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Fileshredder Tool 11.04.01
Product information
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
File size:
4.39 Mb
Date added:
December 1, 2011
Product page:
Description from the Publisher
Users often believe that simply clicking the ?Delete? button to completely delete a file or folder is sufficient. Or more so, emptying the recycle bin is a foolproof method of complete deletion. However, this is a wrong concept as deleting data by these methods only frees up the FAT table entry as seen by the operating system but in reality the data exists in the registry address. In this case, the seemingly deleted file or folder can be easily be recovered using any powerful data recovery tool, which are readily available in the market these days. Therefore, complete removal of data from the system?s memory is only possible when it is overwritten by some other data. Kernel File Shredder software follows this very approach to eliminate files and folders beyond the scope of recovery. This software makes use of powerful file shredder algorithms which makes several passes over the data to be deleted wit random or sequential bits, thereby overwriting the data completely. This way, the file shredder tool wipes the required data from the drives with the help of crypto algorithms. However, file shredder tools are capable of deleting data only from internal hard disk and not for external storage devices. Tools like Kernel File Shredder are perfect for saving classified data from falling into wrong hands. These file shredder tools works accurately for all types of files and folders, recycle bin contents, temporary files, Internet temporary files and Internet cookies. For more information

Fileshredder Tool 11.04.01

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