images to PDF Conversion are single software converting multiform images into PDF files. Image to PDF Conversion application which is converts PDF file pages into various image formats. JPEG to PDF is software product which is convert PDF documents pages into multiple picture formats. TIFF to PDF is utility to converting PDF doc pages into TIFF GIF JPEG images files. JPG to PDF are software use to conversion PDF documents into photos images files. GIF2 PDF is creates GIF TIF JPE files to PDF documents. BMP2PDF Files software converting supports different platforms window 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, me etc. Image to PDF software PDF is software is several images like JPE GIF into converting PDF pages. JPEG to PDF Conversion makes document pages into screenshots snapshots files. GIF to PDF Converter software is use to conversion PDF documents into p ...
    picture, to, pdf, tiff, scans, creator, faxes, utility, photos, pdfs, join, tool, software, graphics, create, bmp, conversion, converter, convert, jpeg2pdf, into, pdf, gif, bmp2pdf, picture2pdf, images, jpg
    $19.85 | 1.80 MBytes
  • Convert image to PDF software is used for converting different types of picture formats to PDF documents. Image2PDF maker converts almost all image formats into Adobe compatible PDF files and document. Its convert all picture pages into PDF pages and create a single multipage PDF document. Image to PDF maker support comprehensive formats: bmp, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jfif, gif file formats and etc. This software is very useful because of we can change our picture images to PDF file with in single click with multiple options like page size, page margin, Image size, PDF Meta properties (author, title, subject, keyword) and security settings. User can set image size as an original size, fit to page size and custom size with height and width option. User can store his documents with different Page size A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, RA0, RA1, RA2, RA3, RA4, RA5, B0, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, Quarto, Foolscap, Executive, GovernmentLetter, Letter, Legal, Ledger, Tabloid, Post, LargePost, Demy, Medium, Royal, Elephant, DoubleDemy, QuadD ...
    pdf, converter, maker, join, insert, screenshots, batch, add, application, acrobat, document, file, utility, snapshots, windows, multipage, snaps, tif, jpg, tiff, formats, image, software, gif, png, pictures, convert, wmf, emf, bmp, jpeg, photos
    $19.9 | 1.15 MBytes
  • Classic Menu Helper saves your effort and time in clicking on the old menus and button in toolbar when you are using Classic Menu for Office 2007/2010. No repeating clicks, when the mouse moves over from a menu to another, the classic menu can also be dropped down without clicks. Classic Menu Helper is designed for Classic Menu for Office specially, and the Classic Menu Helper is fully free for all users (personal and commercial) of Classic Menu.
    menu, office, classic, list, menus, open, drop, open, down, 2010, helper, microsoft, ribbon, interface, 2007
    Freeware | 8.85 MBytes
  • Flip Office Professional is a utility which allows you to convert PDF, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents to stunning publications for both online and offline use in minutes. With the Flip Office Professional, You can embed image albums, video, audio, Flash, YouTube videos and links to your page-flipping eBooks; use the command line to automate the creation of page-flipping eBooks without opening the Windows desktop application
    to, flip, acrobat, magazine, catalogues, brochure, edition, flash, publishing, digitally, swf, ditital, flipbook, page, book, office, turner, word, ms, ppt, flippingbook, pdf
    $328 | 5.76 MBytes
  • Free Word to PDF converter is the best available solution for people, who are looking for a solution to convert their MS Word files to PDF. This free Word to PDF converter helps users to convert multiple doc files to PDF and that is too without affecting the data integrity of the content. It flawlessly converts Word documents to PDF format and makes them easy to share and manage. While conversion, the user can encrypt the converted PDF files along with applying local restrictions to them. Moreover, page setting options are also available to define the page size for converted PDF file. Free word to PDF converter demo can be downloaded for having a glimpse of the functionalities before making actual purchase. The free Word to PDF converter demo version is also fully functional and allows the user to convert maximum 50 Word documents to PDF. The only limitation with the demo version is that it puts a stamp Kernel for Word to PDF Demo after every paragraph in the converted PDF file. For conversion this free Word ...
    to, pdf, word, convert, free, doc, converter, conversion
    $29 | 4.30 MBytes
  • Install a print driver and a shared network printer on Windows Server 2008, 2003, 2000, and all server clients have to do is to "Print" to this printer from their applications to create PDF files with full hyperlinks support, up to 2540x2540 dpi printing resolution, custom paper size, PDF document information, font embedding, printing scaling, PDF compatibility support, and batch conversion. Supported client OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, MCE.
    adobe, pdf4u, windows, printer, acrobat, server, password, encryption, encrypt, citrix, driver, pdf, conversion, convert, create, creator, tse, service, terminal, batch
    $950 | 1.59 MBytes
  • 4Media PDF Converter Pro is a complete PDF software suite which lets you instantly convert PDF files to Word, PowerPoint files and EPUB format eBooks. It includes three programs: 4Media PDF to Word Converter, 4Media PDF to PowerPoint Converter and 4Media PDF to EPUB Converter. Preserve 100% original formatting and multiple output formats are supported, like DOC, DOCX, Rich Text Format(.rtf), PPT and EPUB. Features: 1.Convert PDF files to Word files in fast speed and preserve all original formats and structure in converted files, saving you much time and effort. 2.Helps you convert PDF to PowerPoint presentations with all image, tables, hyperlinks and layouts retained. 3.Convert PDF files to EPUB format quickly and easily without installing Adobe Acrobat or Reader while preserving all original file features. 4.Preserve 100% original formatting, features and elements of the source PDF files after conversion. 5.Super performance and fast processing speed make converting tasks complete efficiently and ...
    to, pdf, convert, converter, word, powerpoint, ppt, epub
    $49.99 | 44.55 MBytes
  • Merge .pdf file software split one page from Adobe file, arrange odd even pages or extract common pages of the PDF file. PDF splitter and merger program supports password protected PDF files for performing joining & splitting operations. It can delete or remove first page, last page, or any other selected page from PDF document. Software supports various operations for Adobe files such as adding, merging, combining, joining, arranging, managing, extracting, cutting, deleting or inserting multiple files. Ease functionality of this tool guarantee that it can split or merge your several Adobe files, you can manage these files as your needs. Combine different business reports, emails, invoices, eBooks and even personal documents which are in the Adobe files formats. Merge several Adobe documents pages utility join various PDFs pages as individual document. Free trail version of this software is available on the domain PDF file breaker utility does not require supportive tool of Adobe Acr ...
    large, batch, organize, download, bulk, remove, build, multiple, produce, manage, divide, acrobat, page, documents, delete, arrange, append, join, add, split, pdf, files, combine, cutter, merging, compose, software, splitting, create, extract, merge
    $14.9 | 3.48 MBytes
  • Convert doc to PDF online using best conversion utility. Tool to convert doc to PDF online enables the user to convert 50 documents at one go define setting like encryption and page size. This tool is available with option to keep the converted document protected using strong password of user?s choice, so that unauthorized editing, copying, printing and modification can be avoided. This tool to convert doc to PDF online also keeps properties and formatting intact after conversion. Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and 7 are supported OS platform where this tool can be installed. For conversion it supports documents created using MS Word 97. 98. 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Another great benefit of this convert doc to PDF online tool is the availability of demo version. The demo version of this tool helps the user to convert 50 Word documents to PDF format. However, the PDF files created using demo version will have a stamp Kernel for Word to PDF Demo after every paragraph. For more details about this tool, please v ...
    pdf, to, word, convert, conversion, online, doc, converter, documents
    $29 | 4.30 MBytes
  • First, you define rules for recognizing documents. Then you just have to print documents. PDF files are automatically stored into SharePoint libraries.Automatically detected document type and classification in the library MS Sharepoint. Metadata of stored documents are automatically updated together with PDF documents. Possibility to define rules for extracting metadata directly from the document recognized text. Now also ready for Microsoft® Office 365. Optionally, you can print one document type into one MS Sharepoint library or more document types into a one library MS Sharepoint. Unlimited number of document types or SP libraries and Webs in PRO version. High quality of PDF files, PDF/A Compliance
    sharepoint, pdf, recognition, converter
    $125 | 20.03 MBytes
  • Kernel for Word to PDF conversion software is the most effective Word PDF converter that allows you to convert Word documents to PDF files in the simplest manner. Using this software you can convert multiple Word to PDF files very simultaneously. In fact, by making the proper and correct usage of this utility you can efficiently recover OLE objects, images, graphs, formats, hyperlinks and other information from the Word files. Apart from that, the tool even facilitates you to impose some local restrictions on the PDF file created. Another great feature about this word pdf converter is its efficient competency of maintaining the data structure and properties in the converted PDF files. Moreover, the software also provides complete support to all the versions of MS Word for conversion. For more information about this Word PDF converter, visit
    pdf, to, word, convert, converter, doc, conversion
    $29 | 4.30 MBytes
  • Doc to PDF free conversion tool is the best possible solution to deal with manageability issues of MS Word files. Doc to PDF free conversion tool can be easily downloaded and used for converting MS Word .doc and .docx files to portable document format. Using doc to PDF free conversion tool multiple Word documents can be converted at one go. With this tool the user can be rest assured about the format of the converted document, as this tool keeps document formatting, properties and structure intact. Users can also impose encryption or local restriction to the converted document to keep it safe from misuse. Users can download doc to PDF free demo version to experience its functionality and potential before making any decision over purchase. The free demo version of the tool enables the user to convert up to 50 doc files to PDF. However, due to demo limitation the converted PDF file will have a stamp Kernel for Word to PDF Demo after every paragraph. For more details about the tool, please visit www.doctopdftoo ...
    to, pdf, doc, word, conversion, convert, converter, free
    $29 | 4.30 MBytes
  • Docany PDF to JPG Converter for Mac is an efficient and easy-to-use program to convert PDF to JPG or in other format images, such as BMP, PNG, TIFF... With a few mouse clicks hundreds of PDF files will be converted to image files automatically. So you can easily edit, re-use, re-organize, present, and share your PDF files. Additionally, It don't require Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF plugins to be installed.
    pdf, to, convert, image, mac, jpg, for, converter, conveter
    $19.9 | 12.49 MBytes
  • Software for making quotations. Do you need to create quotations for your customers? Do you need to do it fast and in professional design? Try OFFERIS today and find out how it can improve your business. Contains modules: Companies (easy CRM), Products, Catalogs, Quotations, Invoices, Tasks and Manager.
    make, for, invoice, software, offer, quotation, quote, incoming, outgoing, offers, crm, quotations, quotes
    $272 | 222.75 MBytes
  • SharePoint Cascaded Lookup provides more powerful filter functions to help user to find the look-up item information quickly and exactlyaccurately. Let's take an example by creating a SharePoint Cascaded Lookup Column. Firstly, you can select a filter Filter column which is fromin the look-up list to filter the look-up items. Secondly, you can build a parent-child relationship between the filter column and the parent column from the list where you want to build a Cascaded Lookup on it. When editing an item, when youand selecting a choice of the parent column, the look-up choices will be filtered by the selected text of the parent column.
    lookup, sharepoint, filtered, cross, site, cascaed, web, parts, software
    $269 | 777.00 KBytes
  • SharePoint Wiki Redirect provides an easy way to manage different versions of wiki pages and control which version is displayed by default. Wiki Redirect gives you the ability to quickly toggle between the version edited most recently, the latest approved/published version, and the version history page, deciding which version will be displayed whenever someone accesses the wiki. The ?°Default Page?± setting lets you choose between the wiki page and the version history page as a default landing page, while the ?°Default Version?± setting determines whether the latest version of the wiki or the most recently approved version is displayed as default. If the version history page and the current approved version of the wiki are selected as defaults, the wiki page will automatically open the most recent published version, with a clickable list of other versions available on the left.
    wiki, sharepoint, sharepoint, library, page, site, portal, 2007, sharepoint
    Freeware | 291.00 KBytes
  • Manage your business processes by creating an automated workflow. Organize sequence and assign tasks to avoid encountering stalled overhead process. This means faster handing of tasks to the next collaborator without having to update or follow up, because workflow is automated. Sharepoint Workflow Boost is a browser-based workflow-creating tool that lets administrators and managers drag-and-drop business and IT-related processes-from deploying tasks, leave approval requests, collecting data to complex interaction among external applications such as Outlook and other data sources. Delegate and deploy workflow among users with SharePoint Workflow Boost?s simple yet intuitive designer, no need for complex coding. Check on progress with real-time status of workflows. Take control over what happens: create custom emails for task distribution; set limits for certain users-get updates and custom reports about workflow status to eliminate downtime. Manage workflow in one list, or all lists in one site. Sh ...
    sharepoint, workflow, 2010, boost, conduct
    $369 | 1.38 MBytes
  • Organize and view calendars by compiling multiple calendars from different sources into one central view. It can also access Microsoft Exchange Calendars, which makes this a powerful tool for team scheduling, planning and management in SharePoint. SharePoint Calendar Rollup expands the functionality of the default calendar by a wide range of features and capabilities. Set up SharePoint Calendar Rollup to show calendars from SharePoint Lists/Library in a single web view. More features and functionalities are available when SharePoint Calendar Rollup is used on SharePoint as compared to the ordinary calendar view. Calendar rollup for SharePoint 2010. Collect calendar events from SharePoint external content type Other services such as Google Calendar and external list calendar are also available to set up on your SharePoint. Unlike other out-of-the-box add-ons that display up a limited number of 10 calendars, SharePoint Calendar Rollup displays unlimited number of calendar sources! SharePoint calen ...
    sharepoint, calendar, web, part, for, 2010, 2007
    $269 | 1.59 MBytes
  • SharePoint View Boost is product to enhance user experiences on list view. Currently it can collapse and expand columns in a standard SharePoint view. When a standard view contains too many columns, there will be a horizontal scrollbar on the browser and you should drag it to see more SharePoint columns. It is inconvenient when you want to see all concerning columns with no dragging and no new SharePoint view creating for temporary view. The above problem can be solved by SharePoint View Boost. With SharePoint View Boost, you can just click a menu item in the Actions menu and there will be ?°collapse/expand?± button on the top of every column in the view header. By click the ?°collapse/expand?± button, you can collapse or expand the column.
    sharepoint, list, item, view, part, web, free, column
    Freeware | 290.00 KBytes

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