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  • Find the same pictures and improve your memory. This game develop memory. Find the same pictures and improve your memory. This game develop memory. Pair pictures - Find the same pictures and improve your memory. This game develop memory. PairABox - Play PairABox, a logical mystery puzzle game! it is THE memory game. Of course, like any concentration games, you have to find pairs of identical pictures
    soft, tips, mnemonic, memory, eydetic
    Freeware | 43.00 KBytes
  • Fresh from a successful exploration of the wreck of the Titanic, the Hidden Expedition Club will pit one of its stellar members against a formidable group of opponents in a race to the summit of Everest! Explore mysterious places as you find hidden clues in 30 different scenes from around the world. Expert Everest climber Ed Viesturs will assist you along the way as you unlock exclusive footage of the world's most dangerous summits.
    game, free, play, online, downloads, flash, arcade, funny, fun, computer, pc, spot, everest, expedition, games, the, hidden, kid
    $19.99 | 72.45 MBytes
  • In this game there will be a figure and you will need to use some tiles to construct the figure. You need to be careful because not every tile are used, if you used a wrong tile, you might not be able to finish the figure. Use the mouse to drag the tiles to finish the figure. The faster you finish, the higher your score.
    games, puzzle, inlay, mind, blocks, shape, building
    Freeware | 261.00 KBytes
  • This program allows to play with Sudoku.It s possible to solve 3 different levels or to insert any scheme you desire.You can write many numbers in only one cell as notes, and to delete a single figure or the whole grid. You can ask PC for help , to view solution and to change the number's color. You cand undo any action, create and edit any scheme with the editor inside the program.Regularly you can find some new schemes at the Author's Home Page to play with.
    numbers, puzzle, sudoku
    Freeware | 668.00 KBytes
  • Mahjong, the ancient Chinese solitaire game. The goal is to remove all the Chinese dominoes in matching pairs. The latest version of the game has five different layouts-ensuring almost endless puzzle play! Choose from multiple tile sets and enjoy the tranquil historical music score. Helpful hints are available if the player wants assistance. Mahjong City is perfect for the new and experienced player! Great for all ages!
    game, free, download, pc, 3d, games, version, fun, full, falling, block, arcade, out, mahjong, shapes, collapse
    Freeware | 4.67 MBytes
  • The Samurai Sudoku puzzles is another variation of the original Sudoku Puzzles.It has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. It's fun. It's challenging. It's addictive!
    sudoku, puzzle, samurai, game
    $14.95 | 765.00 KBytes
  • StoneLoops! is an amazingly dynamic puzzle-arcade game set in the prehistoric world of Jurassica. Thanks to unique gameplay mechanics and non-stop action, it's bound to please even the most selective gamers. Take a trip through the five colorful realms of Jurassica - from wild jungle, through endless glacier, to the edge of a blazing volcano. Own five houses and collect 24 trophies in this crazy, action-packed adventure.
    marble, popper, puzzle, arcade, codeminion, casual, stoneloops
    $19.95 | 32.00 MBytes
  • In a land of darkness and mystery, an ancient wizard needs you to solve the riddles of the Middle Ages. Unravel the puzzles with your quick wit! Match the runes and destroy the surrounding crystals. Join the medieval merriment now! Superb graphics & over 30 challenging levels!
    game, free, download, match, 3, pc, 3d, version, fun, full, games, falling, arcade, block, out, shapes, collapse
    Freeware | 8.41 MBytes
  • If you want to improve your golf game then you need to concentrate on all aspects of the game including your chip shot. it is my earnest hope that this. Infospace find it. mobile is your onestop mobile local search that saves you time when youre on the go. Meanwhile, the home players are able to concentrate on their game. As with all matters of the heart, youll know when you find it. and, like any great relationship, so keep looking until you
    soft, tips, mnemonic, memory, eydetic
    Freeware | 10.00 KBytes
  • A bunch of sheep need to be taken through a field in the forest and in to the farm. But don't let the sheep wander off into the forest alone or they'll get lost!
    game, arcade, fun, logic, puzzle
    Freeware | 4.06 MBytes
  • Magic Tale is a color-matching game that takes you into the past, when fairytales were born on the wings of imagination. Beautiful visuals, enchanting music and seven fairytale worlds to unlock round out the features of this magical offering.
    alawar, advanced, entertainment, remake, games, classic, tale, puzzle, magic, game
    $19.95 | 17.22 MBytes
  • Advanced Lines is an incredibly addictive color matching game with a bunch of sound effects and a graphics galore! The aim of the game is to build various figures out of objects of the same color. There are two available objects types: Static - color balls and Dynamic - animated funny characters. Dynamic objects are good for kids, beginners or just laid-back players. Why not give it a shot?
    tetris, download, free, play, lines
    Freeware | 2.02 MBytes
  • Play online Sam Lloyd's "15" puzzle. The funny story of this game. Mathematical implications of this game. Some funny logical problems with the 15 game. 15-game free download. Game 15 is similar to world known logic game. You should place pieces by way of following numbers from 1 up to 15.
    puzzle, 15, s, lloyd, sam
    Freeware | 29.00 KBytes
  • Play a Tetris game with fantasy-style graphics
    puzzle, tetris, game
    Freeware | 1.40 MBytes
  • Based on the legendary Russian folk hero, Elias the Mighty is a thrilling arcade puzzle game based on shape recognition. Add in colorful graphics and a storyline steeped in tradition, and you have a game that's the next best thing to fighting alongside Elias himself!
    mighty, the, elias
    $19.95 | 23.22 MBytes
  • Unknown virus has emerged in a small town in the west. Help a researcher sort out the right remedy to cure the disease! Jolly graphics, good musical background and simple rules of the game will give fun to everyone. Play Laboratorian Quest absolutely for free!
    game, free, logic, enigma, lab
    Freeware | 13.91 MBytes
  • Chain Reaction: Engaging new-concept puzzle game.
    game, games, fun, flash, puzzle, reaction, chain, free
    Freeware | 3.38 MBytes
  • Only the best new and classic puzzles: Easy to Learn, Tough to Master, Fun to Play! We entertain and challenge players with a mix of exciting new games and proven, well-loved favorites. Unlike our competitors, our puzzles are fun and have staying power; each is playable many times without becoming tedious or repetitive. With a simple, elegant and content rich interface, we have the ideal product for the brain training market.
    puzzles, memory, brain, anagrams, tilt, mazes, game, jigsaw, polyominoes, words, spatial, trainer, training, word, logic, crosswords, math, code
    $14.95 | 8.66 MBytes
  • Use your creativity to create phrases to match a random acronym and wow the other players. Everyone votes for their favorite phrase. Receive the most votes and you win the round. Be the wittiest overall and win the game! Needs the Lobby in for to play online with others.
    game, word, online, words, multiplayer, create, acrophobia, acro, acros, chat
    Freeware | 1.14 MBytes
  • Tirnanog, the land of youth, awaits those with a quick mind and a fast wrist in a game that blends action and color-matching to create a supreme entertainment experience! Go on a quest for legendary Celtic treasure through more than 140 gorgeous levels! Choose your path and use the myriad of power-up bonuses at your disposal, including the mighty Hammer! The first game of its kind with a Relaxed Mode, Mythic Pearls will dazzle and amaze you from
    mythic, pearls, play, download
    $19.95 | 30.39 MBytes
  • Renju World is a fresh replica of the old popular TicTacToe game! In this two-player game your golas is to create a line of 5 stones on a square grid. The game is a draw if there is no enough spare grid squares to complete a row of 5 stones as a direct line. Two players move stones of their chosen colors. The winner of the game is the player who will be first to attain five in a row. Game requires attention and smartness!
    renju, world, education, tetris, balltris, download, tetris
    Freeware | 647.00 KBytes
  • Restore the ruined temples in an ancient tournament of divine puzzles! Take part in the Ancient Quest of Saqqarah and descend deep below the sands to the magical underground oasis filled with puzzles, treasures and mysteries! It's up to you to fulfill an ancient Egyptian prophecy and stop evil god Seth from breaking out of his arcane tomb prison. In order to succeed the chosen one will have to master 7 different types of puzzles plus mini-games!
    3, match, puzzle, khufu, seth, egypt, ultimate, epic, quest, ancient, of, codeminion, casual, saqqarah
    $19.95 | 25.56 MBytes
  • Play with the marbles of the jungle in this addictive and thrilling action puzzler. This is Tetris with a huge twist. Forget about stacking blocks, this is all about pure jungle ball frenzy! In Jungle Frenzy, you must add up the sum of the balls and place the correct amount of balls in a container. It may sound a bit strange, but it is actually very fun and addictive. You have three different modes to choose from.
    puzzle, game, tetris, action, math
    Freeware | 5.16 MBytes
  • Build up your spooky Fishdom! Earn cash as you complete addictive tile-swapping levels and spend it to fix up your spooktacular tank. Create the eerie atmosphere of an underwater haunted house with witches, vampires and ghosts in your aquarium. Have fun taking care of quirky tropical fishies and adding boo-tiful accessories to the virtual aquarium of your dreams! Win trophies as you polish your aquarium design skills in this brrrilliant match-3 sequel to Fishdom TM! Get splashed with Fishdom fun!
    fishdom, plant, stand, maintenance, lights, lighting, supplies, water, hidden, objects, puzzle, freshwater, cash, hood, for, aquarium, adventure, acrylic, splash, spooky, care, custom, fish, tank, filter, decorations, decor, gravel
    $19.95 | 28.68 MBytes
  • You only have 80 days to circumnavigate the globe. Think that sounds easy? Travel back in time to the late 19th century and get ready for spectacular adventures on land, sea and air together with the English daredevil Phileas Fogg and his loyal French servant Passepourtout.
    downloads, kid, demo, flash, downloading, latest, new, play, demos, puzzle, online, downloadable, download, arcade, buy, adventure, games, game, mac, computer, cool, reviews, video, and, action
    $19.95 | 44.48 MBytes
  • A2Z Word Puzzler creates puzzles and quizzes from word list files. These puzzles and quizzes can be used by children to improve their vocabulary and spelling skills. Since you can enter your own list of words, it is especially helpful with vocabulary and spelling lists assigned at school. It can also be used with foreign languages. Create crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, cryptograms, word scrambles, letter box puzzles, and more.
    words, vocabulary, spelling, cryptogram, puzzle, word, search, crossword
    $24.95 | 5.29 MBytes
  • Find differences between two pictures.
    differences, the, between, find, 2, side, difference, you, can, diff, among, by, puzzles, is, games, seeing, detect, spot, photos, two, see, images, detecting, finding, spotting, what
    $9.99 | 8.16 MBytes
  • WINNER! Best Hidden Object Game of 2008! All small towns have their secrets and stories, but none such as Sleepy Hollow, whose legends are most grim and gory. By day a quaint village full of sunshine and banter, by night a place haunted by hoof beats and spectral laughter. Explore Sleepy Hollow as never before, searching for clues into the ancient legend. But beware; each night the Horseman rides, he takes another victim.
    downloads, game, games, s, games, pen, puzzle, wizard, computer, downloadable, download, pc, the
    $6.99 | 82.00 MBytes
  • In this game there will be two pictures of different smiley faces. There will be 10 slight differences between the two pictures, such as the position of the eye and the colour of the face. You need to find out all the differences as quickly as possible. If you are stuck, there is a hint button to help you out.
    the, difference, puzzle, games, find, photo, spot, hunt
    Freeware | 339.00 KBytes
  • Do you want to be the Legend of Tic-Tac-Toe? Your ability to win at Tic Tac Toe game, referred to as noughts and crosses or hugs and kisses, tells much of your intelligence. If you really dare to challenge your mental powers, than Tic Tac Toe Legends free kids game is the right game for you. You can choose between two difficulties: easy and hard. Soon you will realize if your intelligence is anywhere close of being a genius.
    kids, games, free, legends, tac, toe, tic
    Freeware | 1.38 MBytes

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