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  • This is a modern version of a Tetris game with lots of challenging tasks and constantly growing speed. It is what you will definitely like!
    version, full, challenge, tetro, game, download, version, game, full, free, free
    Freeware | 6.38 MBytes
  • Puzzle Railway is a fun puzzle game. You should build track by moving and turning Puzzle Blocks. Building the track is a puzzle because the game field is made of blocks with rails, traffic lights, tunnels, and coal. You must pick up all the workers.
    download, games, game, railway, puzzle
    Freeware | 3.47 MBytes
  • The ancient kingdom is in trouble! The magic of the four elements that kept it running for centuries has been corrupted. It is up to you to unlock the 4 ancient books of magic and collect 16 mysterious cards that will help you restore the kingdom to life. Using a mix of classic addictive game play ideas but taking them to a new level with innovative twists, explosive bonuses and spectacular visual effects this Playrix hit game is a load of fun.
    spell, fairy, witchcraft, wiccan, knights, puzzle, games, elements, ancient, kingdom, addicting, 4
    $19.95 | 50.22 MBytes
  • Logic game in which it is necessary to reconstruct an object original form. Pictures divided into fragments by a mosaic principle. The built in editor allows to transform the necessary fragment to a mosaic. As an initial picture any graphic files can act. Containing images of people and animals, complex volume figures, landscapes and also any other objects. To make an whole from parts not so easily as can seem.
    mosaic, s, editor, picture, puzzle, image, tiles, game, logic, construct, pieces, split
    $24.99 | 3.53 MBytes
  • Leawo Easter Egg to Chincken Converter is a words puzzle game for Easter happiness. You are required to find some words like leawo, easter, egg, and chicken etc. Draw a line across the letters to pick a word each time, the orientation of the words can be horizontal, vertical and diagonal, given the game level. There are 4 levels, thousands of puzzles created randomly. The last three levels promise different prizes upon level clearance.
    word, puzzle, easter, game, chicken, egg, to, converter, leawo, search, cross
    Freeware | 10.67 MBytes
  • In Mae Q`West and the Sign of the Stars only you can help Mae read the stars and help her solve the mystery of her missing husband. Mae`s horoscope guides her through an epic journey after her husband is lost at sea. Do you have the sleuthing skills to uncover the truth and help her keep her family together?
    game, downloads, games, the, sign, of, puzzle, games, and, stars, q, download, downloadable, pc, computer, mae, west
    $6.99 | 171.00 MBytes
  • You won't believe how this tool can know what you're thinking. Great pictures too!
    mind, read, reader, mindreading, reading, my, your, mindreader, hypnosis
    Freeware | 0.90 MBytes
  • The old mansion has been living a mysterious life of its own. Explore the dark rooms of the house and discover the secrets that haunt this eerie place. Meet the talking raven and the Spirit, the enigmatic captives of the mansion. Unravel all the mysteries and collect the keys to enter the Mansion's Heart. Confront the insidious lord, break the evil spells, set the captives free and become the owner of the gorgeous mansion.
    puzzle, fairy, spell, witchcraft, games, ancient, mansion, by, playrix, mystery, mortlake
    $19.95 | 166.40 MBytes
  • Memra is a fun puzzle game. The gameplay is like in Memory the popular card game for kids. Memra is simple but it gets hard on higher levels, because the little girl Memri has fun doing crazy stuff with the cards. We know you will like her! Learn to memorize things fast to get through the 60 levels of increasing difficulty. The game rules change a bit over the levels to make it even more fun and challenging.
    game, kids, 3d, card, memorize, puzzle, memory, mindtraining, memra
    $12.99 | 30.39 MBytes
  • New bubble matching game by Choose one of three skill levels and start to play. Aim with the mouse and shoot at the falling balls. Three or more balls of the same color disappear. The higher skill level you play the more points you get for each deleted match.
    score, download, freeware, match, skill, beads, balls, bubbles, puzzle
    Freeware | 2.26 MBytes
  • It`s up to you to stop a mischievous gopher and his nefarious minions from destroying your beautiful garden in Plant This! Your goal is to stop them by using your green thumb and creating a labyrinth with flowers. These amazing flowers will defend your garden with magical powers. Enjoy challenging puzzle stages, several fun levels, and stop those nasty critters before it`s too late.
    downloads, game, games, this, games, puzzle, plant, pc, downloadable, download, computer
    $6.99 | 67.00 MBytes
  • A secret group of dark magicians have come back to life. Their evil leader, Lord Val`Gor, has started making changes to the world. These changes are documented with pictures, and you must search each one to find the differences. Be cautious, some pictures are cursed to delay your search... expect the unexpected.
    games, download, puzzle, adventure, , action, prismgame, free, game, games, arcade
    $5.66 | 4.98 MBytes
  • Get ready for a sting! Scorpion solitaire is here. This card game is extremely difficulty. Just like klondike solitaire, stack cards on top of each other in descending order. Try to build a stack from king to ace of th same suit, and watch it vanish! Eliminate all 52 cards, and you're a Solitaire Master. Card Game Scorpion Solitaire is not for the faint of soul. Get envenomed today!
    games, solitaire, card, free, klondike, online, cards, puzzle
    Freeware | 2.54 MBytes
  • Introducing our newest two-player logic game, based on Dominoes. You can even play this game with an actual set of dominoes, no PC necessary. However, the rules are different from the standard ones. Like chess and checkers, the rules can be learned in five minutes, but practice is needed to master the strategy and nuances of the game. A real brain-teaser, not for the easily frustrated!
    freeware, games, downloading, game, free
    Freeware | 3.09 MBytes
  • The wise old forest wizard has provided a watchful eye over the kingdom for over 1000 years. Together with his fairies he has been protecting the innocent villagers from the strange and dark forces controlled by the evil witch. This epic battle between the forces of good and evil is as old as time itself, but now the kingdom is danger. The Forest Wizard must leave the kingdom and he is now seeking a replacement. He wants you to become the new forest wizard and guard the kingdom against the wicked enchantments and spells of the evil witch. The forest wizard relies on fairies to help guard the kingdom and to begin your new life, you must first learn how to create them in the magical pond. Using lilies, fireflies and a bit of special magic you will create the special fairies and learn to send them to protect the villagers houses. The old wizard will also teach you the secrets of wizardry instructing you on the spells and potions you will need to defeat the dark forces. But beyond the magical pond the peace ...
    game, free, time, management, download, play, online, to, fairy, youdagames, youda, adventure
    Freeware | 15.50 MBytes
  • This unique dice game combines slots and bingo. Pull the slow lever to roll the dice. Then cover a number that matches one of the dice. Once you fill in a row you earn points. Some dice will give you bonuseslike extra rolls or extra points. You can play solo against a computer player or online against other players using the Tams11 Lobby. Download the Tams11 Lobby in order to play against others.
    game, online, dice, slots, games, play, dingo, download, tams11, bingo
    Freeware | 0.97 MBytes
  • Atlantis is calling out to a true hero to save it from deadly peril in this 3rd installment in the hit Atlantis Quest, The Rise of Atlantis series offering a unique blend of 3 popular gameplays. Set out on an exciting new quest in this spectacular mix of Match-3, Hidden Object and Adventure and journey around the ancient lands of the Mediterranean to acquire seven crystals of power and appease Poseidon. Heed the call of Atlantis!
    atlantis, demo, downloads, flash, downloading, downloadable, kid, new, demos, play, puzzle, online, download, latest, reviews, games, adventure, game, action, of, arcade, buy, video, call, and, computer, pc, cool
    $19.95 | 56.81 MBytes
  • POL-R (Path Of Least Resistanace) You must prevent as many drips from successfully completing their natural trip down the game board. You've got to think fast, predict where the drips will go and block them all as the game evolves. Colorful, fast paced, many different dificulty levels to challenge all who play!
    strategy, teaser, brain, game, logic, tetris, sudoku, analytical, pol, casual, polr, puzzle, r
    $14.95 | 3.53 MBytes
  • Kakuro Epic is a Mac version of the famous game, kakuro. You can generate puzzles in sizes from 6x6 to 14x14 and difficulties from easy to hard. The Assistant can help you with scanning, markup and revealing certain numbers, allowing you to focus on the logic. You can also enter puzzles from newspapers and solve them, or see the solution. Additionally you can store puzzles and continue solving them at a later time.
    generate, markup, mac, create, logic, sudoku, solver, puzzle, kakuro
    $9.95 | 6.37 MBytes
  • Quickly produce professional looking puzzles for students, employees, friends and family with Crossword Construction Kit. Enter words and clues, select a puzzle shape and page layout, and generate the puzzle. Design custom puzzle shapes or page layouts. Print puzzles, create graphic images or create interactive puzzles to solve on your computer. Upload puzzles to web pages where visitors can play and solve the puzzles online. And much more!
    word, puzzle, theme, express, generator, schools, vocabulary, spell, xword, manufacturer, assembler, spelling, teachers, shapes, creator, builder, puzzles, crosswords, maker, construction, crossword, game, games, education
    $24.95 | 4.71 MBytes
  • In this game columns of 3 firework bombs will fall down from the top of the screen, you need to arrange the bombs so that 3 or more bombs of the same colour form a straight line horizontally, vertically or diagonally. When a line is formed, the bombs will disappear and a firework launches. You lost the game when the bombs pile up to the top of the screen.
    games, puzzle, columns, action, tetris, fireworks, firework, style
    Freeware | 343.00 KBytes
  • Solve Sudoku puzzles by entering the initial partially completed grid.
    3, 9, x, sudoko, latin, suduku, place, soduku, square, number, sudokus, solving, solution, filling, numerals, three, numbers, soduko, 1, by, row, 9x9, fill, logic, grid, column, 3x3, solve, one, digits, regions, boxes, blocks, nine
    $19.99 | 756.00 KBytes
  • Diamond Ring Mahjong Solitaire puts that bling on your ring! You'll feel engaged the moment you play this puzzle game, as you match tiles to remove them from the board. Commit to a lifetime of strategy game fun when you play this game, because each and every time you play this board game the tiles are different and its a whole new puzzle for you to explore. Diamond Ring Mahjong Solitaire is an extra large and difficult board, so be careful.
    games, mah, mahjong, jong, solitaire, seasons, tiles, flowers, dragons, character, bamboo, strategy, puzzle, jongg, board, dots
    Freeware | 2.73 MBytes
  • Atlantis is calling out to a true hero to save it from deadly peril in this 3rd installment in the hit Atlantis Quest, The Rise of Atlantis series offering a unique blend of 3 popular gameplays. Set out on an exciting new quest in this spectacular mix of Match-3, Hidden Object and Adventure and journey around the ancient lands of the Mediterranean to acquire seven crystals of power and appease Poseidon. Heed the call of Atlantis!
    atlantis, call, of, demo, downloads, flash, downloading, downloadable, kid, new, demos, play, puzzle, online, download, latest, video, game, games, action, playrix, by, adventure, arcade, and, reviews, computer, pc, buy, cool
    $19.95 | 55.90 MBytes
  • In this game you need to race against each other for the fastest mine sweeper. The play area is composed of a grid of blocks, the one who opens all the blocks first wins. When you open a block, the number of mines adjacent to that block will be shown, and you can use this information to figure out where the mines are and open the blocks without mines. If you open a block with a mine, then you will be penalized for 10 seconds. When you concluded t
    mine, games, classic, puzzle, mines, sweeper, sweeping, race, minesweeper
    Freeware | 339.00 KBytes
  • In this game there is a text that is written in strange symbols. You need to guess what the symbols are and drag the correct letters to replace the symbols and reconstruct the original message. There is a hint button that can be used when you are stuck. The faster you decrypt the text and the lesser the hints are used, the higher the score you get.
    games, code, word, logic, puzzle, decrypt, breaking, decode, encode, encrypt
    Freeware | 344.00 KBytes
  • It's bon appetite as you take the role of a go-getting mouse who's out to become a skilled chef. Packed with adventure and brimming with laughs, Mystery Cookbook is a delightful hidden object challenge for gamers with good taste!
    cookbook, mystery
    $19.95 | 20.30 MBytes
  • Help Jennifer, a young marine biologist, win the Best Aquarium Award. Dive to the bottom of the sea and find various hidden items in numerous eye-teasing locations. Earn cash to buy cute sea creatures, gorgeous ornaments and cool accessories and create three unique aquariums. This dazzling hidden object spin-off of the original Fishdom is absolutely Fishinating!
    fishdom, maintenance, plant, lights, lighting, hood, stand, supplies, hidden, objects, puzzle, freshwater, water, cash, gravel, tank, acrylic, aquarium, odyssey, hidden, 2, h2o, adventure, care, filter, fish, decorations, decor, custom, for
    $19.95 | 81.46 MBytes
  • The 3 finder! It is exactly what the title says! To put it simple ... find three. That is, finding the three randomly genreated colored spheres that the game places in the middle of your screen and in the middle of a ring of spheres. The game asks you to locate the sequence in the ring. Once you locate the spheres, you click the sphere in the middle of the correct sequence that has been dispalyed.
    game, mini, puzzle, 3finder
    Freeware | 2.48 MBytes
  • Progress through challenging boards and solve immersive puzzles to earn cash. Use the money to buy eye-candy fish, attractive ornaments and accessories for your dream aquarium. Win awards and upgrade your virtual tank as you perfect your aquarium design skills and have fun with the lovely fishy sims. Being a unique fusion of classic game play with brilliant new ideas, this Playrix game will bring you lots of joyful moments!
    cash, earn, water, supplies, plant, stand, money, pond, mystic, puzzle, marine, making, tanks, freshwater, maintenance, lights, custom, decor, care, adventure, acrylic, aquarium, decorations, filter, hood, lighting, gravel, for, fish, tank, fishdom
    $19.95 | 31.72 MBytes

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