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  • PvLog Deobfuscator is a MSIL code optimizer that makes more readable obfuscated code. PvLog DeObfuscator can also rename the types and names of members to further improve readability.
    vbnet, dotnet, vb, c, msil, csharp, deobfuscator
    Freeware | 414.00 KBytes
  • PS to Tiff is a windows application sdk which can directly convert ps/eps to tiff formats. It supports multifarious compression of tiff image,such as LZW, JPEG, PACKBITS, CCITT Group3, CCITT Group4, RLE etc.
    pstojpeg, pstojpg, pstotiff, pstotif, pstobmp, pstogif, pstowmf, pstoemf, pstopcx, pstopng, pstoimage, ps2wmf, ps2jpeg, ps2jpg, ps2tiff, ps2tif, ps2bmp, ps2gif, ps2emf, ps2pcx, ps2png, ps2image
    $799 | 1.36 MBytes
  • MSSQL to MySQL database migrator program convert database table properties including indexes, Null values, primary, foreign keys, trigger values into MySQL format. Migration tool efficiently support Unicode architecture maintains database consistency
    protected, microsoft, destination, transfer, unicode, architecture, sql, server, index, keys, records, files, overwrite, support, tool, software, migrate, conversion, database, mssql, data, attributes, rows, columns, table, source, converts, mysql
    $45 | 1.39 MBytes
  • Auto-tagging of SharePoint managed metadata and enterprise keyword columns with content-based categories or keywords depending on term store taxonomies, tag rules, item and document properties, information store context and textual document contents.
    managed, properties, item, metadata, term, keywords, enterprise, store, rules, tag, tagging, management, knowledge, autotagging, taxonomy, categorizer, category, sharepoint
    $1899 | 97.66 MBytes
  • Display table structure (field name, datatype, description, etc.) for multiple tables in MS Access. Access 2000 or higher required.
    rows, columns, name, copying, desc, memo, size, design, index, indexing, text, change, definition, fieldname, type, query, detailed, printing, print, displaying, tables, detail, summary, fieldtype, field, linked, summarize, summaries, msaccess
    $19.99 | 754.00 KBytes
  • Visual FoxPro RS232/R485/RS422 serial port communications library. Control multiple ports simultaneously. Includes line status/control, modem control,ASCII/XMODEM/YMODEM, virtual ports (USB to serial,Bluetooth serial, hardware/software flow control.
    serial, foxpro, port, bluetooth, net, usb, modem, xmodem, control, drop, to, rs485, communications, communication, component, comm, rs422, rs232, multi
    $115 | 542.00 KBytes
  • Suite of controls windows form original and innovative for .NET Framework 1.1.
    kit, model, tools, instruments, digital, simulation, virtual, plotter, labview, toggle, elettronic, software, development, analogic, usercontrol, knob, meter, led, controls, framework, control, tank, slider, graph, digit, display, shape, switch, net
    $800 | 5.70 MBytes
  • Distributed database file converter program converts entire DB records or some selected tables, indexes with all necessary attributes, structure, views, null, default values, primary or foreign keys from password protected MDB file into MySQL server.
    files, primary, index, data, utility, transfer, foreign, key, windows, unicode, support, value, null, default, conversion, fields, software, migrate, converter, database, access, mysql, db, records, structure, views, columns, rows, tables, microsoft
    $45 | 1.38 MBytes
  • Client/server component C++ and .NET library for TCP/IP UDP sockets to communicate across a network. Allows multiple servers and clients simultaneously. Create proxy, chat, file transfer, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP and DNS client programs. Win32/Win64.
    tcp, client, net, c, ip, sockets, communication, control, relay, pop3, api, dns, udp, device, ip, c, socket, win64, server, tcp, component
    $115 | 0.83 MBytes
  • DataMatrix Barcode DLL retains all the power from Barcode ActiveX while eliminating all the registry dependencies. It can be used in any programming environments supporting plain Windows DLL, such as Visual C++, Visual Basic and .Net. .
    code, ean, of, 5, upc, 2, 39, 128, msi, bookland, datamatrix, 93, 8, pdf417, postnet, 11, codabar, industrial, ucc, extended, planet, interleaved, e, a, 13
    $399 | 14.00 KBytes
  • FTP component PowerBASIC library that provides direct and simple control of the FTP client protocol from an application program. Transfer, rename, delete, list, append files. Create and remove server directories. Supports proxy servers. Royalty free
    ftp, powerbasic, pb, component, ftp, client, dll, cc, win, mode, toolkit, passive, library, internet, mget, tools, mput, file, intranet, transfer, winsock
    $115 | 474.00 KBytes
  • Add Items to Windows Explorer context menu - fast and easy ? Then you need Windows Explorer Context Menu. This .Net component will add all your custom items to Windows Explorer Shell context menu - automatically. All is supported (C#, VB.Net, C++)
    net, vb, item, shell, menus, querycontextmenu, icontextmenu, java, delphi, invokecommand, registerserver, ishellextinit, activex, dot, getcommandstring, component, x64, c, add, menu, append, entry, context, explorer, windows, items, com
    $149.95 | 4.89 MBytes
  • Transfer tables from Paradox to MS Access databases. This program is designed for Paradox 5 databases. Higher versions of Paradox databases can be saved as 5 and used with this program. Access 2000 or higher required.
    to, read, write, into, between, shared, tables, sql, translator, windows, win, from, admin, dsn, administrator, vs, database, converting, migrate, exporting, importing, corel, migrating, microsoft, mdb, data, file, odbc, ado, db, dbase, msaccess
    $29.99 | 405.00 KBytes
  • PureComponents .NET WinForms Suite is a set of 80 user interface controls for Visual Studio developers. You can find there DataGrid, ListBox, TreeView, Calendar, Ribbon, Outlook Navigator, EditBox, CheckBox, and so on. C# soure code included.
    net, visual, treeview, textbox, listbox, calendar, ribbon, code, datagrid, source, c, winforms, controls, studio, vb, components, basic, csharp
    $49 | 38.92 MBytes
  • Xolido Module for Online Digital Signature provides the ability required to perform digital signatures from a complete web system, and therefore supporting a multi-platform environment.
    sign, digital, component, online, pkcs7, signature, module
    $60 | 9.77 MBytes
  • EMS SQL Management Studio for MySQL is a complete solution for database administration and development. SQL Studio unites the must-have tools in one powerful and easy-to-use environment that will make you more productive than ever before!
    export, import, management, report, visual, designer, extract, object, console, hitech, explorer, development, client, database, data, tool, admin, server, mysql, sql, studio, myadmin, administration, gui, software, sqlmanager, builder, query, ems
    $468 | 111.88 MBytes
  • E-mail component, that lets you send, receive and parse emails from within your application.
    receive, smtp, pop3, imap, send, library, mail, email, components, e
    $199 | 11.72 MBytes
  • Displays the printer preferences (document properties) dialog.
    printer, visual, basic, vb, setup, setprinter, documentproperties, preferences
    $29.99 | 1.27 MBytes
  • FTP client FoxPro component that provides direct and simple control of the FTP protocol from any 32-bit Visual FoxPro application program. Transfer, rename, delete, list, and append files. Create and remove server directories. Royalty free.
    ftp, ftp, foxpro, file, transfer, foxpro, protocol, vfp, software, bit, net, component, 64, dll, control, component, proxy, net, api, library, internet
    $115 | 399.00 KBytes
  • Send or retrieve multiple blob files in a MS SQL Server field.
    blobs, storing, getting, database, access, binaries, putting, db, placing, get, put, store, dump, dumping, large, toad, uploading, downloading, sqlserver, file, saving, images, documents, column, row, docs, pictures, photos, retrieving
    $19.99 | 2.88 MBytes
  • Create a database for your contacts. There are extra options to keep track of phone calls and generate lists for print.
    contacts, customer, address, employee, list, database, phone, phon, management, contact, time, inventory
    $19.99 | 0.95 MBytes
  • DB2LobEditor: Edit DB2 LOB (BLOB,CLOB) data. DB2LobEditor is a database tool that helps DBA and Database Programmer edit DB2 LOB (BLOB, CLOB) data directly. It can import/export LOB data also.
    db2, blob, edit, text, export, import, lob, blob
    $75 | 3.46 MBytes
  • Generates MS SQL Server database scripts to recreate the data, tables, stored procedures, views, tables, stored procedures, views, triggers, keys, indexes and more.
    restore, backup, database, server, sql
    Freeware | 410.00 KBytes
  • MSSQL to MySQL Database file converter quickly exports large database records (structures and data) and convert into supportive format efficiently with the facility of converting either whole data base or some selected records of the database.
    constraint, attributes, value, default, key, accurate, data, integrity, export, existing, overwrite, conversion, primary, indexes, server, migration, converter, database, mysql, software, utility, records, supports, entire, converts, tool, mssql
    $45 | 2.18 MBytes
  • ASP component to transfer files between servers using FTP. Simple command set to upload and download single files, lists of files or complete folders with subfolders. Additional commands to manipulate files and directories. Free trial available.
    file, transfer, server, iis, download, upload, component, asp, dll, ftp
    $80 | 325.00 KBytes
  • Batch logging of all the SSIS DTS packages. Logging SSIS packages at a time batch wise with a good user customizable interface.
    logging, sql, logging, server, ssis, in, of, 2005, 2008, batch, ssis, logger, logger, sql, server, expert, package, processing
    Freeware | 31.00 KBytes
  • Reportizer Viewer is a free database reporting utility for previewing, printing, or exporting database reports, created in Database Tour Pro or Reportizer.
    database, utility, reporting, software, tool, report, exporting
    Freeware | 0.80 MBytes
  • Read Excel docs, write to Excel files (XLS, XLSX, CSV) in .NET and ASP.NET applications, without MS Excel installed. Supports formula calculations, generates XLS with formatting, multiple worksheets, export and save to PDF. 100% managed C# code.
    net, excel, vb, xls, read, spreadsheet, xlsx, asp, write, c, open, office, calc, ods, csv, row, bytescout, modify, cell, worksheet, workbook
    $395 | 44.72 MBytes
  • Suite of controls windows form original and innovative for Visual Studio 2008.
    kit, model, tools, instruments, digital, simulation, virtual, plotter, labview, toggle, elettronic, software, development, analogic, usercontrol, knob, meter, led, controls, framework, control, tank, slider, graph, digit, display, shape, switch, net
    $800 | 5.70 MBytes
  • TxtToSql - Import Csv (Txt) to Sql Server easy and quickly. Main features: 1 Import text (csv) file data into Sql Server Table. 2 Run SQL command, see importing results. 3 Support export text(ntext) and image field. 4 Support Unicode.
    sql, server, csv, text, load, import, to
    $59.95 | 2.28 MBytes
  • Automatic MSSQL format into MySQL database migration tool can perform database conversion efficiently and merges the converted database records. Download freeware database converter to convert indexes and primary keys constraints with all attributes.
    override, contents, integrity, data, tool, maintain, create, merge, relation, tuple, migrate, columns, rows, migratory, indexes, convert, mysql, software, converter, database, file, table, records, entities, attributes, key, unique, primary, mssql
    $45 | 1.40 MBytes
  • Copy tables from one MySQL server to another. Provide the login information for both databases.
    two, importing, exporting, convert, import, computer, send, export, sending, 1, 2, pc, different, system, receiving, receive, new, server, machine, tables, data, to, transfer, box, moving, columns, one, rows, transferring, copy, copying, db
    $19.99 | 2.49 MBytes
  • Powered by exclusive artificial intelligence techniques and data mining functions, ZeBAze shows similar capacities to human way-of-thinking by using flexibility during the search process, freeing users from the strict rigidity of database querying.
    flexible, query, intelligence, artificial, search, engine, database
    $99 | 16.59 MBytes
  • CodePorting C#2Java is a web-based tool for converting C# applications, projects and source code into Java. C# to Java code porting add-in for C# converts source code right from Visual Studio and this functionality is provided using CodePorting APIs.
    c, java, code, to, studio, visual, source, converter, porting, addin, plugin, convert, migration
    Freeware | 576.00 KBytes
  • Sonic Click Super Button ActiveX Control is a multipurpose standalone universal component for Programming IDEs to provide the fastest and easiest way to create appealing Graphical User Interfaces with Buttons of different Themes and Functionalities.
    button, style, ocx, control, activex, vb, 6, free, components, visual, studio, web, animation, user, office, vista, xp, 2007, command, controls, interface, glass
    $69 | 2.23 MBytes
  • Object Inspector is a component suite containing inspectors that allow you to change anything in your application at runtime.
    source, codes, object, inspector, components, developing, c, builder, programming, delphi
    $140 | 2.42 MBytes
  • Unlock Access MDE unlocks MS Access MDE, ADE and ACCDE files for editing of forms and reports.
    mde, access, change, unprotect, modify, unlocker, unlock
    $39.95 | 0.80 MBytes
  • Online database converter allows you to convert dbf files to csv, sql, xml, xls, mdb, pdb, html, excel, access formats and vise versa. It displays command line parameetrs in WYSIWYG mode and transfers them to the selected converter.
    converter, dbf, export, convert, database, xbase, clipper, foxpro, acces, dbase, mdb, xml, sql, csv, html, xls, xlsx, excel, accdb
    Freeware | 502.00 KBytes
  • With Outlook Sync Db 2009 you can synchronize any databases with Outlook / Exchange. This is for instance especially practical to make your data also available on your mobile phone or your PDA (over ActiveSync).
    access, reconcile, synchronise, sql, oracle, oledb, excel, synchronize, odbc, database, exchange, import, export, synchronisation, synchronization, outlook
    $55 | 11.20 MBytes
  • DIVA - Database Immersive Visual Analysis: a viewer for databases physical structure that can show you any section of DB in different ways (2D, 2.5D, 3D). Using DIVA you can easily understand connections between tables.
    database, ddl, sql, schema, desktop, reality, virtual, mysql, mssql, 3d, viewer, analysis, physical, structure, oracle
    $74.99 | 4.14 MBytes
  • Program Backup Watcher for MySQL is intended for making database backups of the MySQL server. Archiving can be done on the local computer as well as using the remote server in the Internet.
    restore, database, software, windows, backup, auto, mysql
    $60 | 3.79 MBytes
  • EMS SQL Manager Lite for PostgreSQL is a light and easy-to-use freeware graphical tool for PostgreSQL administration. It has minimal required set of instruments for those users who are new to PostgreSQL server and need only its basic functionality.
    postgresql, and, development, tool, administration, ems, manager, for, sql
    Freeware | 21.59 MBytes
  • UniDAC is a powerful library of nonvisual cross-database data access components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET, and C++Builder. The unified access is available for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, InserBase, Firebird and more
    sql, c, access, bds, core, delphi, clx, vcl, lab, net, bde, turbo, replacement, kylix, builder, dac, devart, db2, oracle, interbase, ms, mssql, components, server, firebird, mysql, microsoft, data, odbc, sqlite, postgresql, sybase
    $99.95 | 6.22 MBytes
  • Gradient Controls .Net offers controls with gradient background feature.
    visual, studio, dotnet, net, control, c, gradient
    $49 | 639.00 KBytes
  • Send personalized text or HTML email with attachments to clients or customers from your Visual Basic application program, programmable database or spreadsheet. Check for bounced email or replies (REMOVE, CONFIRM, OPT-OUT, etc.). Royalty free.
    email, newsletter, software, merge, mail, zine, smtp, pop3, basic, ssl, vb, e, visual, html, send, personalized, marketing, group, notification, emailer, bulk, list
    $99 | 513.00 KBytes
  • Ultimate Uploader is the component intended for create new or integration into existing web solutions for the purpose of fast creation of application providing easy and convenient uploading multiple files on a web server.
    upload, multiple, file, files, php, net, asp, control, component
    $59 | 2.57 MBytes
  • Retail inventory software manages the inventory of a company by maintaining stock levels and also creates all billing information in the form of ledger. Financial accounting application can determine when the stock needs to be reordered.
    income, create, debits, credit, calculate, ledger, bills, application, accounts, utility, invoicing, report, tool, management, manage, record, software, accounting, billing, stock, estimation, order, invoice, purchase, finance, expense, inventory
    $45 | 5.91 MBytes
  • VoIP SDK - A simple way to VoIP-enable your applications and websites. The conaito VoIP SDK contains a high performance VoIP conferencing client capable of delivering crystal clear sound even for both low and high-bandwidth users.
    voip, conference, voice, activex, sdk, gsm, udp, ip, 10, telefonie, internet, conversation, 6, com, instant, software, text, component, ocx, lib, chat
    $899 | 9.22 MBytes
  • MyToTxt - Export Mysql data to files (csv, txt, sql, xml, html, excel...). Main features: 1 Export data to multiple formats file: txt, csv, xml, html, sql, Excel. 2 Export single table, export all tables, export from query.
    mysql, export, to, excel, xml, csv, txt
    $59.95 | 2.16 MBytes
  • VisioForge Video Info is a Delphi control that allows programmers to easily get information from any video file.
    video, rmvb, dvd, svcd, swf, real, format, media, vcd, flash, divx, movie, info, activex, avi, wmv, delphi, mpeg, wmv9, xvid
    $45 | 3.81 MBytes

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