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  • For over ten years you have been playing tetris and puzzle games, neglecting all other aspects of your life, and shocking your family and friends by doing so. This revolutionary game genre will give your a reason to continue!
    art, logic, cartoon, shareware, freeware, sea, ship, best, new, arcade, puzzle, game, free, top, fun, tetris
    $19.95 | 13.48 MBytes
  • They came from the sea... The barbarians... Thousands of them... With only one thing on their mind... Destroy. Free your kingdom from barbarian invaders and become the new king. You will have to recapture all regions of the empire by successfully wining word battles. Words Kingdom offers two gameplay modes: campaign and classic. In campaign mode you will follows the game story while classic mode offers a regular word game session. Calm orchestral music and detailed hand drawn graphics create an emerging atmosphere helping you relax and create your own history.
    play, game, puzzle, kingdom, words
    $14.95 | 17.00 MBytes
  • In this game you need to help the penguins cross the river. The penguins come in pairs of father and son. When the father is not around, the son will be scared and fly away if adults from other families are there. Plan carefully to let all the penguins cross the river. Click on the penguins to move them to and from the floating ice, the floating ice can hold at most two penguins. Click the ice to move to the opposite shore, the ice can move only
    games, river, puzzle, mind, logic, crossing, family, penguins, penguin, cross
    Freeware | 341.00 KBytes
  • Tropical Puzzle is an incredible puzzle entertainment, which shines with unique tropical visuals and animation. You will have to go through 85 game levels solving increasingly difficult puzzles. The objective is to clear the playing field from balls. The challenge of the game is additional balls that appear on the field if your move doesn’t result in making a line of balls. A system of bonuses adds variety to the gameplay.
    endless, balls, adventure, game, puzzle, lines, tropical
    $19.95 | 13.28 MBytes
  • Double Maze: Wind through two labyrinths - simultaneously.
    game, games, fun, flash, puzzle, maze, double, free
    Freeware | 3.77 MBytes
  • Chain Reaction: Engaging new-concept puzzle game.
    game, games, fun, flash, puzzle, reaction, chain, free
    Freeware | 3.38 MBytes
  • Story of Fairy Place - this is a story about a little fairy, who lived in the far away country, who once got into trouble when she stayed without her beautiful dreamlike house. Who knows what disasters she could have suffer from if You hadn't come to her relief! Become a main hero of this amazing story and you will take a dive into the world of fairytale and magic. Everything will be amazing and incredible for you in this world, and you will gain
    puzzle, games
    $19.95 | 13.35 MBytes
  • Yumsters are cute stretchy creatures who are mad about fruit and music! They have to clean up the gardens by eating their dream food to earn money for their musical band. Help them to win a major musical contest and get to the Grand Prix by collecting certain amounts of each fruit to finish a level! Explore 5 colorful locations that change from day to evening to night because Yumsters never stop eating! So bring on the fruit and watch the Yumster
    game, free, play, online, downloads, funny, fun, pc, arcade, computer, kid, the, spot, yumsters, flash
    $19.95 | 27.62 MBytes
  • Jigsaw playing is as cool as always! The game will bring you lots of fun and pleasure completing hundreds of stunning jigsaw puzzles. This brainteaser will keep your attention focused and bring lots of fun and the same time. The rules of the game are typical. You need to wreck your brain training your creativeness, imagination and a sense of composition. This a good brain twister for home and office for having both a break and rest full of fun.
    game, free, puzzle, twister, jigsaw
    Freeware | 18.57 MBytes
  • Memory: Stretch your memory to the limit!
    game, games, fun, flash, free, puzzle, memory
    Freeware | 3.72 MBytes
  • In this game you are given 2 hourglasses one of 7 minutes and the other of 11 minutes. Your task is to use these 2 hourglasses to measure times of 15 minutes and 24 minutes. Can you do that?
    games, puzzle, mind, logic, time, reverse, hourglasses
    Freeware | 338.00 KBytes
  • Search a spine-tingling setting for scattered secrets, broken objects, and the key component of a mysterious machine in this innovative and immersive investigation! Hunt the halls of Spooky Manor for broken objects, return the items to their rightful places, and solve a series of puzzles to get to the bottom of this eerie mystery. What is this strange machine and who scattered its pieces?
    game, free, play, downloads, online, the, funny, flash, arcade, pc, g, computer, beckett, and, manor, spooky, secrets, mortimer, of, spot, kid
    $19.95 | 46.48 MBytes
  • The checkers simulator will help you to master your playing skills, to train your intellectual capacity and, above all, give you lots of entertainment. Wreck your brain with this game! You can probe you checkers playing skills with this simulator and get prepared to chess matches in real life with your friends and acquaintances! Try this brain-twisting game and have fun. The game includes three version of checkers: Russian, English and give away.
    checkers, game, free, checkers, amusive
    Freeware | 1.37 MBytes
  • In this game you are given a 5 litre water jar and a 7 litre water jar, your task is to measure out 6 litres of water using these two jars. This problem is actually not very difficult.
    games, jars, water, mind, puzzle, logic, measure
    Freeware | 338.00 KBytes
  • In Twiddlestix, you will need nerves of steel and the skill of a surgeon to carefully manuever your way through these mazes.
    game, software, flash, free, puzzle
    Freeware | 292968.76 MBytes
  • Enhance your brain capabilities, improve iq score and memory with this interesting and easy to use brain enhancement package. It contains program that trains your intelligence and improves your iq test score. Another program helps you to significantly improve your memory and speed of reaction. Both programs are based on a scientific method developed by professional psychologists, that is used for brain enhancement for many years.
    brain, test, iq, game, enhancement, quotient, intelligence
    $29.95 | 600.00 KBytes
  • Race your enemy to the top of the tower!
    game, software, flash, free, reflex
    Freeware | 292968.76 MBytes
  • 3d paddlebricks. try this logic and action game. plya and fun. you can play it online. if free. A nice paddle, balls and bricks game with a modern look, that you will to play. A nice paddle, balls and bricks game with a modern look, that you will 3 dpaddlebricks. try this logic and action game. plya and fun. you can play it online. if free. BrickBreak for Windows 2.3 - A nice paddle, balls and bricks game with a modern look, that you will to play
    and, it, play, can, online, you, free, if, , fun, this, try, logic, action, plya, game, 3dpaddlebricks
    Freeware | 25.00 KBytes
  • This classic peg solitaire game has a long history back to the 17th century. The object of this game is to move the pegs until only one peg is left. A peg can move only by jumping over an adjacent peg, the peg being jumped over will disappear.
    games, solitaire, puzzle, mind, logic, pegs, patience, brainvita, peg
    Freeware | 338.00 KBytes
  • In this game you need to search for a word that matches a given meaning. The word will appear in a large grid of letters, and can orient in all different directions such as from left to right, from bottom to top, from bottom right to top left, etc. If you cannot figure out the word from the meaning you can also press a hint button to get the word, but your score will be deducted.
    word, search, games, educational, dictionary, meaning
    Freeware | 338.00 KBytes
  • In this game you pick the cards pair by pair until the pair matches. You win when you matched all the card pairs. This is the classic matching memory game, but there is a new twist - the cards will rotate, this makes the game much more difficult and challenging.
    games, memory, mind, rotate, moving, matching
    Freeware | 340.00 KBytes
  • You will discover that thanks to playing the game your reasoning is becoming quicker and better. Behind each question mark there's always one of the eight colors hidden, though none of the colors is used more than once. Can you guess the colors and their exact positions? If you achieve a record score, you'll have the chance to enter your name in the best players chart on the internet!
    before, to, buy, try, quality, logician, brain, logic
    $12.9 | 1.30 MBytes
  • This game is about a merciless and vain struggle of a mud puck against duck population outbreak. His only weapons against the terrible rain of duck excrement are his own body processes. The goal of the game is to collect the highest possible score by shooting the ducks down. To complete each level you need to reach a specific number of points. The great advantage of the game lies in the possibility to publish the best scores on the internet and so present your wonderful skills to the other players. The game can be played in a small window or in fullscreen mode; every common computer set-up can handle it. Thanks to its small size, the game can be easily and quickly downloaded and also sent away.
    try, before, to, buy, quality, arcade, game, maniac, lunatic, mad
    $16 | 4.63 MBytes
  • Music game. There are many levels of difficulty so that the.Default Yes I too need urgent help on how to play music all the way through Yeah I too need urgent help on how to play music all the way through the.Continuing our trend of peripherals modified to perform functions that arent actually useful: heres how to play music on your scanner.hey did any one figue out how to play music with the flip down i can only get it to play my music with the
    the, help, on, urgent, too, how, to, way, through, all, music, play, i, need, of, yeah, game, continuing, our, modif, peripherals, trend, there, many, that, default, music, so, difficulty, yes, levels, are
    Freeware | 74.00 KBytes
  • Balls, Blocks and Stars Game is an interesting and fun single-player puzzle game. The goal of the game is to remove as many balls (blocks or stars, upon your choice) as possible. You can remove only balls with the same color that are standing adjacent. When you click on a ball which is adjacent to a ball of the same color, all the balls with that color will be removed that are directly or indirectly, horizontally or vertically connected to the clicked ball. You start the game with 1000 points. For every ball you remove, you get 10 points. Every second, you lose 1 point. Try to remove all the balls in the best possible time. The game is user friendly and customizable. There are eight different shapes/skins and eight background colors enabling you to create the look and feel that best satisfy your aesthetic preferences as well as your eyes perception. More than fifty different graphic combinations are available! You can make your choice! There are simple sound effects that you can enable or disable. You ...
    game, blocks, falling, balls, puzzle, stars
    $9.95 | 2.28 MBytes
  • In this game you are given 3 bags, each of them has 2 fruits. The bags are labeled but none of the labels are correct, your task is to relabel the bags so that they are correct. But you have to label the bags correctly simply by looking at one fruit in one bag, can you do this?
    games, bags, puzzle, mind, label, three, the, logic
    Freeware | 341.00 KBytes
  • The object of this game is to put all the 8 queens onto the chess board without the queens capturing each other. A queen can capture another piece if it is on the same row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Can you find a way to put in all the 8 queens?
    games, queens, logic, mind, chess, 8, eight, puzzle
    Freeware | 338.00 KBytes
  • Make 5 stones at one line. Build five black stones at one line. You need to build 5 stones on vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. Do not build five white stones. Unlike the case of five stones on the second line in the corner, ... Even if the extra black stone is one line away, Black can still kill using the small. The best black can do is to make a small reduction in sente. ( can also be played at a, but that gives white an extra ko threat.)
    online, free, game, flash
    Freeware | 11.00 KBytes
  • In this game you move the knight to collect all the coins and then move back to the starting position. The knight must move as in the game of chess and each block can only be visited once because it will fall. You must get back to the starting position otherwise you'll fall with the blocks!
    games, knight, logic, mind, puzzle, chess, greedy
    Freeware | 339.00 KBytes
  • Tropical Lines is an incredible puzzle entertainment, which shines with unique tropical visuals and animation. We improved classical lines game with bonus balls which bring more challenge, variety and fun. The game gives you an ability to share your score with other players by publishing your high score results in the online high scores table. It is absolutely free.
    balls, endless, game, lines, tropical
    Freeware | 11.61 MBytes

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