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  • Read barcodes (1D and 2D - PDF417, Datamatrix, QR Code, Aztec, Code128, Code39, EAN13, EAN8, I2of5, UPCA, UPCE, GS1, Codabar) from images and PDF in your .NET, ASP.NET, CF.NET, ActiveX, ASP, command line applications
    barcode, net, recognize, read, codabar, dot, bytescout, code39, c, asp, basic, visual, vb, ean, 2d, code, bar, reader, barcodes, sdk, recognition, 1d, datamatrix, pdf417, image
    $395 | 15.10 MBytes
  • Setup installation creator tool makes executable files with several options for deciding wizard layout such as Product name, Company name, Copyright text, Folder path for setup installation, Product version and location in Menu group.
    maker, generate, develop, exe, wizard, windows, application, builder, generator, tool, installation, license, uninstall, executable, program, package, install, software, creator, 64, 32, dll, installer, extracting, self, bit, setup
    $99 | 9.27 MBytes
  • Protect you Resell Rights ebooks. Create trial versions of software and ebooks, Create trial-ware for all other exe files.
    rights, ebooks, resell, resale, with
    Freeware | 1.32 MBytes
  • Library Software for Windows. Library database maintenance system for small private, public, or corporate libraries. Our library software helps you to catalog library items, organize member information, and keep track of the circulation data.
    library, book, maintenance, system, organizer, windows, lirary, small, software
    $245 | 9.52 MBytes
  • SqlLobEditor is a database tool that helps DBA and Database Programmer edit Sql Server LOB (text, ntext, image) data directly. It can import/export LOB data also.
    server, sql, server, sql, edit, blob, text, ntext, image, export, import, lob
    $75 | 3.44 MBytes
  • AzSQL Decryptor is a powerful SQL object decryptor. It allows you unravel a single encrypted sql object or an entire database full of stored procedures, triggers, views and user defined functions with simplicity and blinding speed.
    sql, encrypted, decrypt, script, sql2005, sql2000, with, decryptor, decrypter, encryption
    $129 | 1.24 MBytes
  • Database conversion utility converts MSSQL server database to MySQL Db with all different data types, attributes and multibyte character sets. Microsoft SQL to MySQL database conversion tool provides full install/uninstall support.
    column, synchronizer, character, multibyte, unicode, architecture, utility, schema, key, index, primary, datatype, attribute, migrate, tool, conversion, software, database, server, to, mysql, convert, source, row, migration, record, table, files, mssql
    $45 | 1.39 MBytes
  • IntelliPRINT Dashboard Reporting is a native Dashboard-style Reporting and Analysis solution for Lotus Notes & Domino that enables end-users to create, modify, extend and analyze interactive dashboard-style reports, without adding to IT overhead.
    lotus, notes, intelliprint, dashboard, dashboard, report, dashboa, reporting, reporting, synaptris, dashboards, dashboards
    Freeware | 29.72 MBytes
  • DWG DXF 3D .NET library for import, export and viewing of AutoCAD DXF files.
    import, export, view, cad, vb, c, dxf, 3d, net, dotnet, dwg
    $900 | 9.92 MBytes
  • MSI to EXE setup creator software converts .msi file into .exe format without changing any features and functionality. MSI installer to EXE setup files converter utility allows user to store converted EXE setup file on system hard disk drive.
    changer, transform, program, builder, setup, convert, generate, window, installer, functionality, characteristic, feature, tool, generator, installation, package, utility, conversion, exe, creator, software, application, maker, format, file, msi
    $69 | 0.88 MBytes
  • Create a custom database with your own fields and data.
    business, management, marketing, from, operation, associates, generate, provider, solutions, validating, systems, processing, production, suppliers, custom, ms, customizing, access, microsoft, data, tools, manage, costs, finances, sales, customized
    $19.99 | 727.00 KBytes
  • Freeware .msi to .exe file migration tool transforms Microsoft Installer file wizard to .net framework executable file format with simple interactive GUI graphical wizard easy understandable for non-technical user prevent data loss while conversion.
    interface, wizard, user, converts, software, file, maker, windows, solution, install, tool, conversion, builder, package, converter, create, setup, extension, exe, executable, format, framework, installer, net, microsoft, generate, msi
    $69 | 0.88 MBytes
  • X360 Multiple Video Player ActiveX Control helps application developers to control multiple video files playback simultaneously for VB .NET, web page, C#, ASP etc. The video formats include 3GP, AVI, DIVX, MOV, MPEG-4, RM, RMVB, VOB, WMV etc.
    activex, wmv, vb, dotnet, ocx, x, net, vista, asp, access, playback, c, page, we, active, media, mov, h, divx, 3gp, video, 264, mpeg, movie, avi, rmvb, rm, 4, player
    $139.9 | 907.93 MBytes
  • DataMatrix ActiveX Controls are easy to work in any Windows application that supports ActiveX control technology including Microsoft Access, MS Office, Word, Excel, Visual Basic, C++,Delphi, PowerBuilder,Visual FoxPro and Internet Explorer web pages.
    code, ean, of, 5, upc, 2, 39, 128, msi, bookland, datamatrix, 93, 8, pdf417, postnet, 11, codabar, industrial, ucc, extended, planet, interleaved, e, a, 13
    $399 | 14.00 KBytes
  • PDF417 Barcode DLL retains all the power from Barcode ActiveX while eliminating all the registry dependencies. It can be used in any programming environments supporting plain Windows DLL, such as Visual C++, Visual Basic and .Net. .
    code, ean, of, 5, upc, 2, 39, 128, msi, bookland, datamatrix, 93, 8, pdf417, postnet, 11, codabar, industrial, ucc, extended, planet, interleaved, e, a, 13
    $399 | 14.00 KBytes
  • X360 Multi-page Tiff Viewer ActiveX Control helps application developers and programmers create applications with multi-page TIFF images viewing capabilities. Tiff compressions include CCITT Group3/4,LZW and RLE
    activex, viewer, tiff, ocx, image, multi, page, x360
    $32.9 | 328.07 MBytes
  • PDF417 ActiveX Controls are easy to work in any Windows application that supports ActiveX control technology including Microsoft Access, MS Office, Word, Excel, Visual Basic, C++,Delphi, PowerBuilder,Visual FoxPro and Internet Explorer web pages.
    code, ean, of, 5, upc, 2, 39, 128, msi, bookland, datamatrix, 93, 8, pdf417, postnet, 11, codabar, industrial, ucc, extended, planet, interleaved, e, a, 13
    $399 | 14.00 KBytes
  • MSI to EXE setup creator application maintains all the original features while converting .msi windows installer package into .exe file format. Advance setup builder tool saves converted .EXE setup file at user defined location on system hard drive.
    program, transform, changer, tool, generator, covert, generate, window, installer, functionality, characteristic, feature, application, maker, installation, package, utility, conversion, exe, creator, software, format, file, builder, setup, msi
    $69 | 0.88 MBytes
  • GOGO Picture Viewer Pro ActiveX OCX help you to view and save images of different formats include Bmp,Gif,Jpg,Pdf,Png,Tif,Tiff,multipaged Tiff / Pdf, fax.Rotate,flip,zoom,resize,draw text,print,convert color to grayscaled or black-white to the image.
    image, activex, viewer, ocx, c, database, access, page, active, sdk, x, we, table, vb, pdf, jpeg, bmp, tiff, vista, net, dotnet, asp
    $79.9 | 786.55 MBytes
  • Database documentation made easy - generate compiled chm and html documentation in minutes. Virtually all platforms supported - SQL Server, Analysis Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Sybase ASE, Informix IDS, PostgreSQL, Access, VistaDB, ENEA Polyhedra
    database, documentation, enea, vistadb, polyhedra, chm, documentatio, html, access, document, informix, server, sql, oracle, db2, sybase, mysql, postgresql
    $199 | 3.01 MBytes
  • Utility which makes it easy to create secure access databases (mdb), providing encryption, follows recognised security approach SECFaq. Will import data from existing database and produce jet Connection string. Workgroup, Admin User, Super User.
    admin, utility, jet, connection, string, passwords, access, database, security, mdb, encrypt, secure
    $45 | 2.11 MBytes
  • The Websites Screenshot DLL is a .NET Class Library to render website page. It allows you to capture website page and create full size screenshot or thumbnail preview in a number of different formats like JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIF.
    html, to, website, thumbshot, jpg, png, tif, bmp, snapshot, gif, screenshot, capture, image, webpage, thumbnail, web, render, page
    $99.95 | 273.00 KBytes
  • PDFnUP software automates the process of 2up'ing or 4up'ing a pdf document, so for example with a/b 2up page 1 is on the left and page 2 is on the right
    component, com, nup, pdf
    $99.95 | 2.65 MBytes
  • PDF Info software automates the process of exporting and importing pdf description information and XMP metadata.
    xml, xmp, component, com, info, pdf
    $79.95 | 1.64 MBytes
  • Access Object Navigator 3.0 is a complete user interface for Access database solutions. It is an Access add-on that provides you the Outlook-like navigation pane/bar with tabbed documents, user permission control system with the built-in security.
    access, navigation, microsoft, add, security, bar, vba, forms, ons, tools, ins, 2007, switchboard, 2003, ms, database, pane, menu, ribbon
    $49 | 9.78 MBytes
  • MSSQL to MySQL database migrator program convert database table properties including indexes, Null values, primary, foreign keys, trigger values into MySQL format. Migration tool efficiently support Unicode architecture maintains database consistency
    protected, microsoft, destination, transfer, unicode, architecture, sql, server, index, keys, records, files, overwrite, support, tool, software, migrate, conversion, database, mssql, data, attributes, rows, columns, table, source, converts, mysql
    $45 | 1.39 MBytes
  • Microsoft Access to MySQL conversion software provides simple and easy wizard style interface to migrate MS Access database server to MySQL database file format with all keys, schema, data types, values, indexes and constraints attributes etc.
    variables, index, program, changer, server, tool, design, privileges, migration, sql, view, attribute, constraints, change, structure, converts, ms, software, converter, database, access, db, row, record, column, table, mysql, microsoft
    $45 | 1.39 MBytes
  • PDF Secure automates the process of password protecting pdf's, encrypting pdf's, decrypting existing pdf's, re-encrypting, changing passwords, adding permissions & changing existing permissions in pdf's.
    component, com, secure, pdf
    $99.95 | 1.67 MBytes
  • Msi installer to exe installation package software creates executable (.EXE) files from Microsoft Installer (.MSI) format. MSI to EXE builder tool provides the most convenient solution to convert MSI format installer into EXE installer.
    vista, version, files, executable, package, convertor, utility, installation, original, structure, maintain, application, extractor, framework, net, installer, creator, setup, exe, to, program, build, reliable, microsoft, extension, save, exe, msi
    $69 | 0.88 MBytes
  • SqlToTxt - export Sql Server data to files (csv, txt, sql, xml, excel...). Main features: 1 Export data to multiple formats file: txt, csv, xml, html, sql, Excel. 2 Export single table, export all tables, export from query.
    sql, to, export, server, html, txt, csv, xml, excel
    $59.95 | 2.15 MBytes
  • Access 100 million company records. See DBA, EIN, affiliations and more. From here you can search and access filed information for corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, general partnerships and more.
    search, business, corporate, investigation, corporation
    $39.95 | 540.00 KBytes
  • Business name search by address. Guaranteed private and confidential results .Instead of hiring a private investigator you save money and get even more information using our fresh database of businesses.
    business, database, search
    $39.95 | 540.00 KBytes
  • Bankruptcy and lien records search is a great way to locate records of bankruptcy. Instant nationwide criminal background checks, lawsuits, address history, bankruptcy, liens. The databases are available for immediate use and are updated frequently.
    records, bankruptcy, liens, public
    $39.95 | 540.00 KBytes
  • FTP component PowerBASIC library that provides direct and simple control of the FTP client protocol from an application program. Transfer, rename, delete, list, append files. Create and remove server directories. Supports proxy servers. Royalty free
    ftp, powerbasic, pb, component, ftp, client, dll, cc, win, mode, toolkit, passive, library, internet, mget, tools, mput, file, intranet, transfer, winsock
    $115 | 474.00 KBytes
  • Hitonic JAR-Starter launches JAR and JAD files in various J2SE and J2ME environments. The program integrates with Windows Explorer. There is a system of flexible settings with the automatic detection of J2SE and J2ME environments on your computer.
    java, j2se, jre, jdk, freeware, emulator, j2me, run, jad, jar, starter, launcher, launch, hitonic
    Freeware | 604.00 KBytes
  • Replace content in PostgreSQL database tables. Select one or many tables in which to make the replacement.
    sql, postgres, create, values, data, alter, copy, update, null, many, content, replacing, finding, search, searching, postgre, multiple, tables
    $19.99 | 2.77 MBytes
  • Freeware database converter program is easy to use and functional migration utility transfers whole or selected table records from MySQL to MS SQL. Migrating database from MySQL to MSSQL software maintains structure and functionality of database.
    index, schema, convert, software, db, synchronization, trigger, normalization, mysql, mssql, view, tool, conversion, relational, keys, table, records, migrates, utility, migration, row, columns, primary, foreign, values, null, default, database
    $45 | 1.39 MBytes
  • Remove or replace certain characters, spaces, enters, tabs or user-defined in a field (column) in Paradox using different methods. Add character(s) to beginning, end or inside by position or by referencing surrounding character(s).
    alphabetical, del, rem, alphabet, alpha, string, numbers, 1st, last, 4, 5, 6, 3, 2, first, 1, left, right, char, columns, rows, replace, fields, replacing, removing, data, field, end, unprintable, auto, beginning, extra, formula, blanks, deleting
    $19.99 | 25.83 MBytes
  • FTP component dBASE library that provides direct and simple control of the FTP client protocol from a dBASE application program. Transfer, rename, delete, list, append files. Create and remove server directories. Supports proxy servers. Royalty free
    dbase, ftp, dbase, winsock, ftp, transfer, file, component, software, firewall, plus, library, intranet, internet, tools, mput, client, source, dll, mget
    $115 | 417.00 KBytes
  • Add Vista-style Task Dialog to .NET applications on any platform supported by the .NET Framework. The Task Dialog is a versatile alternative to the old message box which has been used to create dialog boxes that are difficult to understand and use.
    net, visualbasic, c, application, dialog, applications, platform, supported, vb, visual, taskdialog, dot, framework, task, vista
    $29 | 1.12 MBytes
  • FLV Audio Converter SDK is a development kit tool for develop a server to convert any audio in flv to other audio format like mp3, wav and amr online.
    to, flv, mp3, amr, wav, convert, online
    $800 | 4.35 MBytes
  • Convert MSSQL to MySQL server software migrates used data types of MSSQL to MySQL server with their all attributes including keys like null, default, foreign and primary etc. Tool every time maintains integrity of your precious database.
    null, primary, default, support, utility, migrator, foreign, keys, overwrite, record, tool, integrity, data, protected, password, software, migrate, database, mysql, server, converter, table, indexes, constraints, files, field, column, mssql
    $45 | 1.28 MBytes
  • iSpring SDK is a high-end PowerPoint to Flash platform with automatic PowerPoint to Flash conversion facilities. It performs multitude of PPT presentations conversions into compact Flash files.
    flash, to, ppt, api, sdk, ispring, powerpoint, kit, programming, library, developer, line, command, automated, authoring
    Freeware | 31.02 MBytes
  • SQL Examiner Suite 2008 is a professional solution that covers all your SQL database comparison and synchronization needs. It allows you to compare and synchronize both schema and data and to avoid routine manual work.
    comparison, database, vista, contents, suite, access, platform, cross, data, oracle, bundle, sql, mssql, synchronization, server, compare, discount, synchronize, schema
    $299.95 | 8.12 MBytes
  • Add Items to Windows Explorer context menu - fast and easy ? Then you need Windows Explorer Context Menu. This .Net component will add all your custom items to Windows Explorer Shell context menu - automatically. All is supported (C#, VB.Net, C++)
    net, vb, item, shell, menus, querycontextmenu, icontextmenu, java, delphi, invokecommand, registerserver, ishellextinit, activex, dot, getcommandstring, component, x64, c, add, menu, append, entry, context, explorer, windows, items, com
    $149.95 | 4.89 MBytes
  • ITestBot is an interface automation testing software. It allows to create scripts to test interface of software systems just like human testers would do it.
    automation, testing, test, interface
    $60 | 1.64 MBytes
  • Japplis Toolbox is a compilation of text utilities in one application. It can encode and decode URL, Base64, Hex, SoundEx, Metaphone. It can convert numbers from/to binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal.
    java, sha, regular, expressions, codec, md5, base64, utility, url, encoding, decoding, text
    Freeware | 491.00 KBytes
  • Do you want to take a screenshot from a web page in your desktop or web application? ACA WebThumb ActiveX Control takes the snapshots of given URLs as JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, WMF and EMF image, it helps you convert the web page to images in batch.
    html, to, convert, image, thumbnail, gif, emf, bmp, web, tiff, snapshot, pic, img, image, to, webpage, html, jpg, png, picture, tif
    $129.95 | 1.61 MBytes
  • Eye iris identification algorithm demo for MS Windows. The robust proprietary iris recognition technology accepts images with gazing away eyes or narrowed eyelids and provide reliable iris matching at speeds up to 150,000 irises per second.
    control, mac, scan, security, os, authentication, logon, attendance, eye, access, linux, windows, matching, identification, recognition, verification, biometric, iris, pc, biometrical, sdk
    $1239 | 1.30 MBytes
  • Freeware conversion software convert MSI installation package to EXE installer files within minimum of time taking less space of hard disk and memory. Build EXE using MSI setup application support user friendly graphical user interface.
    msi, convert, installer, files, exe, program, generator, create, software, tool, executable, windows, ms, maker, format, creator, net, converter, package, setup, to, make, file, framework, studio, visual, installation
    $69 | 0.88 MBytes

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