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Database Converter
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Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
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1.28 Mb
Date added:
June 19, 2008
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Description from the Publisher
Download MySQL to MSSQL database file converter application to change entire MySQL format to MSSQL database without creating any alteration into fields of database records and their integrities. Migrator tool converts all important attributes of databases during conversion process like primary keys, foreign keys, Unicode support, renaming of tables, indexes conversion, fields and indexes, default values, constraint values etc. Distributed database converter comes with interactive options for their users by which converted values either save into new database format at user defined location or overwrites the new generated format of existed database. Freeware database migrator tool provides interactive graphical user interface and compatible to all windows based operating systems like 98, NT, ME, 2000, 2003 server, XP (home, professional, media center edition) and windows Vista (home, enterprise, ultimate, premium, starter, basic, business). Utility can also be operated into both ways either in interactive GUI environment or command line parameters. Tool supports all versions of MySQL database with easy to use and effective migration solution between both databases.
* Database converter tool changes entire MySQL database values into MSSQL along with all attributes like foreign key, primary key, data types, attributes etc.
* Utility can make available options like either you can change entire database or pick selected rows or columns.
* Software assures you about the quality of converted result.
* Software gives you chance to convert data not only through interactive GUI but also organize application work using command line parameters.
* Tool is highly interactive and does not require any technical knowledge to operate.

Database Converter

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