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  • Help Jennifer, a young marine biologist, win the Best Aquarium Award. Dive to the bottom of the sea and find various hidden items in numerous eye-teasing locations. Earn cash to buy cute sea creatures, gorgeous ornaments and cool accessories and create three unique aquariums. This dazzling hidden object spin-off of the original Fishdom is absolutely Fishinating!
    fishdom, maintenance, plant, lights, lighting, hood, stand, supplies, hidden, objects, puzzle, freshwater, water, cash, gravel, tank, acrylic, aquarium, odyssey, hidden, 2, h2o, adventure, care, filter, fish, decorations, decor, custom, for
    $19.95 | 81.46 MBytes
  • Captain your very own pirate ship on a Caribbean voyage. Use your word skills while fighting pirates, Arrr! As runaway pirate, Captain Lucy, you must embark on an adventure throughout the Caribbean to restore your father's name. Earn a reputation as a fearsome pirate with a mighty ship to command. Defeat your enemies and learn to talk like a pirate, Arrr!
    roleplay, rpg, historical, caribbean, battle, adventure, puzzle, game, pirates, word
    $19.99 | 42.10 MBytes
  • Progress through challenging boards and solve immersive puzzles to earn cash. Use the money to buy eye-candy fish, attractive ornaments and accessories for your dream aquarium. Win awards and upgrade your virtual tank as you perfect your aquarium design skills and have fun with the lovely fishy sims. Being a unique fusion of classic game play with brilliant new ideas, this Playrix game will bring you lots of joyful moments!
    cash, earn, water, supplies, plant, stand, money, pond, mystic, puzzle, marine, making, tanks, freshwater, maintenance, lights, custom, decor, care, adventure, acrylic, aquarium, decorations, filter, hood, lighting, gravel, for, fish, tank, fishdom
    $19.95 | 31.72 MBytes
  • Explore eerie locations and search for hidden objects in this captivating mystery thriller. With a chilling crime at the center of its spellbinding story, Vampire Saga is not intended for the faint of heart!
    box, pandora, saga, vampire
    $19.95 | 76.95 MBytes
  • Vitamini is a stressless musical physics-based puzzle game for any age! Imagine... cubes fall down from the top but then bounce back in respect to laws of physics. They also synthesize sounds in synchronization with music. This creates a very pleasant harmony you can feel when you play. The game is very easy, there is no challenge! It will make you free from any stress.
    games, games, video, for, vitamins, , 3, puzzle, music, match, physics, in, tetris, relaxation, casual, computer, kids, about, blocks, love, cubes
    Freeware | 22.95 MBytes
  • Memra is a fun puzzle game. The gameplay is like in Memory the popular card game for kids. Memra is simple but it gets hard on higher levels, because the little girl Memri has fun doing crazy stuff with the cards. We know you will like her! Learn to memorize things fast to get through the 60 levels of increasing difficulty. The game rules change a bit over the levels to make it even more fun and challenging.
    game, kids, 3d, card, memorize, puzzle, memory, mindtraining, memra
    $12.99 | 30.39 MBytes
  • Logic game in which it is necessary to reconstruct an object original form. Pictures divided into fragments by a mosaic principle. The built in editor allows to transform the necessary fragment to a mosaic. As an initial picture any graphic files can act. Containing images of people and animals, complex volume figures, landscapes and also any other objects. To make an whole from parts not so easily as can seem.
    mosaic, s, editor, picture, puzzle, image, tiles, game, logic, construct, pieces, split
    $24.99 | 3.53 MBytes
  • A2Z Word Puzzler creates puzzles and quizzes from word list files. These puzzles and quizzes can be used by children to improve their vocabulary and spelling skills. Since you can enter your own list of words, it is especially helpful with vocabulary and spelling lists assigned at school. It can also be used with foreign languages. Create crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, cryptograms, word scrambles, letter box puzzles, and more.
    words, vocabulary, spelling, cryptogram, puzzle, word, search, crossword
    $24.95 | 5.29 MBytes
  • Leawo Easter Egg to Chincken Converter is a words puzzle game for Easter happiness. You are required to find some words like leawo, easter, egg, and chicken etc. Draw a line across the letters to pick a word each time, the orientation of the words can be horizontal, vertical and diagonal, given the game level. There are 4 levels, thousands of puzzles created randomly. The last three levels promise different prizes upon level clearance.
    word, puzzle, easter, game, chicken, egg, to, converter, leawo, search, cross
    Freeware | 10.67 MBytes
  • Free escape room game with great picturesque graphics and four levels by Cooking-Free-Games. There is a list of hidden objects that should be found in lumber-room, dining-room, pier and office. Click at the object and it will disappear, find all objects to escape the room. There is Hint bonus to help you in the search. Play online free or download freeware.
    freeware, download, graphics, online, free, objects, escape, room, hidden, game
    Freeware | 7.28 MBytes
  • A thrilling adventure in the course of which you are going to cross urban streets collecting necessary details for restoring the confectionary. Colorful graphics, realistic sound background and captivating plot will leave no one indifferent. Play this and download more free games from
    free, games, download, arcade, online
    Freeware | 81.19 MBytes
  • There are four bright and picturesque levels: office-room, jewellery shop, workshop and grocer's. You have a list of hidden object that should be found. Click at the object with mouse and it will disappear. Find all objects to escape the room. There is Hint bonus in case you failed to find the object. Just click at Hint and at the object that should be found.
    point, levels, flash, and, click, freeware, downlaod, find, room, game, object, free, online, escape, girl, hidden
    Freeware | 5.49 MBytes
  • Addictive and relaxing hidden object free online game. There is a complete chaos in the hospital where nurse Suzy has got a job. But Suzy does not disregard this, she will find the things that were lost a lot of time ago and put a place in order! Your task is to help the nurse to bring order to the hospital. You have a list of object that should be found, click at the object with mouse and it will disappear.
    relax, addictive, puzzle, point, click, and, bonus, room, online, free, hidden, objects, escape, game
    Freeware | 1.98 MBytes
  • New levels of popular hidden object game by You should find the objects that are in the list in bathroom, car, children room and the museum room full in antiquarian items. Colorful animated graphics and relaxing music are main features of this free online escape the room game.
    hidden, object, escape, room, girls, download, online, free, freeware, game
    Freeware | 3.57 MBytes
  • Are you ready for a new adventure and give up your holiday to search for mysteries and reveal another Legend? After your city trip to Amsterdam, this time you have chosen for a relaxing holiday. A trip to tropical paradise. No way anything will come in between that can disturb this! It all seems peaceful, but again the journey will be nothing you expected it to be. The tropical environments will bring you more than relaxing and cocktails at the beach?.. if only you knew. The jungle hides secrets you don?t know of, locals do know more, but do not reveal all?. Questions rise, irreversible decisions have to be made to finally reveal the mystery of the golden bird in Paradise. The only thing you can be sure of?. The Golden Bird has special powers that go beyond every imagination. Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise offers you: 21 hidden objects 18 mini games Tropical environments Lots of challenging puzzles Beautiful 3D design Dynamic inventory A thrilling new Legend!
    game, youda, free, legend, download, online, golden, bird, games, trial, object, puzzle, strategy, hidden
    Freeware | 14.97 MBytes
  • The wise old forest wizard has provided a watchful eye over the kingdom for over 1000 years. Together with his fairies he has been protecting the innocent villagers from the strange and dark forces controlled by the evil witch. This epic battle between the forces of good and evil is as old as time itself, but now the kingdom is danger. The Forest Wizard must leave the kingdom and he is now seeking a replacement. He wants you to become the new forest wizard and guard the kingdom against the wicked enchantments and spells of the evil witch. The forest wizard relies on fairies to help guard the kingdom and to begin your new life, you must first learn how to create them in the magical pond. Using lilies, fireflies and a bit of special magic you will create the special fairies and learn to send them to protect the villagers houses. The old wizard will also teach you the secrets of wizardry instructing you on the spells and potions you will need to defeat the dark forces. But beyond the magical pond the peace ...
    game, free, time, management, download, play, online, to, fairy, youdagames, youda, adventure
    Freeware | 15.50 MBytes
  • Helen Jones has found her true vocation as a matchmaker who helps lonely hearts meet each other. To find perfect matches, Helen has a unique approach: during a visit she looks for objects which may characterize their owner. Use your powers of observation to spot the hidden objects and decide who will be the ideal partner for each person, and your creative ideas to help your friends make original gifts, and to organize an unforgettable first date!
    logic, matchmaker, joining, hearts, games, casual, objects, kids, family, hidden
    $9.95 | 73.96 MBytes
  • Use your logic and reaction to prevent the falling colored figurines fill the playing field meaningless pattern! Folding series figures and to improve their skills under the enchanting sounds of magical music.
    pda, mobile, game, shareware, logic, freeware, puzzle
    $5 | 1.98 MBytes
  • Plunge into the captivating world of magic and mystery inhabited by elementals. Embark on a thrilling adventure to help Albert, a young magician, restore the Key of Eiron and save his sister kidnapped by Sibelius, a wicked sorcerer. Solve brain-teasing puzzles, hunt for cleverly hidden items and try your hand in challenging board battles in this amazing game full of surprises from Playrix!
    playrix, games, mac, key, magic, elementals, the, entertainment, at, download, exclusive, magic, for, games, online
    $19.95 | 97.38 MBytes
  • Train your memory! Remember that the same drawings inside the magical balls and continue to move forward, overcoming all 100 levels of privacy balls. 3 difficulty levels will help you to reach the level of the master!
    the, balls, of, to, levels, 100, 3, privacy, difficulty, will, master, , level, reach, help, you, all, forward, that, same, remember, memory, your, drawings, inside, move, train, continue, and, magical, overcoming
    $5 | 2.15 MBytes
  • Popular addictive free game for kids and everybody by Find identical tiles and click at them to delete. But pay attention that the tiles should be unlocked, i.e. no tile above-below or to the left-right. Tiles with figures and pets with text match even if they are not identical. Cartoon Mahjong is extremely bright, colorful and relaxing.
    flash, addictive, relax, children, kids, mahjong, online, free, game
    Freeware | 2.98 MBytes
  • New free online variation of addictive puzzle Mahjong game by Click at the identical unlocked tiles to delete them. The tile is unlocked when there is no tile above and there are no tiles either to the left or to the right from it. 4 seasons stones match even if they are not identical. The flower stones also match even if they are not identical. You win when all tiles are removed.
    tile, downlaod, freeware, online, free, arcade, puzzle, addictive, mahjong
    Freeware | 2.61 MBytes
  • Linking Game is a puzzle game. In this game, you link the same emotions together to earn points. There are several rules in different levels from easy to difficult. A good game to wast time, aha. It's small and completely free. You can play anytime. Also, this is open-source software. If you are a programmer, you can modify and re-compile the source in Delphi7 or 2007. The source code is included in the installer.
    puzzle, game, linking, link
    Freeware | 1.80 MBytes
  • The program Lines-7 offers you the following possibilities: * Play to more than 45 levels of difficulty: from very easy for children to very hard; * Widely change appearance of game window: change: "skin", background and ink colors, scale of game field, opaque of moving tile. * Save and load a game; * Customize sound effect.
    lines, color
    $9.95 | 716.00 KBytes
  • Play Crosswords on your computer! Get three fun and unique Crossword games in one! These are the three games you can enjoy in Crossword Twist. Fill-In: The good old favorite! Match words across and down the puzzle. Jigsaw: Crosswords with a twist! Match the words by solving a jigsaw puzzle. Cipher: For the decryption expert in you! Decipher the numbers to find the hidden letters. Features over 100 levels.
    puzzle, kristanix, cipher, xword, word, crossword
    $19.95 | 8.02 MBytes
  • Free addictive hidden objects online game by Find cunningly hidden objects in the rooms and pass all levels. You have the list of object that should be found. Click at them with your mouse and they will disappear. In case you failed to find the object use Hint bonus.
    and, point, click, freeware, download, free, logic, levels, escape, object, room, arcade, puzzle, hidden
    Freeware | 3.47 MBytes
  • Atlantis is calling out to a true hero to save it from deadly peril in this 3rd installment in the hit Atlantis Quest, The Rise of Atlantis series offering a unique blend of 3 popular gameplays. Set out on an exciting new quest in this spectacular mix of Match-3, Hidden Object and Adventure and journey around the ancient lands of the Mediterranean to acquire seven crystals of power and appease Poseidon. Heed the call of Atlantis!
    atlantis, call, of, demo, downloads, flash, downloading, downloadable, kid, new, demos, play, puzzle, online, download, latest, video, game, games, action, playrix, by, adventure, arcade, and, reviews, computer, pc, buy, cool
    $19.95 | 55.90 MBytes
  • New addictive puzzle free online game created by Your favorite classic match-three game becomes more addictive and bright. Shoot at the falling crystals, three or more of the same color disappear; do not let the crystals reach the end of the playing board, score points! There are three skill levels. The game is absolutely free.
    online, arcade, bubble, shooter, match, download, game, free, freeware, puzzle
    Freeware | 2.42 MBytes
  • is your one step resource for hidden object games. With so many to choose from and games that support PC or Macintosh, you shouldn't find yourself without anything to do any time soon. Some of the more popular games also offer online versions as well so you don't even need to download or install anything. The site is designed in such a way that it is easy to find what you want and it also supports a comment and ratings system.
    games, hidden, object, online, free, pc, objects, mac
    Freeware | 4.48 MBytes
  • 15-Puzzle are entertainment software based on "sliding numbers" game. The object of the puzzle is to get all tiles in the correct order. The moves are made by sliding counters into empty square. The lower number of moves the better your score is! This game was invented in 1870s by Newyorker Noyes Chapman and was as popular worldwide as Rubik's cube a century later.
    numbers, words, games, puzzle
    Freeware | 1.52 MBytes

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