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  • Rainbow Web takes you on a fun adventure to the land of fairies and elves. Spider, an evil wizard, has cast a spell over fairy creatures and spun a web over their kingdom. Solve 60 puzzles to break the spell now and return the Kingdom to sunshine!
    game, puzzle, pc
    $19.95 | 10.02 MBytes
  • "Windboxes is an amazing and challenging arcade-puzzle-game for all ages. You'll be surprised by its unique gameplay and the new ideas and features it comes with. Play through 55 levels in story-mode and use items during gameplay."
    game, download, boxes, adventure, wind, puzzle, arcade, games, free, games, action
    $1.98 | 7.38 MBytes
  • Master the art of solving the Zen Loops puzzles and bring inner harmony to your life. Start your journey to world domination here, it is but one small step. Ok, perhaps not quite world domination but you'll have hours of fun and pleasure solving these puzzles. New puzzles are added constantly. Play offline when you are waiting at the airport for your flight. Just don't get too absorbed and miss the final call! The game is simply to tap on individual tiles causing them to rotate and connect to others. When all the tiles are connect and there are no loose ends the puzzle is solved. There are many levels to solve and many puzzles within each level. Hope you enjoy the puzzle titles! Get a copy now, it's free.
    all, ages, zen, fun, games, strategy, puzzles
    Freeware | 3.59 MBytes
  • See if you can solve the intricate quiz in this challenging trivia game. This quiz contains questions that are related to the country of Australia. You will need to progress through the game and answer all of the questions correctly in order to win this game, but you must remember that you have only two lives throughout the quiz. If you answer a question incorrectly you lose one life. If all lives are gone then you will need to start over!
    quiz, quizz, trivia, quizzes, impossible
    Freeware | 2.09 MBytes
  • Beautiful mermaid sets off for her voyage in the depths of sea. Help her to win a royal garden design competition in an Underwater Kingdom. Her rivals in the contest are strong and it will be difficult to excel them. Complete exciting levels, solve puzzles, help mermaid to find all she needs to make your sea-garden perfect. Deep Voyage is a new truly marvelous collapse game which will lead you through 200+ levels of fun.
    relax, action, casual, game, 3, match, underwater, mermaid, puzzle, jigsaw, collapse
    Freeware | 27.01 MBytes
  • AshSofDev Hangman is a hangman game that has a vocabulary of 851 words.
    hangman, word, puzzle, games
    Freeware | 3.99 MBytes
  • Free logic puzzle game from Guide the Hedgehog carry the food to the holes (light blue cells) in this Sokoban style freeware puzzle game.
    publish, levels, score, freeware, download, flash, logic, skill, puzzle, game, free, online, arcade
    Freeware | 4.16 MBytes
  • Lines is a very popular, simple and easy-to-play puzzle game. Each turn, three randomly colored balls appears on the board. You can move ball if there is a path (linked set of vertical and horizontal empty cells) between the current position of the ball and the desired position. You must move one of balls to pick the line of 5 or more balls of the same color. When such line is arranged it disappears. You can make vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. Lines, which are longer than 5 balls, will be awarded by extra score points. The game is over, when the entire board is filled with balls. This game is cross-platform. You can run this application either on your PocketPC device or on your DesktopPC.
    lines, game, platform, cross, board, puzzle, color
    $14.95 | 0.79 MBytes
  • When their plane crashes on an uncharted island, two travelers discover an uncanny civilization inhabited by monkeys and apes. After a peaceful day of gathering fruit with friendly monkeys, they learn of a tyrannical baboon who wants to conquer the island and make it his empire. With their newfound monkey friends, the two travelers set out on a quest to bring peace to the island.
    games, game, download, adventure, , puzzle, arcade, free, games, action
    $1.99 | 7.00 MBytes
  • Cradle of Rome is a completely free, fully-featured and unrestricted match-3 puzzle game from You can download it, and many other games, from the site today! Cradle of Rome game has the player rebuilding the legendary city of Ancient Rome, beginning as a small village, into the bustling metropolis and world power. Eventually, players will be able to reconstruct some of the world-famous landmarks such as the Coliseum.
    of, rome, cradle, download, free, cradle, rome, game
    Freeware | 5.79 MBytes
  • Way back in 1878, a new game 'Fifteens' was invented and soon made a big splash. Thousands of people would play this game day and night, moving small squares in wooden boxes. Times have changed a lot since 1878, and now anyone can download this classic game which stands the test of time, on their PC, right here!
    freeware, games, downloading, game, free
    Freeware | 3.49 MBytes
  • Your distant forefathers kept a secret. Only a few men on the Earth are privy to this ancient mystery. You have to discover the meaning of this legacy, a meaning that was hidden from you until this day! However, it turns out that your legacy is just one key. One key to one room...
    adventure, game, puzzle, shareware, object, hidden, phoenix, mysterious, past, gregory
    $6.99 | 66.32 MBytes
  • Endless hours of action and adventure await you in Space Bubbles! Be the hero and guide the dragons home! On your journey you will fight your way through hundreds of different game levels. Blast the space bubbles into oblivion! Capture bonuses and amazing power-ups!
    game, addicting, download, shooting, puzzle, freeware, free, arcade
    Freeware | 6.55 MBytes
  • Play one of the world's most famous maze games! In Theseus and the Minotaur, you must guide Theseus through 87 mind twisting labyrinths to escape the dangerous Minotaur.
    think, adventure, logic, abbott, maze, robert, puzzle
    $9.95 | 8.63 MBytes
  • Kakuro Epic is a Windows version of the famous game, kakuro. You can generate puzzles in sizes from 6x6 to 14x14 and difficulties from easy to hard. The Assistant can help you with scanning, markup and revealing certain numbers, allowing you to focus on the logic. You can also enter puzzles from newspapers and solve them, or see the solution. Additionally you can store puzzles and continue solving them at a later time.
    create, generate, markup, logic, puzzle, sudoku, solver, kakuro
    $19.95 | 4.62 MBytes
  • In the game there are a grid of gems, you have to destroy the gems by swapping them. The gems will be destroyed if a line of 3 or more gems of the same kind are there. When some gems are destroyed, new gems will be created. You need to destroy gems as quickly as possible in order to advance to the next level.
    games, puzzle, action, block, style, arcade, mines, swap, jewel, bejeweled, bejewelled, diamond, gems
    Freeware | 340.00 KBytes
  • Challenge our online computer!!! Play chess games with our visual correspondence email system at PostCardChess. Play computer chess games! Challenge our online chess computer! Play free chess games against the computer.Offers turn-based correspondence chess. Also has a forum.Europes biggest chess server. More than chess players online every night. Grandmasters playing, free chess training, live events, free chess. Get
    Freeware | 13.00 KBytes
  • Good Ear training - Online Ear Training Site. This free ear training site helps you to develop good ears. Exercises: Intervals, Scales, Chords Music students should know how important ear training is for their development. Also experienced professionals still need to stay in shape, especially with this game. Ear training in Intervals, Chords, Scales, Rhythms and Melodies. New Jazz ear training lessons! Two new exercises! On-screen piano, guitar,
    game, music, fun
    Freeware | 35.00 KBytes
  • The game goal is to get as much points as you can. This game have only one rule: you can select only group of stones, not isolated. Stones formed group must have at least one side shared with another stone and stones in group must have same picture. If you click such group, it will vanish from game board, stones lay above fall down and you earn points.
    game, windows, logic, family, arcade, kids, computer, puzzles, clickpuzzle, games, puzzle
    $14.95 | 1.52 MBytes
  • In this game there will be a grid of sushis and you need to pair up adjacent sushis so that no two pairs contain the same types of sushis. There are a total of 4 types of sushis. Use the mouse to click the space between two sushis to pair them up.
    sushi, pairs, games, puzzle, dominosa, domino
    Freeware | 262.00 KBytes
  • We present the addictive puzzle game Brain Sanity. The players represent a rookie doctor in his first day of work in the great hospital of the city. After coming, you have to confront a complicated operation in which a patient has been infected by virus cerebral. You mission will be to save the life of the patient. The Main Objetive of the game is to clear as many virus as possible. To clear a virus you must put together two halfs, but they must match in the right direction, so they form a new complete virus. If you clear a virus, all the virus that are touching them, and have the same color, will be clear too (chain clear). If you put together two virus that have different shape, you will get a disease, and this will have a negative effect on your gameplay (blurred vision, tremor, faster movement, etc...). When you get a disease, an antidote combination will appear at the bottom right of the screen. An antidote will be a combination of two virus. Match those virus to be healthy again. When you have ...
    puzzle, addictive, mmo, arcade, online, videgames, sanity, brain, sanity, brain
    $9.99 | 115.54 MBytes
  • Journey across the world to help Professor Jack Foster search for his lost love. Alicia turned up missing after she made a significant archaeological find. Search for clues and discover lost treasures as you embark on this exciting jewel matching adventure. Lead Professor Foster through the New York Museum of Ancient History and the wild jungles of a South American Forest. Can you find Alicia and recover the Lost Treasures of El Dorado?
    games, download, game, free, arcade, action, , adventure, puzzle, games, christie, riddleagatha, maniacaribbean, peril, at, houseprismgame, end, babysitting
    $10 | 17.20 MBytes
  • Dive in to the Deep Blue Sea and find treasure and adventure in an underwater world. The mystery of the aquatic people of Avalonia unfolds as you discover the scattered fragments of their Sacred Amulets, salvaging treasure along the way. The plot thickens as the Amulets are assembled and their powers come to life.
    games, download, puzzle, adventure, , action, prismgame, free, game, games, arcade
    $5.66 | 188.00 MBytes
  • It's a first-person shooter game (more like an arcade) where you move in a 4D maze and shoot monsters. If you are not familiar with the concept of 4th dimension, don't worry much, because the first levels of the game go in 3D, and you will get the hang of it fast enough.
    shooter, 4d
    $78 | 6.32 MBytes
  • There is a grid of bricks of different colours. When you click on a grid, all the bricks that are connected to this brick by the same colour will be destroyed. The bricks on top of the destroyed bricks will collapse and the columns of bricks will merge. If you want to remove a single brick, you must use a magic wand. The game ends when you run out of magic wands and you can no longer destroy bricks by groups.
    games, puzzle, action, arcade, style, collapse, blocks, block, bricks
    Freeware | 339.00 KBytes
  • Downloads organized by ECO opening code.ChessCentral is the place to find free chess downloads, articles, and puzzles. A great online store helps you find the books, e-books, and cd roms you need.Chess servers hosting multiple games.Chess rules for a chess game. Chess has rules for each piece and the way they move. Learn all the chess rules so you can play chess!.Chess Miner - puzzle game. It is intended to improv
    rules03, chess
    Freeware | 21.00 KBytes
  • Search long-lost treasures in pitch black caves, pyramids and dark tombs of ancient temples. Huge gemstones were sheltered from the sunshine for eons of time waiting for those who are brave. You as an intrepid tomb seeker must resolve puzzles of dead kings and show courage in many adventures to get them all.
    arcade, christmass, xmass, game, riddles, cave, puzzle, crystal
    Freeware | 1.83 MBytes
  • Fairies takes you to a world where legends are true and magic is real. As the most powerful wizard ever known, you are the only hope for a once peaceful land where fairies have been captured by an unknown evil. Complete 100 mesmerizing levels, break the magical spell that traps the fairies inside pictures, and restore justice to this world in need. You will be a hero, and be granted the ultimate power. Use it wisely!
    matching, chuzzle, quality, bejeweled, gem, color, fairies
    $19.95 | 16.49 MBytes
  • Play through awesome Match 3 and prepare your house for Christmas with beautiful ornaments and illuminations! Use incredible powerups to blast through the puzzles and have a fantastic Christmas Puzzle holiday! Each new level is more difficult than the last, so prepare for an exciting time! Match ornaments, snowmen, candy canes and more as you collect gold coins and clear tiles with a click of your Christmas mouse.
    match, winter, snow, santa, three, puzzle, christmas, 3
    $9.99 | 22.32 MBytes
  • Fairy Jewels game is one of more than 300 free Games you can download & find at Free Ride Games. Go on a rescue mission in fairyland! An evil wizard has captured all the fairies in the land and locked them into his dark castle. It is up to you to free the fairies and to bring them back to fairyland. Can you save these sweet little creatures? Download Fairy Jewels game for free.
    games, download, free, pc, game, games
    Freeware | 720.00 KBytes

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