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Keyboard Activity Monitoring Tool
Product information
Windows 98/Me
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1.60 Mb
Date added:
December 31, 2008
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Description from the Publisher
Key logger software works in hidden mode and secretly captures all typed keystrokes. This software helps in retrieval of the lost password or e-mail. Key recorder utility is very helpful in office supervision to keep an eye on employee?s activities, in parental monitoring so that parents can know what their children?s are doing on the internet when they were alone at home and used to monitor internet crimes like hacking etc. Key logger utility bypasses all the antivirus software or anti spy tools. Key logger tool is a graphical user interface (GUI) friendly based software which is password protected that prevents the unwanted users to gain access into the settings of the software. Key logger software supports all windows based operating system and requires minimum memory to operate in the system. Key recorder tool stores all the recorded data in the log file. Key logger software can record more than one user accounts and displays start and end login session of every user logged into the system. This software makes sure that the system will not slow down when the software is in running mode. Key logger tool is easy to use and does not require any technical skills from the beginning novice to experienced administrator to operate and the software also have inbuilt user support.
*Key logger tool can deliver reports of recorded data secretly at set intervals. All logs can be sent by email secretly for administrator.
*Key logger software can take pictures of all opened windows just similar to a camera.
*Key logger software works in hidden mode and remains hidden in the installation folder.
*Key Logger is used for home and office purposes for supervision.
* Key logger utility displays start and end login session of any application on the main window.

Keyboard Activity Monitoring Tool

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